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Recently, there was an article on the matter
of protein shake supplements. And the headline… wasn’t pretty:
STOP DRINKING PROTEIN SHAKES! As the article would say, as it can lead to…
weight gain, depression, and even a shorter life span. Unsurprisingly, this made a quite the rumble
within the fitness community. But does this article hold enough merit for
us to actually abandon our precious protein companions? As we always do here, we can’t simply take
something like this at face value without doing a little bit more digging. So, let’s do it. In this article and others like it, it references
a new study from the University of Sydney, which reported that some muscle-building amino
acids are bad for overall health. These amino acid culprits are known as branched-chain
amino acids, aka BCAAs. The concern here, according to the article,
is that getting too much protein from protein shakes, which do contain BCAAs, would lead
to BCAA overconsumption. However, the focus of the study wasn’t actually
on overconsumption. Instead, it was about a higher ratio of BCAAs
to other amino acids. A subtle yet distinctively important difference. And it’s funny because we would know that
by just reading a few lines into the study, with researchers stating, “These effects
are not due to elevated BCAA per se… but instead are due to a shift in the relative
quantity of dietary BCAAs and other amino acids…” Basically, the concern here is creating an
amino acid imbalance. Also, how this applies to protein shakes exactly
is unclear. After all, protein shakes have a relatively
normal amount of BCAAs and also contain a good amount of these other essential amino
acids. But anyway, onto the study. The researchers noted that the negative health
impacts observed with a high-BCAA to non-BCAA imbalance was a consequence of hyperphagia,
or a ravenous increase in food appetite. And when given the opportunity, subjects with
this imbalance ate much more than their more balanced counterparts. However, a little something about the actual
subjects… they were mice. Now, I’m not one to blindly discredit mice
studies as there are some clear physiological consistencies between the two species, but
there’s also been plenty of instances where scientific results in mice did not translate
into human trials. But the importance of pointing this out is
more about feeding behavior. It is true that the BCAA imbalance led to
significantly more eating, thus more negative health impacts like obesity and a shortened
lifespan. However, in another experiment in the study
where the mice’s food was restricted, in this case a 20% calorie restriction, those
negative health impacts were drastically reduced with both BCAA-imbalance and balanced groups
observing similar outcomes. Now, this type of restriction would be comparable
to a scenario where someone drinks protein shakes to meet their protein goals while trying
to lose weight. As long as overeating as a whole was prevented,
the negative health impacts would be mitigated as well. So, my takeaway from the article after reading
this study: what the heck does this have to do with protein shakes? If anything, protein shakes would actually
counteract the issues found in this study. It has all the other essential amino acids
that these poor mice were lacking that led to the imbalance in the first place. If there’s somewhere to point the finger,
it would be specifically at BCAA supplements. And if you’ve followed this channel for
a while, you’d know I’d be totally on board with more reasons to throw your BCAA
supplements down the toilet. But the main moral of this story is that don’t
blindly trust everything you read, especially on the internet. As juicy of a headline as “PROTEIN SHAKES
BAD” might be, best to do yourself a favor and research it for yourself. Or instead of clicking on overly sensational
articles, why not click on my sensational PictureFit videos!
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100 thoughts on “Protein Shakes BAD? (New Study Breakdown)

  1. Hey, have you heard about: "beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid". Quite popular in my country. Can you do a vid on that one? Thanks.

  2. I'm skinny af, starting to suck my protein shake bottle and do gym.. it helps me gain weights slowly. I feel healthier now.. should I say this video is bs ?

  3. I’m 6’3 and weigh 205. I eat under 20g of protein a day…

    You will get adverse health affects from overconsumption of protein every day. Y’alls parents are right 😂😂

  4. Another dull article aimed at people who do not work out, as per usual probably going to be misinterpreted and end up putting people off of starting their journey in the first place thinking this stuff is "bad".

  5. Out of 183k views about 9k👍🏻 and JUST 177👎🏻 clearly proves how legit your work is ! Subscribed🥂

  6. Even if it shortens life, do I have to care about 1-2 years of just lying in bed?

    I gladly trade it for a beautiful body and a healthier life

  7. “Protien shakes lead to shorter life span” I’m not here for a long time, I’m here to look good amirite brothers

  8. You don’t necessarily need protein shakes to get big, it is just a simpler more convenient way to get your nutrients in through out the day. If you don’t have time to cook during the day 2 scoops of protein will have the same amount of nutrients as to what you were about to cook in a full course meal

  9. Bulk up shakes lead to weight gain! 😂😂😂 I actually burst out laughing. That’s the point of them hun. Anyone confused by the fact that a 800 calorie shake is gonna make you fat should not be working out.

  10. Can you make a video on insolin resistance, because a lot of docters advise not to eat carbs because they give you insolin resitance, so is keto better, because i like low fat. Are there any health benefits ect. Thanks, btw really good vids.

  11. >Depressed with bad sense of worth before lifting weights and drinking protein shakes

    >After a year lifting and drinking shakes, I feel happier and healthier

  12. if a guy is a bro and a gal is a broette, whats a nonbinary person? a brox? actually u know what im cool with being a brox

  13. Hello ! If i workout 4 time a week , about 1h-1,5h how much calories a day should i intake , and how much grams of protein ? 🙂 Greatings from Latvia

  14. But even Haward university uploaded protien shake is bad like Harvard and to try fish chicken instead

  15. What I don't understand: How did we manage to get man on the moon, build nuclear reactors, and develop advanced medicine capable of curing nearly every ailment before we discovered shit like "oh whey protein actually does all this bad stuff to your body."? The nutrition world is so weird to me, like some new bullshit is discovered everyday. Ugh. Sites like daily mail that peddle this nonsense should be shut down.

  16. "mice ate more" sigh it is so hilarious. Okay, it may mean that protein shakes increase appetite. But. Humans are not mice. If you are training for a goal you are probably counting your calories and YOU WILL NOT be eating more. This is just stupid. Mice do not think "I will not eat more today because my bodyfat will increase".

  17. All I can say is keep
    Your protein shakes natural with no added sweeteners or sugars and boom your good . Don’t need organic just natural

  18. I've watched "Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?" since it was aired on Funimation two weeks ago, and one thing of this week's episode got me intrigued: The "golden time". Essentially, it is said that there is a 30-minute period after you finish your exercise when consumption of protein has maximum effect on muscle growth. Is that true? Also, is the consumption of protein BEFORE exercise worthwhile?

  19. How else am I suppose to get protein? Eating is too slow and time consuming when I can just drink it and go, most of the time when I eat, I get full fast and I can’t finish.

  20. I'm suscribed to Buff Academy, the guy says the most important is to have an equilibrated meal (can be a homemade shake) within two hour after training. Just by considering 0.3 to 0.5 grams of proteins and 1 gr of carbs per 1 kg of body weight. And that is easy to find on internet, there are many tables of all kinds of food. Cheers!

  21. Nobody needs extra protein.
    Just get your food right.
    If you really want to supplement something (which is really unnecessary if your diet is right), supplement carbohydrates for energy, recovery and hypertrophy.
    The excess protein from shakes is heavy on the liver, can cause kidney stones after years and will only result in extra expensive peeing.

  22. All protein becomes carcinogenic when heated/cooked past around 350 degree Fahrenheit. Unless the protein powder indicates it was low-temperature processed, then it wasn't & is rocket fuel for cancer. Same thing when you cook foods at higher temperatures. Fats also become denatured & unhealthy at those higher temperatures.

  23. Keep in mind that many protein shakes are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the US. (The FDA has become a joke now but that’s another discussion). Long story short, protein shakes often have a lot of preservatives, dairy, and added sugar for taste. I had a violent reaction to maltodextrin from drinking too many protein shakes. Likewise, excessive amounts of protein is hard on your liver. If you’re going to consume protein, try to get it from a natural source of food and cook it yourself.

  24. Me watching this protein shake in one hand and chewing on Protine bar at the same time.
    While in the kitchen the wife cooks up Steak an eggs.🤣👍🏻

  25. Working out = more hunger.
    Protein Shakes are not remotely all created equal. Shakes can be anywhere from 130 cals to 400+ for more meal replacement type drinks.
    Sounds like another pointless crusade article.

  26. 1) it’s the daily fail
    2) no one watching this video will read that study
    3) because no one will read the study, there is no way to know if it was legit
    4) everyone assumes the video creator knows his shat
    5) the small intestine is responsible for absorbing water. Clog it up with powders from long term use of things like protein powder and you have a higher risk of colon cancer. Ergo, protein shakes BAD.
    6) also, meat stays in your Colon longer, which increases your risk of bowel cancer. Coupled with protein powder, very high risk of problems.

  27. I don't use them, only food, my body respond well so trowing money without reason, youtube recommended me this, so here i'm

  28. In case you're not familiar with the Daily Mail and it's nutrition coverage. They love twisting the contents of studies in to sensationalist headlines.

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