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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So the differences between pullups and chin-ups
have been covered already on this channel. There’s a big difference. However, it gets even deeper than that. There’s actually a difference in the grip
and the width that you take on that bar that will determine what muscles of your upper
body that you’re working. So I wanted to give you a little cheat sheet
on how to determine what part of your upper body is working during either a narrow grip,
a neutral grip, or a wide grip on a chin-up, or a pullup. I could show you, actually, very, very easily
because I can break out a muscle marker to do this. Now, follow the path here. It actually gets pretty easy, and I’m going
to break it all down for you. So we’re going to talk about, here, a narrow
grip on a pullup. Then we’re going to go to a shoulder width
grip on a pullup here, and then we’re going to go to a wider grip on a pullup. Then we’re going to flip our hands around. So we’re going chin-up now, this way. Again, wide, and then we’re going to g into
a shoulder width grip, and then nice and narrow hands right next to each other. What happens is, it actually travels in a
lopp, in a circuit. So my hands are narrow right here. I’m actually working right here through my
forearm, down through the brachial radialis, and through here. Now as I start to spread them out this will
start to now travel a little bit more up my arm, but it’s not going to go bicep. It’s going to go more of the brachialis beneath
the bicep. So now we’re in here with that shoulder width. Now as I continue to go wider, we all know
because we’ve probably felt it a million times, what it starts to do then is it goes down
and back here into the lat. Now, if I take my wide grip and I flip it
around here – so now we’re going underhand – it’s still the lats, of course, but what
we’re going to do is, we’re going to now have it shift up into the rotator cuff. Why? Because we’re taking our hands, we’re externally
rotating our shoulders here so we’re getting some of that help from the rotator cuff to
be able to do that. So it comes in through here, gets the help. Now as I start to narrow it out, bring it
back into the shoulder width a little bit more it travels back, up, and around and then
down here on the bicep. So now this side. Then as I go in even narrower all the way
into here, the tendency is to start to really pull this way and curl. So now of course you start to get some of
the forearm flexors on that side, too. So you can see that it kind of made its own
circuit right here on my arm. That’s kind of what happens. Now, it’s not an isolation because every time
we do a different grip width we’re actually getting all the muscles I had mentioned to
kind of work together, but you can favor one area over the other. That can be very, very important for reasons
like and injury, or a strength deficit. Guys don’t have the strength to do a lot
of pullups, but they can do chin ups because they get the assistance of the biceps. So let’s look at that one more time and see
those different grips in action. You could see here now, I start again narrow
grip pullup. Again, we know that’s working the backside
of the forearm mostly. We’re basically doing a reverse curl just
like this, right? I’m pulling myself to the bar that way, as
opposed to pulling the bar up this way. Then as we go up and widen out just a little
bit more to shoulder width, now we’re doing basically a hammer curl. We’re doing this. Pulling ourselves up that way, expect we’re
actually – instead of pulling the dumbbells up this way. So we’re doing a hammer curl working the brachialis. Then we get nice and wide. Now we know that we’re working here the lats. You can see as I do it here, the lats are
fully engaged. Of course, yes, the same muscles that we talked
about before are also working, but the focus is shifting away from them. Then we flip underhand. We’re going that wide grip chin-up that I
already talked about. That’s the rotator cuff in action helping
us, of course, with the last and the biceps too. But we can shift that focus on the biceps
to assist the lats as well. Then finally, we go really, really narrow
and again, we can still work the lats also. Remember, never an isolation, but we’re also
going to get a little bit more of that tendency to pull with the forearms when we’re in this
tight. So we’re going to work more on those forearm
flexors. The last thing I’ll say, guys, I mentioned
it before. If you have brachialis pain, right, that makes
it impossible for you to do pull ups, or brachial radialis pain that goes right down into your
forearm as well; you can’t do pullups. It hurts like hell. If you flip around and do a narrow grip chin-up
you’ll see that it actually is a lot easier for you to do that, and it still allows you
to hit the lats in a different way that doesn’t make you have to avoid the exercises altogether,
and avoid that muscle group altogether. So you can see, knowing the difference between
the different grips is going to come in handy for you. At any point in time in your training – we
know when to program those. There are times when I don’t want to hit
your forearms. I want to make sure I’m shifting more of the
focus to your lats, or I might want to get the rotator cuff involved a little bit more
because I know you don’t train it enough. We try to program all these variations into
our programs to make sure that you’re hitting the muscles the right way at the right time. If you’re looking for a program that lays
it all out for you, puts the science back in strength, then head to and
get our ATHLEANX training program. Again, muscle markers, if you like them, make
sure you leave your comments below. I’ll make sure I’ll do more of them if you
want me to do those. I have no fear to draw all over my body. No problem. This shit comes right off. All right, guys I’ll be back here again in
no time. See ya!

100 thoughts on “Pullup vs Chinup Grip Width (CHEAT SHEET!)

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  8. The lats get worked with all covered grips, since the elbow is pulled down to your midsection as well

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  12. Thanks so very much budd, I really appreciate the way you hit the circuit concept. It is perfect for a guy like me , I finally got a bar for my door, and have been doing curls with one 30 pound dumbbell. Just in the morning to get the day right, not having to do much . and from 7 curls x 2 , every day I feel new muscle in this old body , I love your system , I have a slow plan , as slow as I like circuit, to do constantly at my pace. I wish cheer & encouragement to your excellent sports association, where people can see a nice fit, friendly face , encouraging , , In a nice Simple pattern that provides a simple small wall to clime at paces and in a beautiful continuum ; a simple concept and a very simple routine that builds on itself. Just Thanks , like in life , a little at a time and you start to sing.
    On a side note, The pull up/ push up is so very daunting ( ya know, in reality) , I am always thinking of ways to see do-able wounder-full challenges for those with alternate dis-abilities, so let's spread the simple 360 circuit method to all with upper body power, and those that find it healthy to focus there

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    Thank you.

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    Now I did 3 pull-ups at wide grip just a minute ago and FINALLY felt the tension in my lats that I've been missing.

    I'm definitely subscribing after this. I love pull-ups as a calisthenic even more now that I know how to isolate, thanks mate.

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