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What’s up guys, your boy here Kai Greene,
aka; Mr. Getting It Done. I’m here at the Powertec HQ and man, it is my
privilege to be able to share with you some of the things that I’ve got a
chance to check out while I was here doing a little bit of training. The first
thing I want to share with you is, well take a look at it – do you see it? It’s a
Powertec Workbench (Multisystem). It’s a multiple system design and I have the privilege
of being able to share with you some of its features. I’m gonna walk around this
station and let you in on some really cool features that this product does
have. Okay, first thing I wanted to point out to you was that right off the top,
it’s a multi-system. Even though it’s a workbench, it’s more than your
average bench. It’s a Workbench (Multisystem) but because of all of its unique stations,
you have the ability to be able to train multiple people at the same time. That’s
right I mean up to three people, couples, friends, clients, whatever, but they all
have the luxury and ability to train at the same time if you need to because you
have these specific different workstations. Okay guys, check this out –
this is a really cool feature that I want to point out. So you have the
workbench and have the ability to adjust it up or down, which allows you
the ability to train your upper, lower, or mid-chest at the same time. Raise all the
way up from that position to a 90-degree angle. This is what you can use for
shoulders or even a stabilizing back pad when performing a leg extension, which
you actually are able to do because you have the ability to add accessories to
the Powertec Workbench Multisystem. Here, I want to show you something else,
you also have the ability to use it as an incline bench. Now technically so far,
what I’ve showed you is two variations of ways to use this bench, so you’ve got
two benches in one but check this out – just when you get used to that –
you’ve got a flat option, so technically what happens is, we’re talking
about being able to do shoulders, we’re talking about being able to do an
incline bench for your upper chest, we’re talking about laying it flat to
use more of your pectoral muscles to the mid and lower because just then
you have a decline option. So technically I started off with saying 3 but it’s
more like really four benches in one. Really cool design,
I want to also point out something to you be able to slide this forward and
backward and what this does is it’ll give you access to change the angle so,
again like I said, to give you more support or stability when doing a leg
extension. Now it doesn’t always look like this because what you are able to
do is interchange this piece. One of the cool things about this leverage on this
it allows you to be able to work in a place of safety. I’m never here alone.
Just in case I were training and I just got to my last rep and I couldn’t press it
up anymore, I can put it right there and I am not in trouble and it actually acts
like, I don’t know, the ability to use a little bit of heavier weight in a
controlled way so I don’t run into trouble when I need a spot. And guess
what happens, now instead of instead of it working dually on both sides, I’m able
to now with the dual action, I’m able to now incorporate this unilateral movement.
This isolation movement, there’s one side involvement. Practice in my experience of
weight training on the other side. Now you probably haven’t seen this in a lot
of other gyms, adding this addition, I’ve created for myself an option of being
able to use the middle part of this bar so I can do all of my close grip
training just like this, so when I’m trying to train my triceps, trying to put
more emphasis on my my inner chest, my inner-upper chest, by using this bar I’ve
now expanded my home gym training equipment. Alright guys, this is what I’m
gonna do now, I’m gonna still show you yet another feature that is an added
benefit of using this Powertec Workbench, because it is a Multisystem,
what happens is you have the option here of having a designated station
specifically to your abs, your back, and we can even set up an attachment here
for your legs. Okay guys, we’ve gotten to this part of the segment and what I want
to do now is direct your attention to this area right here. Now this is a very
specific piece of equipment that’s a part of the Workbench (Multisystem) by Powertec. Now,
because it is a Multisystem, one of the things that’s really really cool at this
time is that I show you the unique things that this part of this Multisystem has to offer, and what I could do is show you this. What I’m going to do is
use my quads press the front’s of my thighs against the padding underneath me,
blow down on my abdominals, so right now I’m training my ABS. Okay wow, that’s like
30 reps. Moving right along, you also have the
option of being able to train your back but I’ll show you that right here, didn’t
go anywhere, still here in the same home gym. We got pull downs. Three,
four, five. All right check this out, let me bring your attention to this. What we
have here is a variation of a tricep pushdown or tricep extension. You may say
well what does that mean, I’m able to add this chain connected to a bar that’s
suspended between the two. My leverarm is giving me the opportunity to have
access and with that access I’m able to contract my triceps in what is called a
variation of a tricep extension. A tricep pushdown. Four, five. I want to
show you another variation now. I’m gonna move this out of the way. In fact, I can
move it by just un-securing the clamp and voila it’s gone, but now while it’s
gone I’m able to use a close-grip pull down and I’m able to use a
variation exercise in training my back. Four, five, six. Okay, now I know you’ve been
to many gyms before, you’ve seen a lot of squat racks and leg presses. I’m gonna
show you a variation of a really cool squat and I want to point out that with
Powertec it’s really cool – the option to squat on this device because what you
have, is because of the way it’s angled, a lot of the pressure off of your knees and
your lower back. So, with that said, I’m stepping into the device like so, to put
my body in a really interesting alignment that takes a lot of this off
of my knees and my lower back, now watch this, I’m gonna
remove that that pin. I don’t have a tremendous amount of pressure on my
lower back or my knees. In fact, the line-up My feet are very far
in front of my knees, which removes some of that stress. It allows me to transfer
it to my quads. Yeah, there you go. Better than having a
spotter. Anyway, you get a chance to see again how very very helpful this
leverage arm system is. Really cool. It’s not exactly like having a spotter but I
tell you what, it’s the next best thing if you’re gonna be training by yourself.
Okay on that note, I’m gonna keep training, we’re gonna show you some more
really cool options that you can explore with some of these Powertec equipment,
and I’m gonna keep counting because you know I know how to count. Until next time,
let’s keep it positive. Keep the encouraging each other.

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