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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Yatinder Singh’s kitchen once again. Today we are doing a pre and post-workout meal video, especially for vegetarians, for people who
go to the gym early in the morning and cannot prepare their meals
2 hours before going and people who usually have a busy schedule and cannot take out a lot of time for cooking. For these people, I am sharing an easy recipe for pre and post-workout meals. First, we will prepare our pre-workout meal. It is very simple and I will share
all the items you require to prepare this meal. I had pre-soaked some walnuts and almonds and I will use them in this meal. And two slices of whole-wheat bread.
But you can use multigrain bread as well. Also, I will use 1 banana and peanut butter as well. The preparation is really simple. First I will slightly toast my bread using coconut oil. I am using approx. 5ml coconut oil here. Heat the bread for 3-5 minutes. Bread is now toasted as you can see it has turned slightly brownish. Let me take them out on a plate. Second, in what quantity can we use peanut butter? 20-25 grams should be sufficient. As it is a muscle-building diet
you can eat little extra too. Simply spread it on the bread. Like this. As you all might be wondering what I was going
to do with the almonds and walnuts, I will first crush them. Now they are properly crushed. Also, it is very important for you to know
how to cook to be a bodybuilder. Now I will simply spread them on the second slice of bread. Like this. It’s time to use the banana now. Firstly let me tell you guys that whenever
you purchase bananas from the market. especially for bodybuilding, choose the ones
with spots on the outer skin. They are good and healthy to eat. Now I will peel this banana. Slice it and put it on the bread. With this our pre-workout meal is ready. You should eat this meal at least
one hour before going to the gym so that it gets digested and the ingredients provide
you with energy and help with your workout. Now I will share the post-workout meal. Immediately after the workout, you need whey protein. So I use a whey protein isolate. You can use it too or you can use whey protein concentrate as well. My choice is Contest Isomatrix
by Tejaswa sports nutrition. I am using this for a long time. Second, as I am sharing a vegetarian diet plan I would suggest all the people especially vegetarians that it is very important for you all to use l-glutamine. Make sure you add 5 grams to
your post-workout protein. This was immediately after the workout. Now after 20-25 minutes consume
a meal rich in carbohydrates as well. In this, you should include some fast
as well as slow-digesting carbohydrates just like I have done here. I have mashed 200 grams of potato and I have added a little salt to it and along with this, I have taken two slices of bread using
which I am going to prepare a sandwich. It will take 5-7 minutes to cook. By that time I will mix my whey protein. As a lot of people ask how much water should
whey protein be consumed in? I will suggest what I do myself,
take approx. 200 ml of water in which you will mix your post-workout whey protein. Here I have a sipper in which I can measure This is approximately 200ml and into this, I will add my glutamine and protein. Try to use a leveled scoop in your post-workout. This is my shake which I will consume
immediately after my workout and the sandwich after 20-25 minutes of consuming whey protein. My sandwich is ready to eat now and with this my post-workout meal is ready. Immediately after your session,
Whey protein and glutamine, One serving each and after 30 minutes
eat your Carbohydrate meal. This meal will help to repair all the muscle breakdown which have happened during your workout. So this was our pre and post-workout meal
for the vegetarians. I will keep sharing more informational
videos like these with you So do subscribe to the channel. Press the bell icon. Thank you all to give so much love to our channel. I will be back soon. See you. Goodbye.

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