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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys welcome back to the stoic body
now today I’m going to be talking about prolonged fasting so recently I did a
bit of an experiment on myself I fasted for three entire days I didn’t eat
anything and it was a really good experience I recorded that and if you
haven’t seen that you can click in the annotation above just to go over and
watch my experience but in today’s video I just want to briefly talk about some
of the benefits of it and why I chose to stop eating for three days because a lot
of people are gonna be like why the fuck would you do that what’s the point in
that so I guess I should explain myself and that’s what today’s video is about
umm now firstly let’s just talk about what intamin fasting is it’s you know
not eating for some amount of time so usually 16 hours 18 hours even up to 20
22 23 hours and um this is called intermittent fasting and people
generally tend to do it for weight loss that tends to be the reason why people
do fasting simply because it lowers your insulin it allows you to eat less
obviously and it’s just a great way to lose weight and many people find it’s
what really makes the difference in their lives
but um what we’re really discovering recently is Auto Fuji which I’ll explain
what that is in a second what’s hatha G is becoming the most prized benefit of
intamin fasting so Auto Fuji is basically the recycling of your cells so
when you’re fasting and you don’t have any nutrients coming in your cells begin
to eat themselves or toff by here five years like a Greek word for eating so
it’s like automatic eating your boy um eats itself and that’s really important
for a lot of reasons Auto Fuji is a number of benefits but some of the most
important benefits are its anti-aging properties and Auto Fuji is actually
quite important for building muscle clunker which doesn’t really make sense
because you’re not actually consuming anything but it can help and doing that
after you’re done with the fast so when you do a prolonged fast your body is
going to end up going into something called ketosis
so you might have heard that either from fasting or the ketogenic
diet basically what happens is usually we’re running our bodies of glucose
right and when you fast and you stop eating after a certain amount of time
your liver glycogen so the the glucose which is being metabolized in your liver
that’s going to deplete and then after that depletes which usually happens in a
normal fast if you do a prolonged fast that depletes then the glycogen and your
muscles begins to deplete and that can lead to you know kind of needing to
drink more water because you’re losing a lot of water from your muscle glycogen
and then once all of that is gone you really start to produce a lot of ketone
bodies so your body begins to metabolize fat for energy it can’t use the fat
directly but fat is metabolized in the liver and to something called ketone
bodies like beta hydroxy butyrate and acetone and this is what is shuttled
into the mitochondria and used this energy for the brain so it’s fat can’t
be used directly it’s converted into ketone bodies and then ketone bodies are
walk across the blood-brain barrier so many people use a prolonged fast as a
way to get into the ketogenic diet quicker so it can take a while to get
into ketosis just through nutritional changes or just through moderate fasts
but if you fast for about three days you’re really gonna become a fat-burning
machine because your body has no choice its depleted its glycogen it has no more
glucose for energy and so it has to use fat and it’s gonna use fat before it
uses protein because if it’s using protein then it’s eating away at the
heart and obviously that’s not good that can lead to heart failure which it does
in a fast if you go for thirty days or so but definitely not in a prolonged
fast so that can be a great way to get into ketosis quicker and it’s also a
great way just to get down your insulin levels and get down inflammation in the
body that’s another really important benefit that you get out of prolonged
fasting now it also happens in a prolonged fast fasting in general and
with the ketogenic diet let’s just say ketosis is that something in the body
called BDNF or brain Drive trophic factor increases and when this
increases it basically promotes neurogenesis and neurogenesis is the
growth of new brain cells it’s like the fertilizer for brain cells in the brain
so fasting and ketosis either through fasting or the ketogenic diet gives the
brain the opportunity to grow new brain cells now when I was on day three I
literally felt my head getting bigger and it no I’m just kidding another
really cool benefit is with the immune system so around the three-day mark for
most people immune cells basically reset themselves so with fasting white blood
cells get depleted and when white blood cells are depleted an enzyme called PKA
actually gets reduced and with that reduction comes a reset of immune cells
so doing this every few months or I choose to do it every few months can be
a really powerful way of securing a strong immune system and that’s one of
the main reasons I do it I haven’t been doing prolonged fasting that long I’ve
done it a few times um but ever since I started fasting in
general I never get sick and again this is anecdotal but it’s really interesting
because I was a type of person who would always get sick always um and since I
started fasting I don’t get sick ever I honestly don’t remember the last time I
did so that’s probably one of the most profound benefits I’ve personally
experienced from fasting and it seems like a prolonged fast really kicks the
specific benefit and to overdrive so one of the other important benefits and this
might be one of the most important benefits overall I mean there are a lot
of things you can do to increase your immune system you can exercise you can
eat healthy you can do other things for weight loss obviously you can you know
you can get auto Fujii slightly from normal intamin fasts but I think that
the willpower it takes to abstain from food for a significant amount of time
you know seventy to hundred hundred twenty hours it’s it’s it’s I guess
that’s easier than it seems but it takes a lot of discipline and self-control to
do that and I’m not saying that to brag in any way there people have done it
much longer than me but the point is the
willpower and the discipline you gain from doing that it really translates
into the rest of your life I I find that after I do a prolonged fast the
subsequent weeks I just get so much more work done and that’s also during the
prolonged fast you get so much work done because you never have to think about
food so I think that it can be an incredible test of self-discipline now
let’s finish up just speaking about weight loss because a lot of people are
going to go into a prolonged past with the mindset that it’s gonna help them
lose weight and yes you’re gonna lose weight
pretty quickly you’re gonna probably lose like 3 4 5 pounds 1 2 3 kilograms
within a few days um but like we said before your muscle glycogen is being
depleted you’re losing you’re urinating out a lot of water so naturally you’re
just going to lose a lot of weight but it’s not necessarily all fat right and
and while you may lose some weight generally you’re going to gain it back
if you go back to eating around your maintenance calories you might you might
keep it off if you’re in a caloric deficit in it but it’s not a strategy
that I’d recommend as your main method of weight loss a problem fast could be
used to supplement your weight loss program but on rely on frequent
prolonged fast as your method of weight loss because clearly that’s not going to
be sustainable right you don’t want to be up standing from food every week for
three days that’s just not something I I think why I just presume most of you
don’t want to do that so if you’re pregnant if your hypoglycemic if you’re
young as well if you’re watching this and you’re young if you’re doing this
for the wrong intentions if you have or had eating disorder or something like
that then prolonged fasting is definitely not going to be something I
would recommend to you right so proceed with caution do your research and make
sure that you’re up for this because it might seem simple but it can be really
challenging um especially if you haven’t been used to fasting in the first place
so if you’ve never fasted before start with normal fasting 14 16 18 hours get
to know how fasting works for your body get confident with fasting just like you
would with exercise and then hit the hay weights or prolonged fast after you’ve
had some experience so please remember that when you’re considering this video
or reading anything about a similar topic or just nutrition fitness and
health in general okay that’s it for the video so my experience was really fun I
enjoyed it a lot and I will definitely be doing it in the future perhaps even
for four or five days so that’s something you can look forward to in the
future again if you haven’t seen the video of my experience of my three day
fast check out the video it was really fun I documented it on my phone and I
think you’ll get some value out of it if you want to learn more about how to
actually do a prolonged fast correctly and what you should and shouldn’t do
then be sure to check out the article and the description where I go in depth
over these concepts because I didn’t have enough time in this video so thanks
for watching

100 thoughts on “Prolonged Fasting Benefits (48-120 Hours Without Food)

  1. Fasting, intermittent and long term, are both great tools for weight loss, however; the long term method should be performed with caution. I would consult a doctor first. I would be apprehensive about doing any kind of workouts while doing it. Listen to your body while doing it. Make sure to take in electrolytes. Start slow, don't just jump into a long fast. Try it a day, then 2 or 3 and then maybe longer. Most importantly be careful when breaking your fast, eat some easily digestible fruit or soft veggie soup for a couple days. If doing it for weight loss, i would go into a intermittent fasting routine afterwords or you will most likely gain your weight back quickly. You want to keep the presence of insulin low. Intermittent fasting accomplishes this.

  2. What about people who are always very physically active? I am no specialist, but if I don't eat while hiking I feel sick. I know I couldn't achieve some of the climbs I've done without food. My job is also very active as well.

  3. Reading all the comments below my three takeaways are – Prolonged fasting resets the body to 1) remove craving for Sugar; 2).stop always thinking about food and 3).removes chronic fatigue. Have been doing 15 to 18 hours for past few weeks. Worth a try to move it to about 24 hours. which would be my max…

  4. I tried it the other day, once I managed 8 hours and another time 12 hours including 5 hours sleep. Fasting is not good for me, my wife says if you get hungry, i am afraid you kill somebody!

  5. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad recommended a 3-Day fast, what you call a prolonged fast, every month! Read: How to Eat to Live, book 1 and 2. This is a staple of the dogmatic practices of the Nation of Islam since the 30's and 40's. We have members of the Nation of Islam that have cured cancer, along with an adjusted diet; but the fasting played the most significant part! This was a good video.

  6. Thank you for the great info! I just want to let you know that I got rid of hypogycemia (was living with it for 20 + years) thanks to intermittent fasting (16/8) and the cutting out on carbs (sugar) through the keto diet. I feel GREAT!!!

  7. Will you tell me that there was nowhere else you could have filmed this. Did someone kill nine mosquitos and paint with French’s mustard behind you?
    AND, totally legit great video.

  8. Eating once a day is only time restricted eating really as not all food has been completely digested and autophagy might kick in only after 3 days. There are people fasting 3-4 weeks. THAT'S long!

  9. Hi! Can you tell me more about how are you maintaining your mineral level balanced when you are fasting more than 2-3 days? Another question is "what are you using for detoxification?", I ask that because in autophagy your adipose cells (or any other cells) release many toxic substances (because of apoptosis); and if you use a ketogenic diet this process is more accelerated. I'm waiting for your response! Thank you for your work with this video!

  10. Hey,Phillip G. A person in your case don't need a long fast. I think you may want to try what i do.. (Time Restricted Feeding). I ONLY eat from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. i do 10 Hours of feeding because this is the optimal for keeping muscle Mass. I Fast every Saturday's to give my body a break. Btw.. I'm 6'1" 185lbs. Like around 12% body fat as of Monday Sep 3rd. I'm going to try and get down to 8% to try it out for a month. ttys.

  11. I fasted as a vegan and you do keep the weight off as a vegan but you have eat very clean meaning you give up every food except whole foods you give up all sugars all grains all oils except what you get in your food like avocado or nuts but only for a time then switch up, do the research first then try this as a way to fast with food. without sugar your body goes into ketosis and you do drop a pound of fat per day but eat the nuts for protein so you do not loose too much since your heart is a muscle, your body will use 5% protein and 95% fat while water fasting but less if you are on a vegan diet, you should always research before you attempt any diet then experiment to find the diet that is right for you when you come off of your fasting

  12. I am on hour 92 prob will get to 124 or so and feeling great… hoping that if any bad cells are in me are getting cast out… and want to a fat burner… been doing keto for three months.

  13. There is a guy that lost 200 pounds from dry and water fasting every week. Yes we want to be healthy but us fat azzez need to be encouraged to also lost weight so we don't have a heart attack. We don't need to be discourage that we are just losing water weight maybe or don't do it every week. Gees now I am down.

  14. "Automatic Eating".

    Ah, that moment when someone trying to present themselves as an expert shows they don't know anything.

  15. On to my third week of fasting from Sunday night to Saturday morning. It hasn't been easy – food tastes divine when I "break" it. 😍

  16. There is no better way to kill those worms and viruses than to do prolonged fasting. Starve them of food and they will die and free you. Some people have passed out worms after day 3.

  17. Ive been doing 20:4 for almost 5 months. Recently finished a 5 day fast and I felt way better now then I did before. I eat far less, less hungry, more energetic, sleeping far better, not tired in the afternoon. It’s like the 5 day fast fixed a lot of issues I had while doing the 20:4. I love it . going to switch to OMAD and do 3-5 day fasts regularly I feel to keep the train going.

  18. Sounded like it would have been good info but turned it of within 0:39 because of the f-bomb😳😳

  19. I've fasted many times in my life, before this became a trend, all for spiritual reasons. The longest was 28 days back about 25 years ago. I started at a normal weight and fasted on water only. More recently, I've gone as long as 10 days on water, green tea, and black coffee (I'm pushing 60) and a 4-5 day fast isn't that extreme. The benefit of following a "clean" (grass-fed/organic) ketogenic diet is that it makes transitioning to the fasted state seamless and MUCH easier than when eating more of a "food pyramid" diet.

    I'd also recommend drinking plenty of water in order to flush out the waste products and toxins that your body has stored over time. If you fast regularly, there won't be as much to clean out. If you're new to fasting, drinking plenty of water is a must because our food supply has been so messed up with herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals in the water supply, etc. that there will be A LOT of accumulated [email protected] to break down and wash away. After a couple of weeks, you will notice that plain water tastes surprisingly sweet and I think that is an indication that your body has made a breakthrough in getting out the worst of the toxins.

    I'm grateful so much research is now proving the health benefits of a tradition that has been part of most religions for thousands of years. It makes it easier to fast when I know I'm doing good things to my body as well as my spirit.

  20. I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer and my wife has it as well. Got it 6 months apart and after 9 years of having it, I'm looking at resetting my immune system.

  21. I eat two times a week once a day not too much a veggie soup and on the other five days I'm fasting. Usually water fasting or dry fasting 3 days and 2 days water fasting. It works!

  22. Can someone with 52kg weight 5.7 height vegetarian male 42 age do 3 days or 4 days water fast to fix digestive issues and gain weight in refeeding?

  23. Fast for as long as you can to heal yourself ( lose weight, cure a disease, etc) then go to one meal a day or some type of intermittent fasting. If you don't want it bad enough don't even bother you are wasting your time…if so, go back to taking a pill to cure all your problems.

  24. Same here. Since shifting to one meal a day and reduced carbs I lost 20 lbs of stubborn fat and don't get sick and i'm never mindlessly hungry.

  25. Hey! I’m in my third day, and yesterday i felt really weak.. and i still feel weak ❤️ And i needed this, to remember what good it does to your body ❤️ Because i do it to clean my body to repair my body again. ❤️ But my body is shaking and i do not have energy 🙏🏼 Did you ever feel this way? Because the pain in the stomack i can live with, but it’s more the feeling of being weak..

  26. Jeremiah 6:10-11
    To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear?

    Mark 4:23
    If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.

    The Gospel is the good news that God incarnated in the flesh as Jesus Christ. God,as man was able to take the punishment for mans sins and the death we deserve. On the third day he raised his body proving he is the LORD and offers the gift of salvation and forgiveness to those that repent and trust in him.

    John 1:1-3,10 KJV
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. [2] The same was in the beginning with God. [3] All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. [10] He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

  27. Fasting for 30 days WILL NOT eat your heart, get your facts straight you don't know what you're talking about. A 3-day fast doesn't make you an expert. Sounds like you did a fast then watched a bunch of YouTube videos and now your think you got it all figured out. You know nothing but what you've been told. Pathetic!

  28. F bombs really?!?!not necessary?!?!!!!
    Scripturally fasting and praying for three days Is done when one is in a determination to a specific request
    From God

  29. Currently fasting and intermittent fasting to regain bile and remove gallstones to avoid removal of gallbladder

  30. I don't know about this. I've been on a hard dry 3-day fasting not so long ago. It went well, but no benefits so far.

  31. Fasting is a health choice for me and my clients. Fasting been around ay before Jesus. Most religions all know about fasting. Keep up the good work. The body can heal itself also.

  32. What is the article from this youtuber that talks about how to do a prolonged fast? I couldn't find any, neither did I find it by searching the videos of this channel.

  33. I quit weightlifting for 4 days, and then started a fast (and continued not to lift). Fasted 45 hours. Thought I was "fat adapted" before, but realized I wasn't. So the fast was tougher than it would be if I were adapted. Anyway, I broke the fast yesterday (with a small meal of steak and eggs). Today I went to the gym and lifted. I was incredibly strong!

  34. I appreciate the great information and your clear and concise delivery of it.
    I am on day 6 of a water fast. I am drinking water with lemon and black coffee only. I am supplementing with a bit of sea salt, potassium and magnesium. I don't know how long I will fast for- I am going to let my body tell me when to stop.
    I have lost 12.5 pounds so far.
    I have noticed other health changes as well- For instance, increased lung capacity:
    I swim almost every day and part of my workout routine is seeing how far I can swim on one breath. I can usually go the length of the pool (25 yards) and then 1/4 to 1/3 of the way back.
    Now that I am fasting, I can swim almost 2 whole lengths of the pool on one breath! That is a huge improvement!
    I also notice I am much more limber when I perform my stretches.
    I really feel good- my mind is clear and am getting a lot of work done.

  35. Few months ago I decided to try the fasting thing and went 15 day (or maybe 13) on water only. Like many people online attested, day 2 is kinda challenging, day 3 is when the headaches bother you for the entire day, and then you're basically over the hump – day 4 and forward it's more less just your willpower. It's hard to do any exercise, even simple walks around the block tire you.

    On that first fast I went from 275 to 245. I went back to eating sort of normally, and gained maybe 2lbs in the next months. But I had somewhat stressful period during past 5 weeks and I took it out on food eating stupid trash all day long. My weight went to 250 and I decided to pull the handbrake before it gets out of hand. I'm on day 4 water fast, this morning the scale said 245 so I think I'll go few more days on water, perhaps a week or 10 days this time. But chances are when I get on day 10 I'll look for another checkpoint, like 300 hours or something, haha.

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