Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

She’s done a fantastic job, this is her job. Whats going on right there? Did you bring olive oil? No. I forgot the olive oil honestly. Turn around. Close your eyes. Good, now do close grip for your triceps. Now, do your normal stuff. After this, take a drink of your pre workout,
and then 15 minutes finish it. You want a pump until you feel full. Okay. But not overly pumped. Keep going. You guys should be pumping up right now! Juniors! Squeeze, come on 52!

10 thoughts on “Prepping and Coaching Nick’s first Natural Bodybuilding Show by Kevin Kreider Personal

  1. Looked good man, just needed a bit more in his legs but for his first show, very good indeed 🙂

  2. Nick, you look really good! Your smile was a little forced. Loved your ginger haircut and style! It takes a lot to put in all of the hard work shaping and sculpting your body and then present in competition. Good work!

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