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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey ! What’s up Warriors , it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and welcome to body weight beast mode of before workout, during workout and after workout recipe video Most people before workout as you know don’t eat anything due to which they under perform during workout at the same time they aren’t able to build muscles let me explain you with an example the importance of before workout meal including if you don’t eat anything then what will happen to body ? Imagine your body like a car or bike which is having low fuel While driving such car if your car breaks down in the middle of road. Then you must already be knowing the reason Even anyone can tell, that there was low fuel in car that’s why car has stopped in the middle of road In a similar way, our body too when we do not eat anything. Then what happens is While doing workout you will feel exhausted At the same time you won’t be able to give your hundred percent and Moreover the main goal on which the program is based on building muscle , that would not happen. You can note down one point when you give your full effort in the gym then in our muscles there occurs micro-tears and we heal or recover from this micro-tear with proper nutrition Due to which our muscles grows and we proceed towards our goal Some people try to explain in layman terms meaning They say the same thing like When you do workout , it damages or injures the muscles this is completely wrong statement I am going to explain you why it is a wrong statement When you say muscle damage or muscle injure, you use these terms we interpret these as a negative thing meaning that something bad is happening with you You can see , I have used the word “micro-tears” in muscles This may sound fancy but this is the correct word so It’s my humble request to you all that you absorb correct information from correct place so that you attain the correct knowledge and you can use this knowledge later on to understand many things in fitness Again, I am not trying to insult or put anyone down You too know my principles well. So it’s your responsibility to absorb correct information from correct person , so that you grow correctly First of all , we will have one medium size yellow banana thirty to forty minutes prior your workout Prefer yellow banana which has black spots on it You can see , the banana has black spots here so please avoid green bananas which are not ripe yet avoid those you have to have yellow banana. Because what’s our main motive behind this program we need energy before workout so you have to watch If before workout you eat something due which you are continuously getting burps or you are having trouble breathing during your workout As you know, this program is based on functional training where there is so much core muscle engagement So we don’t require anything which will cause problem in your core or abdominal muscles or you may be doing some workout due to which you are having trouble breathing from this you won’t be able to do the workout comfortably So you have to have yellow banana like this and the other thing is If you are severely under-weight , then you have to consume 2 yellow banana thirty to forty minutes before workout So that the banana gets easily digested and you don’t face any trouble during workout Everyone has their own digestion rate So you can use hit and trial. May be you need to consume fifty minutes before workout. I personally take forty minutes before workout so it entirely depends on your metabolism when you eat. Along with this we will have 1 cup of black coffee black coffee contains caffeine Now what caffeine does is that It works directly on central nervous system. Now you will ask what will happen by doing so whenever anything works directly on our central nervous system then what happens is we are more focused during our workout and even you will get exhausted at slower rate than normal That being said now you will be able to workout more effectively and efficiently By the help of proper nutrition we are going to grow our muscles Then again, during your workout you have to drink 300-500 ml water you have to sip during your rest intervals as you already know In this beast mode program, there is twenty seconds of rest between exercises and rounds You have to utilize your rest period and sip water If you don’t sip water, then your body will become dehydrated. There are so many disadvantages of dehydration I am going to say few of them. Due to dehydration You will feel exhausted, your body’s temperature can increase there can be muscle cramps and even you may feel dizziness during your workout As you already know, in this beast mode workout routine it hardly takes thirty to forty minutes to workout so that’s why during this workout, we are just drinking water otherwise we could have used a sports drink Advanced athletes you can use but then again it’s optional Even water will work for you as well Because it’s short-term workout When we workout , what happens is minerals like sodium and potassium drains out from our body in the form of sweat which we need to refill or replenish regarding post workout or immediately after workout we will eat one yellow banana with black dots along with this we will take 300 ml of low fat milk. You can use any brand of your choice, I am not promoting any brands in this video so If you are using cow’s milk. Then what you can do is boil the milk first next allow it to cool then take out the cream from the milk by doing this eliminates most of the fat present in the milk and that is what is required milk is the source of protein the purpose of protein is to build muscles or to repair muscles Milk also contains minerals like calcium and phosphorus which is required for our bone health Because in this beast mode workout, we are having many athletic drills that’s it Please keep sharing my videos with your friends Because to provide you the correct information that’s my responsibility. Please keep supporting Let’s meet again in our next recipe video of beast mode program stay tuned with me , till then peace out, this is Amit. signing off.

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