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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Tell you about ISO 100 right now. This is the best selling Whey
protein isolate on the planet. Globally this is it. Fueling more workouts, more recovery,
more muscle protein synthesis, bigger muscles than any other whey
protein isolate on the planet. Purest source of hydrolyzed whey protein
isolate and intact whey protein isolate. Fast absorbing, no bloat. Gets into the gut, into the stomach fast,
through the stomach, into the blood to the muscles, stimulates
muscle protein synthesis like that. Like that, madly. Best tasting, banned substance free,
gluten free, amazing taste. Always the winner for best taste globally., best
isolate third year running. Hands down, boom! Right there.

2 thoughts on “Protein Powder – Why ISO 100 is the Best Whey Protein – Dymatize

  1. In the UK we have bulk suppliers such as that provide excellent isolate at a fraction of the cost of this. I am going to buy a couple of tubs of this just before xmas to see how they actually compare. I never really buy 'branded' anymore but this is one i've wanted to try for a while now.

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