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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

When it comes to supplements we all know you
have got a lot of options. But I am going to show you today why these
3 are the best options that you can make when it comes to supplementing around your workout
schedule. [Music Intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere Now I should say Athlean-Rx. I promised you last week we would be taking
a look into supplements. And the importance of making right decisions
when it comes to what you put in your body. We all know like I said in the intro. There are a lot of choices when it comes to
supplements these days. Unfortunately, we have to deal with a lot
of bad choices. I think we have to deal with a lot of confusion,
too, as to what do we actually need,- and what don’t we need. And I think a step further is, when do we
actually need this stuff? Because there are very particular times when
you should take certain supplements, that are actually going to have an effect. That if you take it later in the day, or too
far removed from your workout, or not too close to the workout beforehand- You are not going to get any results, whereas
you would have, had you taken it at the right time. So thinking about all this stuff We know there’s a lot of ways we can take
our supplements. We can take them individually. We know that creatine is a good supplement. We know glutamine is good. We know whey protein, branched chain amino
acids… We have pre-workout stimulants. We have lots and lots of choices. But again, there is confusion, because at
the end of the day We line up with 20 or 30 bottles in front
of you on the counter. And you are not sure when you should be taking
them. So that brings me to Athlean-Rx. And I want to tell you guys exactly what went
into this. Months and months-you probably remember if
you were following me here on YouTube, or even on Facebook Even my blog-the updates were on a descending
path for a long time. That is because I was so wrapped up and busy
in creating my own supplement line. Because I was really fed up with what I had
as options out there. We have covered this whole pre-workout video
before About how I absolutely hate 1,3-Dimeth And how it is in actually every single supplement
these days. I am telling you it is going to be banned. And you don’t need to be putting it in your
body. That was kind of the jump off point, in me
saying that I have to get something better out there that you guys can take reliably. So I went and basically wrapped myself up
in what can I produce can I do to produce the best supplement line out there. And I really believe that I did. 1-2- and 3 that’s it. Now you are going to notice that all the other
supplements are in here. I was actually able to get everything that
you need, exactly when you need it. So I want to show you here, in the pieces,
exactly what goes in Rx-1, Rx-2 and Rx-3, what makes them different, and when you should
take them. So let’s first start taking a look at Athlean
Rx-1. So we are talking about pre-workout here and
Athlean Rx-1. I have already talked about, again, the other
stuff that I don’t like. Every single workout these days now is including
1,3-dimethylamylamine, which I have talked about in a separate video, if you haven’t
seen it. Actually I will probably just link it up here. You can go watch that video if you are. If you have taken that supplement, watch that
video Then come back and watch this one. I think it is very important for me to get
that message out to you. I don’t think you should be taking it. But as far as Athlean Rx-1, now this video
might be a little bit more of the extended version here. Like that 13 tips video that I did a while
back for abs. But you guy said you liked it. I want to get into the details that you understand,
what it is that you are putting in your body. With Athlean Rx-1, I kind of broke it down
just a little bit here, a little bit of a cheat sheet. We have different areas of focus. Now we are talking about pre-workout. What is the goal? The goal is to have an ability to generate
energy to get you to the workout. And you have to have the energy to be able
to sustain it. So you can through the work without a drop-off Because again, if this is for performance,
for with my athletes. We don’t want to have a good burst of energy
for the start of the game, but a tail-off in performance by the end of the game. So we want to get the energy, and be able
to sustain it. And we also want to do this without dehydrating
you. Because we know a lot of the pre-workout stimulants,
are dehydrators. So if you look at what we did here in Athlean
Rx-1. For our energy component we have both the
natural and herbal form of caffeine. So caffeine anhydrous would be the clinical
version of caffeine. And we have guarana Which is our herbal version of caffeine. Now why would I use caffeine? Because it is the most researched, safe, pre-workout
stimulus that you can put in your body. It is approved also by all organizations:
the National Anti-Doping Agency. Everything is approved with caffeine. So we use very, very safe levels of this. Now you want to get enough for a stimulant
effect. Just slightly more than a cup of coffee, but
well underneath the levels that would produce jitters, and nerves. And any side effects that would deter from
your performance. So we have both of those and taurine, the
main component of Red Bull. And green tea, that has been researched. The active ingredient in green tea can help
with metabolism, and increasing your ability to generate the energy from the food that
you are eating. So, we have got that component. The next thing we have is our ability to continue
this energy drive throughout your workout. Here you will see things like your B-vitamins:
the B-12, again a major component of 5-Hour Energy. Which is really all that is. Beta-alanine, acetyl-carnitine, tyrosine. Now let me just point out here Beta-alanine. Beta-alanine, how that works is the beta-alanine
shows–studies have actually been done on humans guys. Not on animals and lab rats, but on human
studies. Have shown that it can increase carnosine
content in your muscle cells. In your type-2 muscle fibers by about 52 percent. Even just over a short period of time, like
4 weeks. What that does is, that helps provide a buffer
for lactic acid. So as you start to work out, start to have
lactic acid build-up, carnosine via the beta-alanine is going to
help to deter that. And prolong your time to fatigue. Acetyl-carnitine: it can actually take the
acetyl group Which again- it is a little bit nerdy. I have been here before guys. We have talked a little bit in this nerdy
direction. But just so you understand what it is. And how it works. It donates that acetyl group to another called
acetyl-CoA. Which is an enzyme that helps run, really
is the gasoline that runs the metabolic cycle. So again we don’t have to get into all the
metabolic cycles. But this is the one responsible for you generating
your energy And acetyl-CoA is the gasoline that drives
that engine. So we can donate the acetyl group to that,
to recycle and replenish that. So you will have longer, more sustained energy. Then again tyrosine. Very effective supplements here guys. Very effective compounds that do the job,
do them well and safely. Next thing you’ll notice we have branched-chain
amino acids. People are very familiar with branched-chain
amino acids. But not in the sense of being a pre-workout
addition. And I can tell you it is an overlooked requirement. Because branched-chain amino acids already
broken down into their metabolized form can provide not only some useful energy. To get you through your workout. But they are doing so in a small enough dose
that it is not causing too much of an overload on your stomach. At the same time it is setting that stage
for the post-workout reconstruction. That you are going to want to have happen
in your muscle cells. Because we are going to supply them there
again too. But here you have almost that sort of jump
start on it. So to me a pre-workout that ignores branched-chain
amino acids is not a wise idea. We didn’t do that in Athlean Rx-1. Then we have arginine, AKG-alpha-ketoglutarate. These are things that actually help with the
ability to drive blood-flow to the muscles. So we can recruit more blood to the muscles. Provide more energy and take away some of
that lactic acid. Flush it out. It is just a better way. Now some guys will take it for the muscle
pump That they are supposedly providing in this
supplement. But I am not a big believer in that. You might experience a little of that. But long-term that is not going to help too
much. Except as I said, more for the vanity aspects
of taking it. For the most part, the real key here is that
those are actually going to bring blood to the muscles. The working muscles, and assist them in functioning
longer. Then finally we don’t leave anything out in
Rx. We include electrolytes as well. So we might get a little bit of a dehydrating
effect because of the caffeine. But we want to be able to hydrate through
water. Drinking water, by actually mixing this with
water. But at the same time bringing the electrolytes
to replenish that. You never want to try and replenish just water
without the electrolytes. You want to have them both. Athlean Rx has them both in there. So guys as I am saying, you can get a lot
of these things individually. There are a lot of other brands out there. Unfortunately every single brand that I know
of is dipping into that realm of 1,3-Dimeth. Because people are asking for that and want
that. I am telling you, not only is it not safe
for you. But there are alternatives that are 100 % safe That are not only going to provide that immediate
burst of energy But provide that long-term sustained energy That you are going to need to get through
your workout. So Athlean Rx-1 guys. I am telling you It actually tastes really good too. I will move on now. We are going to go into the post-workout. This you want to take 30 minutes or so before
your workout. We are going to go to the post-workout next.

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  2. Finally a product that combines everything an athlete needs while omitting all of the filler. Reconstruxtion in particular is phenomenal when it comes to recovering from a strenuous workout. Great line.

  3. @p0k3sMoT42o jeff is an extremely successful person…he is trying to help, its that simple…i doubt very much that he 'needs' to sell something…jeff is a very smart/successful guy that just so happens to be into fitness, nutrition, and exercise who just so happens to want to use his knowledge so others can benefit

  4. @p0k3sMoT42o Life isn't free. Neither is maintaining a fit body. As a matter of fact why don't you create videos and help us all for free.

  5. I like that you actually explain how and why different things work, a lot of people I know try to advocate certain things they use but don't really have a good justification for why they use it.

  6. Jeff is probably the only person in the personal training world that I even trust. I sat in stagnation, even with my own research, and barely showed any results. Then I found Jeff and everything changed. He has put so many useful videos on here! I've taken all his advice and tips and smashed all of it together into one kick ass work out and I've reaped the rewards. Plus, he puts enough dedication and care into this that I feel like he knows me personally. I trust this man. End of story.

  7. And with all the free information and help that this man has tirelessly provided for all of us to improve our health and lives, the least we can do is purchase his supplements. Not only do I trust that they are more healthy than any other product out there, but I trust they will yield better results. I'm buying the 1-2-3 package as we speak, matter o' fact. So quit complaining, this man kicked your fat ass into shape, FREE OF CHARGE. The least you can do is give back. Thanks Jeff!

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    Kudos to you, GyalisAndino —

  12. this is a good quality pre workout. i just make my own to save some money. what i take is 50g karbolyn (any carb is good really), bcaa 5-10g, glutamine 5g, creatine monohydrate 2.5g, beta alanine 3.2g, citrulline malate 6g, caffeine 200mg. intra workout i take karbolyn 50g, bcaa 5-10g. post workout is protein 40g, glutamine 5g, creatine smidgeon under 5g, and a greens powder. expensive at first, but cheaper in the long run and great results. if u can afford his products, DO IT. they top notch!

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    Having said that, I'm really surprised that your preworkout formula would include ingredients like cyanocabalamin, the man-made cheap version of vitamin B12 which is made from the cyanide molecule.  Why would you not use methylcobalamin, the more natural bioavailable version of vitamin B12?  Additionally, why would you include artificial flavors, coloring, and soy?  Maybe I'm being too picky and am trying to find the "perfect" supplements which probably don't exist.  In any case, I understand that you reformulate your supplements as new research information comes out, and I appreciate that about your product line.  I'm hoping that, in future versions, you will continue to refine even the finer details.

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    I love your videos and respect your opinions. I know caffeine is safe however I like to stay away from it unless completely necessary — lack of sleep due to long nights studying for example. When my nutrition is on point and I am training a few times per day-6-days a week I will typically take 100% Whey Protein, Creatine, and BCAA's individually — around my workouts– along with a multivitamin. When life picks up and money is tight I typical stop Creatine and BCAA's. What would you recommend as far as supplements for me (someone who tries to limit caffeine and sees a cup of coffee more as a study drug)? A little bit of caffeine goes a long way for me and the RX-1 seems caffeine packed. I appreciate your time!


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