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Hey what’s up guys, I’m Rob Riches and
this is the Powertec workbench levergym. It’s one of the most functional
single station home gym lever systems ever created, with one of the main
features focused around this: these heavy-duty iso-lateral lever arms, which
can safely hold up to 500 pounds. Another feature is this the workbench bench. It
can be setup for a range of different angles and positions including a variety
of attachments that go right here, including an arm curl, leg curl, leg press,
and pec fly machine. Speaking of exercises, the list of
exercises is almost endless for the levergym, especially considering the
wide variety of accessories available for both the workbench and the levergym.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the main features of the levergym and
workbench. First up, let’s start with these heavy-duty, iso-lateral arms and
the workbench, starting with the bench. Unlike most benches where they can
increase up, flat and decline, we can also slide the bench forward and back
depending on what exercise you’re performing on the levergym. Let’s
demonstrate a basic bench press, so we’re gonna unscrew the handle, slide the bench
all the way forwards, and then the incline bench. We’re gonna drop down to a
flat like so. Now, if you also wanted a decline or use the low row here, there’s
one level lower giving you access to the low cable row here, and ideal for any
decline chest presses. Now that we have the bench set, let’s take a look at how
we manoeuver the lever arms, either keeping weight on or taking the weight
completely off. Ee simply lift up the arm here, we have two handles, one for the
position of the lever arms and the second top handle here determines
whether we perform them isolated or altogether. So far we have the top handle
in meaning both handles work at the same time. So now we have the arms and the bench
set up in an ideal position for the bench press. If you wanted to change any
angle of here we have access to both the bench,
incline, flat, and decline, as well as the position of the lever arms. Seven different
positions enabling you to go all the way down to the bottom – ideal for low rows,
deadlifts, or shrugs, and then as you bring them up a number of chest
exercises, and as we increase up, incline chest and shoulders.
Speaking of shoulders, let’s take a look at how that setup would look. First we
bring the bench all the way up to almost an incline position, then with the red
handle we’re going to slide the bench all the way back. Just like with the
settings on the levergym we have five different settings on the bench, from all
the way forwards, moving it back, making it ideal depending on your height that
you can set the machine up for the exercise based around you and your body
type, also with the incline of the bench there’s eight different settings from a
near upright and as we go down range of different inclines, flat, and one decline.
So now let’s change the position of the lever arms and set this up for an ideal
shoulder press. So with this configuration you can perform a shoulder
press either facing forwards or facing backwards with both arms performing at
the same time if you want to change this for a unilateral, performing each arm
independently. What we need to do is pull this handle out, hold it on the hook
there, and now as you can see each arm functions independently from the other
arm giving a whole host of new variations to all of the standard
exercises and many more. Now, let’s change our focus towards the top of the levergym, specifically this high cable pulley, and for this one I’m going to change the
bench back to our flat variety, so now the bench in the flat position we can
change our thigh pad here which gives us three different positions ideal if
you’re shorter or taller, and now in a seated position have easy access with
full arm stretch to our lat pulldown. Right, so we’ve looked at chest, shoulders,
and a few back exercises, but there’s one more back variation that is unique to
this levergym and that revolves again around these heavy-duty isolate lever
arms. Right now I have them positioned in their lower setting. I’m gonna take the
bench up to a medium incline like so and simply by taking this handle back out,
both lever arms functioning iso-laterally, independent of each other. We
have the bench position forwards a mid incline this is a perfect setup for
performing low rows and really isolating and targeting your mid and lower
sections of your back. Okay, so now let’s remove the workbench and have a look at
a number of exercises and variations and the setup of the levergym without the
bench, and for this all we need to do is get down, unscrew this connecting section
here, and simply lift up and wheel the bench away. With the work bench now
detached, this gives us access to a number of
different power moves based around these lever arms, particularly shrugs and rows,
but check this out, by adding the squat bar, which comes with the levegym, now
gives us access to a variety of different exercises, including arm curls
and a variety of different rows, both overhand and underhand. Also, don’t forget,
by removing our connecting pin there it gives you access to the lever arms as an
iso-lateral movement; both arms functioning independent, giving you even
more variation to the exercises we’ve already mentioned. Now that we’ve changed
the height of the lever arms and with the squat bar on this is now ideal for
performing squats, lunges, and calf raises, but it doesn’t stop there because of the
lever arm design it allows us to stand much closer than we were during a
typical conventional squat meaning a lot less pressure is put through the lower
back and you really are truly working the quads and the glutes more so than
performing on that vertical axis, but that’s not all. Remember that we can
remove the squat bar here, change the height and connecting the iso-lateral
bars both together and independently, allowing us to really
stand here and get enough heavy shoulder presses. So now that we have the
workbench detached and the lever arm set to their lowest position, this opens us
up nicely to the lower cable pulley and using the attachments that come with the
levergym – short bar, single handle, and our extension chain, this opens us up for
a variety of additional exercises including rows for the back, arm
exercises with the short bar, arm curl, single arm curl, tricep kickback, even shoulders,
upright rows, front raise, and also our rear delt single lateral raise, but it
doesn’t stop there. There’s even more unique and specific exercises that you
can create on here including one for the glutes: a glute kickback, you just have to
really use your imagination. So now let’s put our focus back towards the top
pulley on the lever gym and for this one I’ve already shown how we can perform a
seated lat pulldown, but now with the bench out of the way this gives us
access to a whole host of other exercises including a straight arm
pulldown, and by simply changing the handle over, we now have access to tricep
pushdown, pull-downs overhead extension, and not only do we
have access to the long bar, the short bar, but also the single handle opening
us up for a number of exercises for unilateral triceps, arms, including our
abdominal high crunch cable, so there we have it, that is the Powertec workbench levegym system. for more information, head over to
or check in with your local dealer

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