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[music intro] Hey guys,what’s up? Jeff Cavaliere,
And we’re back at the board here and as you can probably see this is no eyes shark, this
is actually the name of something that a lot of you guys are probably familiar with, and
I think it’s time that we do a supple review on something called 1,3-DIMETHYLAMYLAMINE,
or more familiar called 1,3 DIMETH. It’s in almost every single pre workout these
days, and I’m just m I just figured I would tell you that I don’t like and I think I’m
gonna show you why. I think it’s ok for everyone to say , to take
a stance and make an opinion on something, but just try to support it with a little bit
of evidence, just to say: hey, maybe you should think twice about it, before you put this
in your body. And I just wanna lay out why and what. First of all, the history on this stuff, it’s
got a lot of names. It can be called DMAA, METHYLHEXANAMINE or
GERANAMINE, and the reason why it’s called GERANAMINE, it’s that actually derivative
it was taken from a geranium plant, and extracted from there, I think it was China or Japan,
that part I’m not really sure about, but that’s where they’re initially founded . And then,
here in the States, Eli Lily was gonna use it to treat as a nasal decongestant, number
one and then also to treat like, overgrowth of mouth tissue. So, if that’s what your goal is when you’re
out there in the gym pumping iron and you wanna treat mouth tissue growth, maybe this
is for you. But, really, honestly all can decide that
that was the history of it. And them people then came out and said that
it was dangerous because recently because they said chemically is the same thing as
a Methamphetamine. But that’s not true guys. You know, I wanna go back to before I was
a physical therapist, I was actually a biochem guy, I was a physio-neurobiologist major in
college, and I loved organic chemistry. So, if you let me just kind of show you some
real basic stuff, I promise I won’t bore you. 1,3 DIMETH looks like this and doesn’t really
to mean anything to you, but this is the chemical structure of 1,3 DIMETH. And the structure of EPHEDERINE which we know
is sort of has this, the same effects and we’ll talk about the effects in a second here. And it looks like this, again a little bit
of similar structure, but it’s got this, this fellow group, is what this is called on here,
this is carbon group on the end. As does an AMPHETAMINE which is what they
say this is. It’s an AMPHETAMINE derivative, but it’s that
chemically similar to AMPHETAMINE? Because an AMPHETAMINE is also gonna have
this fellow group on the end. So, structurally there’s a nitrogen atom in
every one, but that’s about it. But that doesn’t mean guys, it doesn’t mean,
because there are a lot of guys that use that and they’ve taken it wrong they say. Well, it’s great, it’s great stuff because
it ‘s not chemically similar, but it has similar effects. There is no doubt about it that it is a sympathomimetic
drug, which means he’s gonna mimic the actions of the sympathetic nervous system, which means
that you’re gonna get: Rapid heart rate, you’re gonna get increase
blood pressure, you’re gonna have vassal constriction, you know? Those are all things that are gonna tend to
elevate your heart bit, your heart rate, it’s gonna elevate your blood pressure and, guys,
these are the kind of things that especially you can buy them in exertion activity, it
can lead to a stoke. Ok? I’m gonna go out and say that, I don’t care
if other people have said it or not, it can lead to a stroke. It has actually been documented as having
done such in people, there are studies out there that I’ll show, and now it’s being labeled
as a party drug or so. So, I don’t care what people say. You wanna put 25 mg in your product, is what
most have in there? Fine, right? But I know that most guys don’t stick to one
dose. A lot of guys want more, they feel like I’m
a bigger guy and I need a little bit more, so I’m gonna put a little bit more on mine. Now you’re starting to play with trouble and
I’m just saying guys, it’s not a smart idea. So, anybody that’s selling this stuff that
has 1,3 DIMETHYL and wanna come attack me, I’m sure I’m welcoming the idea, but my point
is, I’m just trying to help you guys out there, and ATHLEAN-X is kind of sort through some
of the things that are worth it, and some of the things that I don’t think it worth
to risk. Now, let me ask you one final question: How
do you think they get this, ability to have this? It’s banned by the World Doping, Anti-Doping
Agency. How do you think they get this in your product? Just another trick with the supplement industry
is that GERANIUM OIL which is where extracted from is an approved food product. It’s in other things, geranium oil is in other
things, and it’s an approved food product. This is not an approved drug, ok? So, if you go and you claim the source, geranium
oil, you can use this stuff. So, is it right? No. Is it a little bit shady? I think so. But, basically guys I just wanted to kind
of give you the run down, so that you can make your own educate decision. As far as alternatives go guys, how about
sleep? You know sleep, good active recovery, getting
yourself on a regular sleep cycle, eating well, good nutrition, hydration. You know if you wanna have some things for
a natural birth, B vitamins, caffeine, there’s been a well researched supplement, well ….. Substance
that you can have, you know and control them out. It’s less that 250-300 mg, it’s even been
dosed up to 600 mg on athlete and shown that it’s still tolerated. I wouldn’t suggest that but it’s tolerated,
so .. You’ve got alternatives guys, you don’t need
to start turning to this, and it’s just sort of my two senses and I figured you guys would
benefit from it. Guys, if you haven’t been going, seen what’s
been going on, I actually have a little review going on right now, on my blog, on,
where you’ll be able to sort of check out what I think top 5 bigger problems are with
supplements today. You can see that over the blog again, In the meantime guys, let’s just get ourselves
in shape, how about that? You’re gonna feel a lot better and a lot more
energetic, you won’t need any of this stuff, if you’re feeling good about yourself. To do that go to, grab that program
guys, get the 90 days program, you’re here now, it’s summer time right around the corner,
get in the best shape of your life and be proud of it and feel good and you’ll have
energy, alright? I’ll see you guys again back here in the gym
by next week, we’ll be back with the exercises. I’ll see you then!

100 thoughts on “PREWORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS | Pre Workout Poison | MUST WATCH!

  1. i take on gold standard or platinum. and it dosnt have this in it, ya the caffeine is a beast and kicks me in the head but it dosnt have dmaa

  2. most of these products are pure and utter shit, i learned this the hard way, now i have a righteous meal before bed around 80 carbs amongst other nutrients, then i wake up, and after about 40 or so minuts im ready to rock, remember guys carbs wont make you * fat* if you eat then go to bed, give it a shot, you might be surprised

  3. I don't know if "one more rep" has this chemical but about a week ago I bought this pre workout just for curiosity I usually don't use any but I think it affected my nervous system for like 2 or 3 days I was feeling like shit,i totally lost my focus and my pump.I don't know, does anyone have the same problem?

  4. Great presentation of information. It is always good to know this knowledge and great that you point it out. Thank you for the information. Keep up the great work.

  5. Great information and I am glad that you made this video. I was wondering if you have a review on the pre-workout "Havok". I would like to see that video or if you could make that video that would be great. I would like to know your thoughts on the ingredients to see if they are safe to take at the recommended dose. I usually just take half anyways because its too sweet full dose but I would like to know what you think. Mainly, I would like to know if any of the ingredients in Havok – pre-workout is potentially harmful. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  6. I'm reading some the ingredients on some of these preworkouts and I'm finding that most of these are heavily processed with natural flavors and even contain harmful artificial sweeteners like suclose. In addition, these have an over dose of caffeine and should be the only source of caffeine if someone is taking it the amount of stress on the liver is in excess. I'm currently no longer taking pre workouts cause I believe they're too processed.

  7. Saluted. This is a 2011 video but its the one i found that made sense about pre workout. I agree. Coffe is the best. Well at least it works for me. Black coffee.

  8. Have you guys heard about how preworkout may lead to testicular cancer? I'm 20 and I've been taking it for a couple months now and am wondering if that's true at all. I really hope it's not bc I'm totally all about preworkout haha

  9. What about dmha? In Australia when they banned dmma, companies brought out dmha claiming it's a safe alternative?

  10. What about bcaa and combining it wth beta alinine as a substitute???
    In 43 and I've felt some of the effects of these pwrkts and even now as I speak my body is still twitching from taking it like 3 hours ago…

  11. My friend has actually died from taking pre work, during his morning workout, my trainer says he has never taken pre workout it is not necessary.

  12. Excellent points! For lack of knowledge, I was always sceptical about pre-workout products. Now I see those' ingredients indeed need to checked carefully before buying.
    On a very different topic: I wonder what Jeff thought about artificial sweeteners like Acesulfam-K and Sucralose? (I know he includes Sucralose in his products, but I read some worrying things about it)

  13. Agree 100%. DMAA is a sympathomimetic and that can spell disaster for someone with vascular or heart issues. If someone has hypertension, DMAA could definitely put them at risk for stroke. What's worse is that DMAA is not the only CNS stimulant ingredient companies will put in one product. It'd likely have some sick combo of caffeine, synephrine, yohimbe, and ginseng. All of which either raises blood pressure, constrict vessels, or increase heart rate, and ultimately stresses the heart. And the caffeine is not only a CNS stimulant, it is a potent diuretic. That makes the hypertension worse. While the effects of weight loss drugs can make you feel good temporarily, they can become neurotoxic and almost pathogenic if used carelessly. And great vid. You're the smartest fitness guru on YT!

  14. How does this video have 130k+ views, yet he has 4.6 million subs? This is an important video that all of his subs should watch.

  15. Thanks, google: "The surname Cavaliere comes from the words "cavallaro," which means a horse dealer; or from "cavalieri," meaning a horseman, rider or knight."

  16. The only pre workout I ever just immediately stopped taking because of how I felt, ( heart palpitations, rapid ) was 1MR , brand now makes vortex. C4 NO explode, Beast no issues

  17. i just got a booster sample for the first time (not4pussy dmha) took half the scoop and got to say it was great
    i watched my pulse throughout the workout(around 120) and felt awesome
    more strength and fun, wouldn't continue tho because it feels like cheating and possibly can destroy your body in the long term
    still nonetheless a cool experience
    im kinda late with this comment

  18. Some times I can’t get enough sleep because I’m in the ARMY and deployed. Sometimes I have to use pre workout because running mission and lack of sleep leads to severe exhaustion. But we have to stay in shape for the APFT. And then, sometimes we only get 1 meal a day. I had a time where I was on mission and only got 1 meal in 3 days. How do we overcome this?

  19. Guys, I can’t find any good info about my heart having sharp pains sometimes during and after pre workout, I dont do cardio on it. BUT I did fast tri cep pull downs today it increased my heart rate .

  20. I think chemically, pre-workouts allow you to use a few extra % from your entire body in the gym (physiologically and physically) but the users are forgetting they can 'find' that extra % with self-taught motivation/ mental training and before you laugh – everyone who visits the gym has undergone some form of mental adjustment; the main example would be – you can suffer far more muscular pain/ burn than someone who has never visited a gym. See – your brain and your attitude have been modified in a way that suits your lifting lifestyle.

  21. I'm 15 and I wish I saw this video. I was in LA FIT and I see it in the vending machine and I drank it. It literally almost killed me. My blood pressure skyrocketed. I became itchy and jittery. I had numbness. And vomiting

  22. Everyone needs to hop on the B12 train. I switched a couple of months ago from pre-workout to B12 and I have noticed vast improvements in both my cardio and lifting👍🏽

  23. I don't fuck with this stuff for that very reason because I always used to wonder what all those long ingredients actually are. watching this video reinforced this belief. continue to just drink a small cup of black coffee with no added fillers for pre workout. cost efficient to do it this way. oh, and the added bonus of no potential brain bleeding, strokes, or heart attacks. its a no brainer. subbed for being honest and telling the truth about what those products do to you, respect for not just being another youtuber that sells their own personal pre workout for profit.

  24. He didn't like DMAA. What a wussy. In another video you showed the study where it didn't raise the heart rate. In this video you said it does.

  25. I took preworkouts with this stuff in it for 5 months. I started to notice irregular heartbeat, anxiety/depression, and schizophrenic symptoms towards the end of the 4th month. I finally decided to visit a doctor. I am now on a antidepressant due to the Pre V2/ESP Extreme(preworkouts) I was taking and hopefully my Serotonin levels will eventually return to normal. Although I know others who take it and seem to handle the chemicals better than I, do your research before you put anything unnatural into your body. It may just mess you up for life.

  26. I know the risks of pre work out but it helped me get ripped. Without it I’d still be 227 pounds of pure fat

  27. I know this video is 6 years old, but caffeine and b vitamins are not giving you the same energy and health benefits of DMAA/DMHA 😂. Yes it has been sceintifcially proven that DMAA/DMHA can increase your blood pressure and heart rate, but so does caffeine. And the effects are temporary while the drug is active in your system. All those people who did die from it were either genetically predisposed to a heart attack to begin with or had high blood pressure to begin with or were stupid and took too much.What he is doing is exagerraring the dangers of DMAA/DMHA and he is not telling you the vast amount of health benefits that this stimulant actually provides and that is why it was actually banned because it works too good when taken correctly and the FDA was just looking for a reason to get rid of it. Look around you today, fast food is everything they are dumping massive amounts of sodium and fat calories into fast foods. Why doesn't the FDA ban cigarettes or Alcohol? Because it helps control and weaken the population mentally and physically. Now, let's go over the health benefits of DMAA/DMHA. increases energy, mental clarity and focus, increased dopamine, relief from depression, increased pain tolerance, improved memory and cognitive abilities, improved and heightened spatial awareness, temporarily increased strength, endurance, and speed as well as quicker reaction times, aids in fat loss and muscle growth and may in fact buffer lactic acid better than beta alanine, possibly even better than Carnosine which is a filtered pure beta alanine, also long lasting with a half life of 8-12 hours much much and I repeat vastly longer than Caffeine, Eria Jarenesis, Synephrine, Hordenine, and any other stimulant found in a pre workout. DMAA/DMHA can in fact be the perfect stimulant. It makes all the sense in the world for a government trying to control it's people to want to ban something like this.

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