Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

The USA WPI is my perfect post workout whey product. It’s fast absorbing. It’s very low carb. It’s very low fat. It means it’s rapidly absorbed by my system and
supports protein synthesis immediately. WPI is a very high percentage
of protein. Almost 92% with almost 0% carbs, 0% fat.
It means that it’s rapidly absorbed by my system post training. The very very powerful
thing is this the fact that it’s completely undenatured protein. It’s also got some very high levels of branch chains that’s due
to the high level of protein which means it’s the most perfect post workout recovery tool for me. So as so soon as I
finish training, as soon as I can get in the kitchen, it’s WPI straight in the blender. You know I love this stuff its
high protein, it’s naturally sweetened, its organically flavoured, it’s full of branch chains, its the perfect recovery tool for me.

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