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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You are now about to experience the Strength
of Body Knowledge. PROOF is an early morning exercise routine designed to
bring Energy, Power, Focus and Calm into the first minutes of your day. I normally
would do this at home, right as I’m waking up, but if the weather is nice and
I’m somewhere beautiful like Granada, then I bring PROOF to the street. Our
routine proves that in 10-15 minutes the creature that was rolling in bed, you
know, trying to switch of the alarm, not wanting to wake up, can be transformed
into a person that starts his or her day with Full Confidence: no fear, no regrets,
no doubts of any kind. We want to make sure that you Wake Up to your Body and
not to your mind. So let’s show some love to that body of yours! You probably do not recall the moment
when you fell asleep, but I’m sure that you remember trying to wake up and
feeling as if everything was pulling you down, trying to keep you in bed. That’s
just the Force of Gravity, which is something that’s great to surrender to
when you’re trying to go sleep but really not your friend when you’re
trying to wake up in the morning. How about a magic trick to fight the Force
of Gravity in the morning? Here’s the trick. The moment the alarm sounds, you’re out
of bed. Go to the restroom, make a little tea, anything that you need… 5 minutes,
that’s enough to come back to Planet Earth. You want to stand and bring in
your belly like 20 percent as if you were pulling up your abs… You will feel
that you’re slightly lifted. That’s the feeling. Now, hold that for a couple of
seconds and drop it. Well, that’s the Force of Gravity, so we want to make sure we
keep that 20 percent active as we start with our cardio. So we’re gonna begin
with a little bit of Running in Place, and you want to keep the lightness going on here. You don’t want to hit the floor too hard. You don’t want to wake up the
neighbors, right? They didn’t pay for the program! Just keep it light and let’s
get started As we are doing this running in place, you
want to keep your nice core activated… 20%, 30%, and move the arms a little bit. Feels kind of nice.
Keep them alive, keep them waking up That’s it…nice. Yeah, I like to change sometimes from little jumps to actual running. Do it as you want. And now let’s go to Jumping Jacks! Some butt kicks And some High Knees. Stretching in the morning is one of the
nicest things that you can do to your body. All the animals do it.
I think the fishes do it too, we don’t know that yet. We’re gonna concentrate on
two stretches for the back and the waist area that are going to activate your
core and give you everything you need to start with our practice. So we’re gonna
start with a nice back stretch. You don’t have to do that with the arms. That’s
it! You’re stretching your back, so you can bend your knees if you want to or
if you have to, there’s no problem. It’s the back that we’re stretching here…
It feels good, right? And off we go! The next one is a Waist Stretch, so we’re
going to do a nice circle, the waist leaning forward a little bit,
then backwards a little bit. And maybe you’ve seen this before or you
have done it. It’s pretty easy. Just make sure to keep some balance. That’s it. Make a nice circle. Now, this is where things are gonna
start to get interesting. The Power block of our routine has three exercises that
will put Flexibility, Focus and Calm into the first minutes of your day. From the
whole routine, this may be the only exercises that could be new for some
people, but after a couple of days of practice you will master them, you’ll
learn them, no problem. If you’ve done any Martial Arts
these might sound familiar. Now, I’m not saying that I want to, like, get into a
fight early in the morning. But you gotta be ready. Each one of these exercises
does not take more than one minute once you’ve learned them. But that minute
it’s going to put 10 hours of Confidence and Calm into your day… if you do it with
the right concentration. The exercises look beautiful and have beautiful names:
Warrior steps, Phoenix Rotations Boxing Drills let’s go Warrior Steps. We want to make sure that you leave your house and start
your day grounded. Here’s the position. Stand up and you’re going to activate
your abs some 60%, you know, really bring them in. Strong but not rigid… you need to
breathe, right? Bring the arms here with the elbows and, again, this is strong but
not rigid. We don’t want you to be like this, you know. You’re strong, but you’re solid.
The triangle that your elbows are doing with your core, that’s gonna give you a
lot of stability as we’re moving on. So, in this position, you can start the
rotation of one leg… and the other leg. You want your feet to land elegantly so
you might want to use some strength as you’re throwing your leg down. Honestly, you do not need much space for this as long as you’re not throwing your leg and
going into the air you can do five, seven of these Warrior Steps without any
problems in a reduced space. Before you get started, you want to make sure you
concentrate on one point. You want to keep that core activated,
solid. You see, there’s no need to raise your leg too much, that’s enough. Now to the other side. Again, look at a point in the distance
and start. It’s not about the height, it’s not
about the strength. It’s about the rhythm. You want to have a nice rhythm as you’re doing your Warrior Steps. Phoenix rotations. As you move around in your day and run into different people and situations, you are going to need a lot of flexibility. And this
is gonna help. This is basically a rotation of the waist and we have added the arm and the leg to make it into a full workout. The Phoenix part of the
name comes, of course, from the bird that comes back from the ashes and is reborn
every day and that’s basically what you’re doing when you wake up every
morning. So you want to start by bringing your
weight to one side, to another side, and then, as if someone was pulling you to
one side and the other side, feel the weight and your legs. And now, as you’re going from one side to the other, I want you to start bringing up the arm.
Not too high, not too low. And that’s the movement that will allow you
to do a waist rotation while you’re activating your arm and your leg. Boxing Drills. This is the same waist
rotation that we’ve been practicing already, but we’re adding the punches,
the boxing element. The key thing here is to understand that movement comes from
your waist, from your feet, from your leg, not from your arms. We don’t want you to
go like this, like Popeye, you know, like Mario Bros… This is a continuation
of your movement, and the arm kind of follows, you know, naturally from that
movement. This is what we call an uppercut in boxing. If you have some
boxing experience you probably know the jab, the right hand, left hook, right hook…
You can use those if you really know them. Otherwise we’re good with the
uppercut, it’s more than enough. So you want to make sure you do a nice
rotation of the waist. The power comes from the legs, from the feet, from the
waist. As you see, the arms, for now, are not doing anything… but they will soon! Keep your core activated, the arms follow…nice. That’s your Boxing Drills. Now, let’s stretch the back again. A nice
stretch before we go into our strength exercises… nice! So you’ve done your Cardio, a little
Stretching, our Power exercises, and now we’re going into Strength. Push-ups and
Plank, that’s all that we’re gonna do here. But I know that, for some people, even that
could be a little bit tough in the early morning. So you want to make
sure that you take it easy, do them gradually and look for any variation
that might work for you. The technique is important and I’ll be talking about that
in a moment. But the attitude is also essential. We do not want you to kill
yourself doing Push-ups in the morning, this is not about Embracing the Grind. If you want to embrace somebody, go embrace your grandmother, embrace your partner,
embrace your dog… We’re here to learn the skill of Strength early in the morning. When you’re doing your Push-ups, you want to make sure that the weight is held by the
whole body, not just the arms. You want to keep a very strong core… your belly, your abs, you are solid. That’s it! So you want to rest a little bit on your
knees…whatever position is comfortable Now we go to Plank, and the same principles apply here. Your core is
activated, your abs are strong… And we want to keep that
for 10 seconds, 15 seconds…that’s it. As with every great routine, we’re gonna
wrap up PROOF with a stretch. Our stretch is a Fascia Stretch. You
probably have heard about myofascial release or fascia massage. The fascia
is the connective tissue that supports and surrounds everything in your body:
the muscles, the tendons, the ligaments, everything. The fascia carries a lot of
information, so we want to make sure we make the fascia breed. We want to talk
to the fascia and make it shake a little bit. Now you don’t need to throw
your arms like a crazy windmill! You want to stretch nicely, pointing with the heel
of your hand. That’s it. One direction and another
direction. Try to keep it like that So you want to bring your arms to both
sides as if you were pushing a wall with the heel of your hands….that’s it. Relax your body as you’re doing this. And
then we want to bring up the arms, look at the sky and bring it down! Throw all the
tension down there and relax. You’re gonna do a second one. Bring your arms push the
walls… and if it’s not burning in your arms right now, you’re not doing it right!
So make sure. And we want to bring our arms again up
to the sky… and down… and throw to the earth all that tension! That’s it. And the third one… yes. Keep your body relaxed,
the tension in the arms… And the last salute to the sky… and down goes the
tension of the day! Now, that’s it! And I’m pretty sure that your Body and your Mind are fully awake, so I want you to look into your bed and think about the
person that was lying there 10 minutes ago, 15 minutes ago…
Would you recognize that person? Probably not! And that’s PROOF that your Body
thinks better than you and that you can Wake Up to your Body and start your day with
Full Confidence: no fear, no regrets, no doubts of any kind. And now let’s go to

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