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Yo, what is going on guys? Troy Adashun here. And I’m excited to be back. I’ve got a killer recipe over here that I’m
going to share with you guys. We’re going to do some high protein pancakes
because I’m really getting sick of the same old breakfast. I’ve been doing like a little egg-white omelet
with some vegies. I’ve been doing my oatmeal and it is time
to change things up. So I want to show you guys a delicious high-protein
pancake recipe today. Also, give you guys a quick update on what
I’ve been working on, how I’ve been training. All right, so let’s get into the good stuff. I want to show you guys precisely how to make
these high-protein pancakes. I’ve got the entire recipe or entire ingredient
profile written down over here, kind of chicken scratched on this notebook. And I actually tried to – I made this a couple
months ago and it turned out amazing and I’m going to try it with a different flavored
protein powder, so I’m going to us Dymatize iso birthday cake protein powder. Now for this recipe it’s actually really important
you get a good tasting protein powder. Like I think I tried this six months ago and
I used this really plain tasting casein protein powder and it was not that good at all, but
using a flavored protein powder takes this to a whole other level. So make sure you guys get a good-flavored
protein powder. Just look for something that doesn’t have
a lot of added sugar or a lot of fat. So not that fat and sugar is necessarily bad
for you at the right time, but the stuff they put in protein powders that spikes the calorie
count is just pure garbage. It’s going to be like really transfatty and
just like pure sugar and pure junk. So stay away from the protein powders that
have a lot of those added fillers, so I choose the iso hydrolyzed from Dymatize. And let me get right into the recipe. So what I do here is these are – this is equivalent
to two sweet potatoes. I boil them, then I just mash them up to speed
up the process here on camera. So we’re going to put two whole sweet potatoes
in here. What I really like about this pancake recipe
is sweet potatoes are an awesome carbohydrate source, so you can even do these as a pre-workout
or a post-workout meal because right around the time that your workout’s really crucial,
you get in those carbohydrates and it’s loaded with proteins. So for me personally I like to do this recipe
for breakfast or I’ll even do it pre- and post-workout. Now we’ve got the two sweet potatoes in here. Next up we’ve got six tablespoons of oatmeal,
so once again, more slow digesting carbohydrates. Tablespoon, take it out of your oatmeal, put
it in here, six tablespoons, self-explanatory. Moving down the line. Next up we’ve got three scoops of protein
powder. So, now this has a shitload or protein. So three scoops of this protein powder has
75 total grams of protein. So I think – we’re also going to add two more
protein ingredients, so like I said, this recipe is bad ass. Next up we’re going to do three of the finest
organic eggs from Whole Foods. So these are three organic eggs is going to
add 18 grams of protein, 15 grams of fat. This is pretty much where all fat is coming
from. Pour that in there. And not last that I’m spilling. We’ve got a half a cup of liquid egg whites. I just chose to break it up. If you guys say are cutting, you want to keep
your fat content really low, you could do one to one and a half cups of liquid egg whites. I think with the egg yolk it makes it a lot
more moist. And then now what we’re going to do here is
a little Stevia in the Raw, so we’re going to do one tablespoon of Stevia in the Raw
just to add some sweet flavor. And then I’m going to add in some cinnamon. It’s not organic. Sorry guys. I do apologize. I’m trying to save two dollars up in here. Got some cinnamon. And we’re going to put some vanilla extract. This one’s organic though. Got to get the organic vanilla extract and
I don’t measure. I just pour some shit in there. And last but not least we’re going to do some
powdered peanut butter just to add a bunch of flavor in here. So I’m going to do two tablespoons of this. Throw it in there. This is – this is going to make some badass
pancakes. This is the entire ingredient profile right
here. So now I’m going to struggle and mix this
up. All right guys, we are back in action. I actually changed up the recipe a little
bit to make it thicker. It was like a tiny bit watery. So the total recipe is three sweet potatoes,
eight tablespoons oatmeal, I use two tablespoons of this coconut flour right here to thicken
it up and then we have three scoops protein powder, the three eggs, the half a cup of
liquid egg whites, Stevia, vanilla extract, cinnamon and two tablespoons of PB2. So I added one sweet potato, two tablespoons
of oatmeal, and two tablespoons of the coconut flour just to make it nice and thick. So now we are ready to go. I have my pan coated here with some far free
cooking spray. And give you guys one more shot here of my
soon to be famous potato pancake recipe. So I’m going to do I think about half a cup. A half of cup should be good for one pancake. So try not to make a mess here. All right, we are back in action. I want to show you guys the final result right
here. So I made the first batch a little too big. They actually turned out rather ugly. Here’s the first batch. And then we made them a little bit smaller
and now they look amazing. So I want to show you guys kind of based on
your current fitness goals what you can add to them. So if you’re bulking, you’re just trying to
get in a lot of calories for breakfast, I highly recommend peanut butter and jelly pancakes. Now these are already really high in protein
and high in carbohydrates. This is going to add some fat. You can do almond butter, peanut butter. This is my favorite peanut butter of all time. I put this in my oatmeal and it’s just like
– it’s probably the only thing that I’m eating right now that actually tastes really good
because I’m shredding and on a major caloric deficit, so highly recommend this. Now, if you’re like me and you’re trying to
watch your fat, this is not the healthiest thing in the world. It’s obviously full of artificial sweeteners,
but it does taste almost exactly like maple syrup and it only has 15 calories for one
fourth cup, which is a lot of syrup. Thank you so much for watching today’s video. Let me know in the comments below what type
of content you want to see going forward. We’ve got a lot of new videos coming your

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  1. Dude I'm watching this at work and I still have like 3 hours left! 3 hours of craving protein pancakes!!!😵😵😵

  2. just want to let you know, because of your videos i finally hv shown progress on my body! thank you Troy 🙂 keep it up cant wait for more videos

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  4. I had known a recipe just last week it was oats , low fat youghurt ,banana,1 protein scoop, peanut butter , and two eggs. It turned out AWFUL and it sticks all over the pan. You have any idea why ? Btw i'll try doing it your way!

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