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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, what’s up guys? This is Sean Nalewanyj,
of And in this video lesson, I want to answer the question of whether
or not high protein diets are dangerous. Now, anyone who’s trying to gain muscle, lose fat
or build strength knows that proper protein intake is pretty important. Protein is the
primary nutrient that’s involved in muscle recovery and growth. And without adequate
protein intake, you’re simply not going to see optimal results. Most people following
a standard bodybuilding program are generally going to be taking in around or at least 1gram
of protein per pound of body weight every day in the form of staple fitness foods like
chicken, and fish, and red meat, and whey protein, et cetera. And a common concern from
some of these lifters is the possible negative effects of a high protein diet on their overall
health. The idea that high protein diets are unsafe and unhealthy has been passed around
for a really long time in the media, in the magazines and in articles from other so called
“Health gurus”. And they’ll usually quote potential side effects like kidney damage,
liver damage, dehydration, et cetera. You know, I’m not sure where these myths started
or why they’re so widely believed. But the truth is that there is currently no published
evidence to date that demonstrates a positive link between a high protein diet in any of
the previously mentioned negative health effects in otherwise healthy individuals. Not only
is there no reliable evidence to date showing a link between a high protein diet and negative
effects on metabolism. But there are actually several studies that directly show high protein
diets to be perfectly safe. There was a comprehensive study done at the University of Brussels,
I linked the reference in the description bar, and that study involved 20 bodybuilders
and 18 other athletes who consumed roughly 2grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight,
which is nearly twice that of the recommended daily intake for protein. The diets were analyzed
in detail to monitor albumin excretion rate, creatinine levels, uric acid clearance, calcium
balance and kidney function. And on top of this, the researchers also examined kidney
function both before and after an intense cycling session. Kidney function is temporarily
impaired during exercise. And the researchers wanted to find out if the high protein diet
would cause any additional effects. So, what were the results of that study? No excessive
accumulation of urea was found. So, there were no toxic effects from the high protein
diet. Albumin clearance rates were normal, which showed that the diets had no adverse
effects on the kidneys. And the combination of intense exercise and high protein showed
no additional impairment of the kidneys before, during or after the cycling session. Calcium
levels were also not affected. In fact, it was actually shown that an even higher level
of calcium was absorbed on the high protein diet. The underlying conclusion of the researchers
was that a high protein intake of 170% to 243% of the recommended daily intake showed
no toxicity, no dehydration, no calcium loss and no impairment on kidney function. And
some of the athletes in that study were even consuming as much as 2.8grams of protein per
kilogram of bodyweight. And there was no difference between those athletes and the ones who were
consuming the lower amounts. So, you can’t believe everything you hear on TV or what
the latest guru has to say. Consuming adequate amounts of protein each day is very important
for your bottom line muscle gains. And at this point, I see no reason at all to deviate
from a high protein intake. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that higher
protein diets are directly beneficial in a variety of ways, such as improving cholesterol
profiles, controlling appetite, preserving lean muscle obviously, building lean muscle
obviously, thermogenesis and overall fat loss. Now, if you have a pre-existing health condition,
then that’s obviously a different case. And you should talk to your doctor first. But
if you’re otherwise healthy, I don’t see any reason to be concerned with consuming a high
protein diet, as simple as that. So, I hope you found this video lesson useful. To get
your fully structured, step-by-step muscle building program that includes a free workout
plan, a free meal plan and free supplement plan, make sure you check out the “No Fail”
system over on The link is in the description bar for that. Also make
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So, thanks for watching this video. And I’ll talk to you again soon with more free tips.

50 thoughts on “Protein Myths: Is Too Much Protein Bad?

  1. your videos are really underrated man. you give a lot of really helpful information. your videos deserve waaaay more attention compared to some other fitness gurus.

  2. the deamination process creates urea, which places low, but consistent, strain on the nephrons. Failure to properly hydrate can result in an exaggeration of this effect. – article on strength training on wikipedia

  3. so what about red meat for weight lifters ? Red meat is supposed to be dangerous for one's health; does the fact someone is lifting weights reduce the negative health effects ?

  4. My fault for not uploading a video for like 3 years lol. I'm sure once we get the ball rolling the audience will grow again.

  5. Sean, I think it's fantastic that you cite/quote articles. Is it possible to also link to them, and if you can't link them specifically, the means of acquiring the publication? Keep up the great work. You provide a lot of excellent info that a lot of people should be aware of.

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  7. There are always individual differences but I recommend a macro breakdown of 1g of protein/lb. of body weight daily, about 30% of calories from fat (fat has 9 cals per gram) and then rest from carbs (4 calories per gram).

  8. Hi Sean. In the stone-age, we are estimated to have been eating in the range 1.1-1.6 grams per lb per day. (Ref: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1997) "Paleolithic nutrition revisited: A twelve-year retrospective on its nature and implications.")

  9. Interesting – that's not really applicable in any way to the issue of what range maximizes muscle hypertrophy though.

  10. Agreed. Just indicating that, as you say, we do not need to be afraid of higher protein consumption than is typical in a Western diet. Thanks for your videos.

  11. This video is simply NOT true. Where is the source for this "study" from Brussels?

    All I see is plugs for the product you are shilling..

  12. Your body can't store protein. And your body doesn't need that much protein. Even in Body Builders and Athletes…who do require more….but not THAT much more. Excess protein creates an acid condition in the body. You body leaches calcium from your bones to get rid of the acid. Plus excess protein is highly correlated with turning on cancer cells. Youtube "foods that kill" and watch Forks over Knives. Each has cited sources of scientifically published and peer reviewed studies supporting

  13. LOL…OK so let me get this straight….YOUR laziness is the reason for YOU writing off the info I provided… it. The sources are mentioned in the videos and you can easily check them.

    Anyway….your closed mindedness does not negate the scientific evidence which is published. I'm not gonna hold your hand.

  14. People go over board with protein. You have to understand how the human body works. It takes hours to synthesize protein…not mins. There have been studies done that prove it boils down to calories consisting of carbs, proteins, and good fats. Check out this study…google brad pilon eat blog eat for a link. Excess protein is only going to give you constipation. Your body can not catabolize 250 grams of protein in 24 hours…not possible. It might 130 grams…but that's pushing it.

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    I really think guys only need two pairs of shoes. A nice pair of black shoes and a pair of Chuck Taylors.

  16. Im cutting now and im eating 200 g of protein everyday to keep most of my mass from my previous bulk

  17. when i see a huge dude, i assume two things, either steroids, or a hell of  alot of working out and high protein, im so confused on why people think protein is bad

  18. Good video man. Had a convo with a client this afternoon about "too much protein" and how it's bad. Looks like she was wrong haha

  19. Hey Sean. The recommended dosage of protein is 0.8 to 1 gm of protein/pound body weight. What u stated was 2 to 2.5gms/kilogram. That comes to the same as the recommended protein intake to build up. It may sound easy but getting that much protein is not easy from whole food on a daily basis so i think the only reason why people come up with this theory is chugging in too many protein shakes as well as having a high protein diet. That way the excess protein is being flushed out and without adequate water intake it puts an excess pressure on the kidneys. Wanted to know ur opinion on this. Thanks

  20. How can I cut down my protein intake. I'm Vegan, and my test are coming back high in protein and signs of a fatty liver. My feet and legs swell up . I'm over 300, and need to lose lbs… Any tips…

  21. hi Sean i weight 125 pound how many proteins should i consumed and how many times a day should i workout for

  22. I've eaten 5 eggs, 600g chicken, 200g tuna, one impact whey shake, in the last 12 hours since i woke up (I didn't include any carbs I ate, but they are less and mostly potato and veggies), so my fitness pal calculated me:

    2,510 calories, 240 carbs, fats 82, protein 263, sodium 1,509, sugar 48How about that? Too much protein? I plan on eating one more meal before bed…

    My weight: 96- 97kg, Height: 1.91cm

    Worked out my back with lots of supersets, workout time:38min.  + 20 min medium intensity cardio…

  23. thanks Sean!! great topic and a little piece of mind. there's so much contrast in the fitness world these days its nice to have some (real) people like you to get good info from!

  24. Finished a protein diet consisting of 250g of protein a day. Honestly, didn't feel bad, or sick, or kidney problems etc etc. Just make sure you're drinking enough water and no problemo.

  25. does consuming too much protein make you gain weight? Like… Overweight? I mean it will cause of an increase in muscle mass, which is a good thing, but I mean like… Gain weight in a bad way?

  26. thanks for rply  bro my weight is 68kg height 5'9 I just want abs nd I eat 1600 calories iand 50g fat in a day , but I hate running, so now I start 1hour walk on 5km speed in 2 times a day and 20 sets of rope skipping I lose 1500 calories in a day, I just wanna know is it ok-?

  27. I'm a fruitarian (eating only raw fruits) and have been for a little over 7 months now and honestly, I have not felt my best or saw any results but losing weight and muscle. I am not seeing much results in muscle gain :/ I don't know whether or not I should continue this diet or go back to eating meats, vegetables, and grains.

  28. how much protein do you think i need if I'm 5 foot 3 or more, 101-102 pounds, 15 years old, a girl, exercise 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes- 2 hours, do weights, walking, basketball. and if I'm about 10 pounds underweight and my dietician says I'm supposed to gain a pound a week or less

  29. I am 5ft 9 and weigh 130 lbs. currently I am on around 90 grams of protein per day to get my abs showing in any lighting. Is this a good idea?

  30. I really can't see how consuming MORE protein can be a problem for anyone… today i think i'll be at about 110 gramms and i weigh 171 lbs. i still don't take any additional (will probably start in December though) protein and i can't imagine how i could possibly get as much just from my regular food and not get a shitload of fat as well

  31. this is the type of advice that kills people! igf1 in protein causes muscle growth which will make u gain muscle but also promotes unwanted growth of cancer cells and other harmful stuff as well as rapid aging not to mention the stress it puts on your kidneys to get rid of the excess protein animal protein is highly toxic to the body to neutralize the acid from the protein it has to take calcium out of the bones and u piss out your bones and sometimes the little tiny bone pieces get stuck in your kidneys and thats kidney stones along with osteoporosis from the bone loss. one problem is linked to another and u cant take advice from this dipshit fitness industry cunt trying to sell you protein powders! save your health

  32. Hey Man I'm a junior hockey player thats in extremely good shape I skate every day and workout every evening… I am 180 pounds at 6 foot. i have have really good diet i never eat junk. Right now i am eating roughly 2,750 calories a day with my macros at 309g protein, 90g fat, and 172g carbs. A local fitness guy gave me these numbers. I am naturally fit and very strong with playing sports and the hours training i do every day. I want to keep gaining muscle to get bigger everywhere besides my belly i want abs to pop out.. Are my macros and calorie intake at a good spot..?

  33. Personal experience: I do a medical checkup yearly. After I take mass protein, the medical check results show that my kidney and liver functions have significantly reduced. Important notes to take.,work out harder when taking mass gainers and drink plenty of water.

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