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Hey guys.
Hey. Ugh, you guys too? This is like the 3rd month
in a row that we synched up! Hmhmm
You too bro? Yup.
Sigh ow ow ow ow
fap fap fap fap Oh
that wasn’t as bad as I thought. That wasn’t too bad. I guess I was worried
for nothing. Thank you for shopping with us. Have a good
night sir. Why….
Hey bro, did you do it? Yah, of course I did. I did the dare.
Oh dude you’re so cool. Yah you’re so brave.
So…what do we do with it now? Hey mom, can I go shopping? I need new shoes
and a dress for the summer and a new bra cuz mine’s getting too small for me.
Sure. Hey mom, I need new socks.
Hm. They are still watching…. Just go.
Hi everyone, thank you so much for watching my first ever video. About. Puberty, Boys
versus Girls. Yah I know it’s sort of a random topic but
since I saw how nobody else has done a funny video on it yet, I might as well be the first
one. It’s also my first time animating so, videos will get better, I promise. So if you
wanna see more hit the subscribe button. I’m watching.
Can you get off me now?

100 thoughts on “Puberty – Boys vs. Girls (Animated skit)

  1. I think my mum wants me on my period… Because I'm so picky and when I on my period, I eat whatever is in front of me lol

  2. Girl: walks into class

    Period: does whatever


    Teacher: no going to the bathroom

    Girl: ends their career

  3. Me: ^Totally relates with all the girl stuff.. except the period stuff..^

    Also me:

    Has no idea what’s happening with the boys side

    My brain:↔️
    My brain:↗️↙️↖️↘️⬅️↪️➡️⬆️↘️⬇️↘️➡️↗️↙️↖️↘️↕️↔️⤵️⤴️↩️

  5. Who dafuq uses socks for masturbating? Real men rub it dry 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  6. It sucks to even be a gender. In my dreams I imagine a world where everyone’s just one gender, they make new humans by planting a seed that falls down from a tree that’s magical. It’s hard to be a girl or a boy, theres roles we have to be to resemble the gender we are and how our bodies made. I’m sorry I’m just weird for typing this, I have a lot of emotion to get out.

  7. I heard that if you get old from like the 70-100000 years you lose your period, my grandma lost it. I’m waiting to be old and die now.

  8. Why can’t we just say puberty sucks and it’s bad for both boys and girls. Why does it have to be a competition why can’t we just say growing hair sucks, pimples suck, voice cracks suck, random boners suck, cramps and periods suck, B.O (body oder) sucks, and buying tampons or pads and preventing stds are embarrassing

  9. I loved it that you were the first one, that was so cute even though….you know….the topic?….was kinda weird. still cute.

  10. Yay another "boys wank all day, dont take showers, and dont change clothes at all"! Very original sexism❤

  11. Me gets up from chair: sees I leaked*
    Gives my female teacher that stare when asking to go to the nurses office*

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