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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

supersets are in place to add endurance
part to your workout you’re conditioning yourself and you’re developing that
stamina that you need when it comes to your cardiovascular system I encourage you guys
to also develop your back muscles because whenever you’re delivering blows
whether you’re tackling or you’re trying to make a block the back plays a
significant role in helping you to be successful whoa the next superset will be overhead press
along with pull-ups you still have the push and pull system in play shrugs and curls when it comes to upper
body you want to hit every muscle that you possibly can you know and I like to
do shrugs because I feel like whenever I’m on the football field and I’m taking
those blows and I’m lowering my shoulder it’s imperative to have strong traps so
that you can sustain those blows and you can come out healthy when you’re in the cold tub it’s they’re
solid the cold and then when you get in the hot tub your muscles kind of get
loose and they start to expand it’s kind of like the same system you know it’s a
push and pull where you and your muscles are going this way and then you have to
contract from the other side so it’s kind of you being balanced so there you have it I’m Vernon Davis
team muscle tech see you next time

70 thoughts on “Push-Pull Superset Workout Ft. NFL Tight End Vernon Davis

  1. Those benches weren't legit bc he bounced it and used reflex,
    but I understand bc they're focusing on Power and Explosiveness for Football, so he uses his entire body in every exercise. Not hate, just an observation.

  2. All these form critics clearly aren't athletes. He doesn't use strict bodybuilder form because he's not a bodybuilder. In athletics it's only necessary to be strong in the motion you naturally make during play. Strict pull up and shoulder pressing movements are not critical to what he does on the football field. Building muscle that isn't used during play is actually COUNTERproductive because it slows down acceleration and agility while putting more stress on joints.

  3. I love all the commenters on bad form on these athlete videos they make me laugh. hes still way bigger and way more developed than any of you will be so obviously what he's doing is working.

  4. Too bad none of these workouts will help him catch a pass…talk about getting carried to a Super Bowl ring (Denver).

  5. I'm about to start lifting weights I'm 15 and never benched in my whole life, and help or tips? And plz don't be a bodybuilding maniac calling me weak or some shit

  6. Jalen Davis.. Thank you. Not everyone is trying to get bodybuilder big. Some like athletic super setting for sports. Lol. Meatheads!!!!

  7. For people criticizing the eccentric part of his reps, he is going more for fast twitch fiber activation. He is not a body builder, stop critiquing like he is one.

  8. Obviously on mass doses of steroids 💉 these NFL players didn’t get that fat and strong 💪 from not using steroids, losers!

  9. He's a power lifter look where his hands are placed on the bar,always do what works for you, he's in good shape awesome!

  10. Everybody's a critic. This ain't a fuckin bodybuilder, this is a real deal athlete who's 6'3"+ 250lbs+ and runs a 4.4 forty yard dash. This ain't no fuckin gym rat you're looking at.

  11. I am now so informed by this NFL star. Wow, so much more better off with great coaching tips. Get big. Great coaching. Wow.

  12. Yeah ,Supersets , did them before he was Born, now the Supersets, which were founded by Body Builders are "Claimed" by Cross fitness,

  13. Where is the lack of form on his bench?  His entire rep is smooth and controlled and no bouncing.  And hes repping 315 like its nothing.

  14. why are we even hating on him and his form? he's in the NFL and we're not. i'm not going to critic his form because i know i am DEFINITELY not in a position to judge. what gives you the right to even judge him? bunch of couch form experts

  15. I like Davis but gotta admit…
    On my living room wall is a signed Kam Chancellor pic where he's crushing 85.

  16. He’s not training to be a bodybuilder he’s training for explosiveness. Notice the best bodybuilders can barely walk let alone run at track speed and have fast twitch reactionary muscle fibers

  17. Love vernon since 49ers early days . Freakishly fast for his size and strength and all around skilled . Top 8 tight end of all time for sure..

  18. Nice to see Vernon doing time tested old school bodybuilding exercises for strength and conditioning. The fad now seems to be all those ridiculous and useless so called functional exotic exercises made up overnight by some personal trainer trying to make a name for himself. Coincidentally Vernon is one of the oldest and probably in better shape than 99% of the players in the NFL and hes still going strong.

  19. He made up for his lack of ability by being such a strong fast person. Great player, but stop jumping to make a catch, it destroys your momentum .

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