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what’s going on everyone I hope you’re all done absolutely fantastic and this is a video of an unboxing video this is not a review video of one product that had been request a couple of times on my channel and then I did some research and I found that okay this looks like really somebody depend of the product newly launched on Amazon so I ordered this they’ve got different variants I ordered the beginners way ohms let’s just open it and we’ll just quickly look at it we don’t do a full detailed review that will come in the twenty days of course packing is really good there you go so their package looks really cool I mean really really cool package and what do you see here off back this is big dinners for beginners it’s a sorry for the light coming out from that side for beginners whey protein we get 20 grams of protein BCA glutamine all those things and interesting doping free ice format free that is doping free I mean it’s not answer to ride those things who the hell is gonna put that that’s one it free is good thing that is the sweetener the users not ask for MIT no I – biking no sway protein no inferior way what does doing freeway mean I don’t know anyway Pro gauge nutrition you’re packing looks really good and what do you got here so here it says 20 gram but how much is 20 gram so we’re looking at 57% of protein right so per serving is 35 grand or you’re getting 20 grams of protein in there no that’s okay because a lot of protein companies international brands also provide this amount of protein I’ve seen Dymatize providing that but the thing is and which I don’t like is that given the amount of protein that they’re giving in here the price should be less much lesser than what they’re coating in here do you have a pretty good flavor in here I think yes we got chocolate flavor chocolate looks good and there is a QR code and then they say it’s manufactured by Pro gauge nutrition Luciana and they got their fssi number in here that’s all he got let’s open it up and just look at the texture because it’s an unboxing video we should be opening up as much as you can the thing with the pouches is that you gotta keep it close all right so we got a scoop standard sized scoop 35 grams so we’ll see how big that needs to be it’s a fine powder it doesn’t feel like masking or anything okay because a pretty person did you / me still awake fruity and supplement I need to see what else they put in there it’s good it tastes like chocolate what do you got to mix it in water and see how it feels taste how it tastes all right I sealed it let me check your quick things of the back you’re getting another thing which you gotta watch out for and these are the things that will be important for this proteins purchase are carbohydrates they got 11 grams of that and out that 1.4 gram comes from sugar and then they’ve got 2.2 grams of fat fat I think it’s okay if that’s not that a big deal and then they’ve got thirty five point five mg of sodium so in her grams is serving they got one on one mg of sodium so these are the things you get a check out these things kind of increase you know and so depending on your your requirement you’re gonna look at those things so what do you got in here is lactoferrin and it’s all the things that they’re saying they have it here is similar to the thing they say on ISO sensation and that can only happen if they are sourcing the way from a proper source I mean they’re not doing the nicer treatment otherwise these things getting denatured now they got here’s the bummer they got maltodextrin and that’s a proof here look at this 11 grams of carb they’ve got maltodextrin must be a good amount of that CFM whey protein isolate I don’t know what CFM cross-flow okay cross flow whey protein isolate cocoa powder a natural artificial flavor dye design they’re saying dye design but there’s no logo of died assignment here generally companies do that soil s the thing that’s the instant ization thing xantham gum emulsifier and then sucralose for sweetening so overall okay kind of a blend protein with less quantity of protein and more of maltodextrin so that’s that’s pretty much about it I’ll review this product and see how it is and the only thing is I see there’s no problem with the beginners way having all these things and they do have with all the bad parts that they have I mean ill even grants car but a good amount of that coming from out of the extraneous not really good but the thing I don’t like the mouse is $9.99 rupees for two pounds this this price I can get a proper blend protein with 76 to 80 percent of availability so that they need to change they need to bring it to somewhere around 700 bucks yeah that’s a huge gap but they have to otherwise this thing’s not gonna sail I guess at least people like me are not gonna buy anyway watch out for the review video this is only the unboxing ciao

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