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hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness advisor this is the quick calf workout for defined calves we’re just going to take a couple minutes show your workout you can do right in the privacy of your own home we’re going to start by just warming up those calves so Lisa and Stephanie are just going to start moving those legs around using those toes lower body just getting that blood flowing always a great idea regardless of what exercise what muscle group you’re working so about ten more seconds warming up those calves and then we’re going to go into our first exercise standing calf raise I’m going to do this one with both legs and begin 30 seconds at home so what you’re doing is you’re pressing down on your heel and lifting your body weight up. Lisa’s using her body weight Stephanie is adding a little resistance with dumbbells you can do it with or without up to you about halfway there really press down on those toasts and squeeze your calves at the top very simple but again very effective exercise you can do anywhere anytime about five more seconds and then we’re going to go to a single leg we’re going to focus on one leg at a time ready we’re going to rest her let’s stretch so you’re getting ready to go to a single leg exercise it’s great to mix it up we’re going to add in a little balance component a little more for work and let’s begin so now we’re a little more challenging focusing on one leg at a time a great way to really target that calf again you’re going to add some balance in here if you’re just starting out and you can’t balance on one leg like this you can hold onto a chair have something next to you to balance with and just really focus on that one leg at a time put a less than 10 seconds you’re going to switch side great job simple yet effective that’s the exercises we’re looking for and let’s move it around 10 more seconds going to take breaks in between it’s a lot to do without taking these little short breaks ready and switch so now we go to the other side same thing press down on that he’ll drive up got it about 20 more seconds so again a lot of times we get really complex with exercises oftentimes the simple stuff is the stuff that is really effective that really works don’t go too complex doing what Lisa is doing right here just with our body weight it’s a great way to do it three more seconds and excellent round one is over another cleanse second quick stretch shake it out great job one more time when you think they’re going to start with two legs will transition to one and begin 30 more seconds so just a couple minutes is all you need you can do this in the morning do this at night whenever you can fit this into your day that’s what we’re doing here and go to we have many more short workouts you can look into your day every day it’s not about these long workouts anymore do what you can do when you can do it little less than 10 seconds we’ll take that quick stretch in between and we’ll finish up with single legs one final time great job and let’s go ten seconds shake it out shake it out at home one final time going unilateral another simple way to bury the routine but a great way and begin to add variation and really target that muscle again this is challenging to go to one leg do not hesitate to grab on to something put a chair next to do something that’s stable to use for balance over time you get rid of that you can start without weights progress where stephanie is holding on some dumbbells 10 more seconds then we will switch legs great job we’re going to start to feel this I’m sure you’re feeling it at home feel that little bit of burning and excellent 10-second shake it out final time great job ladies great job at home a couple minutes is all it takes that’s it ready and begin final time pressing down on the toe lifting your body weight up another variation you can do is to stand on a step this is a very simple way to do it right on your floor with or without equipment 15 more seconds again honing those calves working them with bodyweight with resistance up to you mix it up next your body changing five four three two one excellent job and there you have a calf workout for the fine castle if you enjoyed this workout subscribe to our channel by clicking on our subscribe button

7 thoughts on “Quick Calf Workout to Add Definition to Your Calves

  1. Good to work on the calves. This reminded my I can do these exercises anywhere like standing in a long line at the store!

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