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welcome to this progressive relaxation meditation,
where you will find that you can in fact relax, become calm
and bring peace to yourself, either for sleep or just to give your mind and body relief.
before beginning this calming experience, please make sure that all distractions are
attended to,that the area you are listening in, is safe and
that you are comfortable. this meditation requires a laying position,
where your arms are down by your side and that you are on your back.
so, if you are ready to begin bringing peace to yourself, we will begin….. laying down, allow your muscles to begin settling
down, the main areas that can be observed, are your feet, legs and back.
notice, just by laying down, the relief that is automatically brought to those areas.
as you lay there, quiet, still and calm, take your awareness to the sound of your breath.
there is no need to change your breathing pattern or make any adjustments, just feel
the sensations from the next few breaths, of your muscles relaxing down even more, with
each exhale. that’s right, just let go a little now, you
should now start to feel ever so slightly more relaxed.
starting at the tip of your head, allow gravity to take over, as you consciously loosen the
muscles in your forehead. at the back of your head, and behind your
ears, you should sense a loosening of any tension that existed.
your eyes become softer, from sensing the unwining muscles above your brow.
the top of your head begins to sink downwards, almost melting, as each muscle relaxes.
from any tightness, comes an elsaticity of relaxation around your eyebrows and eyes,
your temples feel warm with content as your face begins to become smoother.
with every automatic breath, your cheeks and around your nose slides into a restful droop
of content. every breath, in and out creates calmness
and allows your mind to focus more on being relaxed.
as that wave of calmness drifts down every muscle in your face, the corners of your mouth
retract inwards, causing your tongue to peel away from the roof of your mouth.
with this softer and more relaxing feeling, from the top of your head to your mouth, your
jaw may slightly open, the more you begin and continue to relax down further.
it’s all beginnning to feel quite tranquil now, with your awareness and consciousness
being taken away to a place of peace, contentedness and calmness. relax down further now, feeling
every breath, or perhaps hearing every breath automatically become deeper and longer.
as your head rests back more and the muscles in your face become more loose, free and rested,
the sides of your neck unravell, feel that releiving sensation below your ears as those
muscle loose any grip of tension, sliding and melting into peace.
by now, your head may feel heavy, your breathing calm, and nothing really matters in this moment,
as you define every second that passes, with how relaxed you are truly becoming.
going down further, relaxing more, your throat widens, allowing more free oxygen to enter
your chest,as your throat muscles relax, your shoulders
loosen down and your head becomes mroe heavy. the next few automatic breaths send your shoulders
down further, into a very relaxed state. your mind is now filled with every peaceful
loosening of every muscle downwards that you experience, nothing seems to matter and no
one needs your attention at this time, relax more,
as the top of your arms unclench, allowing your arms to begin feeling heavy.
a warmth bestows every muscle in relaxation, looseness and calmness.
your mind is now taken to your chest, as each breath softens your rib cage, and your shoulders
give your lungs more space by resting outwards and
down. every breath now is taken freely, with no
restrictions and automatically relaxes every muscle, with each and every automatic breath
that you take. with that wave of bliss sliding down from
your shoulders,your arms become heavy, relaxing your neck even more.
you can feel a warmth as every nerve, muscle and fibre of your arms relaxes down now, to
your wrsits, which are now limp, heavily weighed down by your hands.
every finger delicately resting softly, loosely and relaxed.
with every inhale now, is an invitation for more relaxation, and if you need to rest down
more, an invite for sleep. everything quiet, warm, heavy and loose.
your eyes now becoming more soft, as every muscle relaxes down more now.
a warmth is now felt around the sides of your chest, and under your arms, where any remaining
tension can now melt your muscle downwards as it evaorates from your body.
all around your chest is now loose, free and inviting deeper breaths of oxygen as you automatically
rest more. you are calm, quiet and ever so relaxed in
this moment. as you chest becomes more loosened with calmness,
your abdomen sinks every hip muscle further into a deep heaviness, sending a peacefulness
and stillness to your stomach area.
weighing down more now, your back feels the relief of being free, and splays out into
a blissful state. as you relax further, your body feels heavier
with each and every breath that you take, sending you more into that calm, relaxed inward
environment of peace.
no need to think about anything right now, but if you do get some passing thoughts, just
let them fade off as you melt more into comfort. with each and every breath becoming deeper
, your body rests, still, quiet and calm. as your back unwinds and relaxes, that heavy
feeling is sent down to your hips, loosening your buttocks and the backs of your legs.
with the sense of gravity comfrotably pulling you like a magnet more and more downwards
to the surface you lay upon, your eyelids become heavier,
driftng more into that dream state. as the backs of your legs and buttocks relax
down more, your thighs let go of any last remaining tension, releasing your knees into
relief. with that warm, comforting and comfortable
sensation melting down your body, your calfs become loose, allowing your ankles to unlock
into a free position.
as your ankles loosen, your feet tip slightly ,
sending a signal to your mind that you are now fully relaxed, as your toes unclench and
release that last sensation of tension out from their tips.
fully relaxed now, free of any tension, your shoulders wiegh down more, allowing deeper
and longer breaths, the more you inhale and exhale.
your entire body free to wander and drift into a peaceful state, your mind calm, relaxed
and at peace. your head sinking deeper and further into
the pillow, relaxed as can be. underneath your body you can feel the sensation
of soft, gentle waves with each and every breath, up and down, slowly and steadily,
rockiing you to sleep and a deep satisfaction of being relaxed.
with each inhalation, your body rises, almost massaged into a deeper state.
as your body lowers, you go even deeper, sleepier and more calm, with each outward exhalation.
calm, relaxed and very sleepy. its as if you are almost drifting or floating
on water as you rest down your mind and body into sleep.
imagine now, you are in fact floating along on the water and that you are so very relxed.
the cleansing sea beneath you, tips the balance of relaxation into sleep.
you have no concerns right now, except how truly at peace you are.
with every soft wave of breath that you inhale and exhale, you are sent deeper into a state
of pure bliss. imagine and visualize a warm night, floating
on the surface of the water, the yellow hazy moon shines a soft dull light to keep you
safe, like a lighthouse, and that you are drifting to
the most pleasant place you could ever want to be.
your destination is a tranquil, beautiful island, where it is peaceful, quiet and relaxed,
when you reach this place, you mind and body will mirror
the effect it has on you. but there is no need to think about anything
right now, just drift along, dreaming of this pleasant and blissful place, as you go deeper
and sleepier. the light from the moon, reflects along the
ripples of each soft wave that carries you along, sarkling in the moonlight, as if leaving
a trail of where you have been and a path to where you are
going. your legs heavy now, just floating with the
tide, and your chest is free, loose and relaxed, allowing your lungs to take deeper and longer
breaths automatically.
resting, relaxing and dozing off at every sensation that you experience, you have no
need to open your eyes, they remain closed, as this scene in your mind
is too relaxing. your body limp from the ever increasing bliss
that you feel as you drift along, further with the tide.
just in sight is the outline, a silhouette of an island.
you can see the palm trees, bushes and a camp fire softly glowing through the night darkness.
edging and floating closer, your mind drifts off more, being relaxed that you will be touching
land in a few minutes. the shore is quiet, there doesnt seem to be
any birds, or people around as you look about, this place is just for you.
a place where you can relax your mind, let go and think more clearly if you wish to do
so. the sound of the rippling water beneath you
relaxes you more, the further and deeper you drift along.
you can hear the soft breaking waves along the shore now, a trickle of pleasant notes
as the sea unravels itself on the soft fine sand.
making it to the shore, your body is gently rested on the sand, almost having no energy
to get up, you walk to the open fire that you saw from the distance.
the sensation of the sand between your toes is invigorating, relaxing and calming, and
the sound of the sea helps your body to relax further.
now at the camp fire, you see that there is a blanket on the ground, you sit by the glowing
flames to dry off as you are hypnotized by the dance of each
licking flame. the crackles of the fire helps to distract
your mind into a deeper state, reminding you that you are here to relax.
almost as if the fire is training your mind with each snap and crackle to let go for a
while. you lay upon the soft fibred blanket which
sits on the sand, and relax down even further, as your body warms to the flames that radiate
a pleasant heat. warm, safe, undistracted and now very relaxed,
your mind begins to switch off, letting go with everything that you are.
you take a deep breath of satisfaction before you drift deeper into a sleepier state, knowing
that the entire environment around you will soothe your
every breath. onger and deeper, your lungs create a sleepy
rhythm of sleepy sensations. as your eyes decide they have had enough for
today, your rest your head heavily onto a pillow that lays upon the blanket.
resting down deeply, heavily and warm, your mind sets a course for sleep.
with each crackle and snap, you go deeper, and the more silent flames inbetween fade
off with each and every relaxing breath of sleepiness.
the sound of the waves breaking along the shore become distant, as your mind goes deeper
and your body becomes heavier. let go of everything right now, let your mind
and body rest in to a deep, heavy sleep, one that you are sure is filled with comfort.
every sound starts and begins to disappear as you drift deeper into the tunnel of sleep
and pleasant dreams. your body still, calm and limp, your mind
relieved as you settle down further. sleep now, let go of everything, you have
the right to a good nights sleep, you can close your eyes and drift off further into
sleep. as your body warms from the flames of the
open fire, the night contiinues in the background as you sleep.
the warm breeze, softly strokes your hair, legs and arms into a more lazy state, creating
a deeply bissful sensation every time it is felt.
the moon slowly rides across the sky, shining its soft low light onto the outlines of everything
around you. the fire crackles away, slowly getting smaller
as the logs burn with every minute of sleep that you experience.
the blanket keeps you warm, still and heavy, and the pillow supports your head, almost
soothing your neck into a deeper relaxation. sleep now, let go, you can ride the night
sky like the moon in your sleep. relax and let go.

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