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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– What’s up, guys? It’s Chris Heria, welcome to another vlog. Today we’re gonna be doing
a quick and effective back workout for complete beginners, all the way up to even
more advanced athletes. And to make this quick and effective, the main focus will be to be utilize the most efficient exercises
for the target muscle group in the most effective combination with high intensity per round. Getting the maximin results from a short, simple workout routine. Short, simple, and highly effective. And when it comes to back, the
main exercise in calisthenics is pull ups, but in most
cases, beginners may find the pull up too difficult,
and may be lacking the proper strength and
coordination to do it. But there are many exercises
that work the same muscles, and won’t require you to
lift your entire body weight, but also highly effective for
developing your back muscles and can even be used to increase
your pulling repetition. Advance to harder pulling exercises like pull up or one arm pull up and increase your your
overall pulling strength. So if you’re ready to get
started, take out your phone, open up to the Heria Pro app and lets do this workout together. If you don’t have the Heria Pro app, you can go ahead a download
it on the App Store, or the Google Play Store. And not only will you get this
workout routine on your phone but you’ll get all the workouts
that I’ve done on YouTube, as well as my personal
programs and daily workouts that I post on a day-to-day
and weekly basis. It’s basically like having me as a personal trainer, in your pocket. So if you’ve got the workout, let’s go ahead and get started. The first exercise is gonna
be Australian pull ups. Wide + shoulder + close,
we’re gonna go for 10 each. And remember, every single
exercise is scalable by adjusting your ankles, so
if it feels too difficult, go ahead and increase the
angle, and if it feels too easy then go ahead and bring your
body down a little bit more, drop the angle that’s
gonna allow more weight onto this exercise and
give you more resistance, but still allow you to
engage in perfect form. So with that said, let’s go for 10, wide + shoulder + close, each. (hip hop beat) All right, so if you
saw when you were doing the Australian pull ups
one of the main things that you wanna do, is
you wanna make sure that you’re pulling up to
your lower chest line. This is gonna give you
proper back engagement and muscle activation. If you’re pulling up from too high, you’ll be using a lot
more of your rear delts to help with this exercise,
and the main point is to try to emphasize and engage as much of your back as you can. Lastly, not only is this
exercise great for developing muscle and strength in
your back, but it helps you to master the fundamentals of the pull up and pulling motion. When it comes to all pulling
motions, you want your body to be working in gears, starting off first with your scapular retraction,
then following through from your elbow, and finishing off with the tightness of your grip, constantly holding that
contraction in your back, going all the way to the top, so you reach all the way back down. And if you can master
this pulling technique, then you would have mastered
your entire pulling motion. Now we’re moving onto scapula shrugs, and as I just mentioned, the
first movement that you do when starting to do pull ups
is retracting your scapula. So if you can get a strong
retraction in your scapulas, for sure you’re gonna be super strong when it comes to pulling
and very comfortable when it comes to hanging on the bar. And the retraction of your scapulas is gonna be taking a
lot more resistance now, making pulling a lot easier. So we’re gonna work on this main aspect for this next exercise,
we’re gonna go for 15 and we’re gonna hold the
last one as long as we can. So you wanna have a
really tight grip, relax, let your shoulders go all the way down, and adjust from your shoulders, keeping your grip as tight as you can, you’re gonna pull your shoulders up without bending your arms, as high as you can, come back down. Let’s go for 15. (hip hop beat) Now after training this for a while, you wanna eventually
move onto just one arm to really start increasing
your scapulary retraction. Let’s just do a couple. (hip hop beat) All right, now moving on, we’re gonna be going into one arm Australian
pull ups, but first, let’s open up the app and go ahead and input that last exercise. All right, so now we’re ready to go. So for these one arm Australian pull ups, we’re gonna be doing 10 on each side. Remember to choose an angle
that’s gonna challenge you, but definitely allow you
to preform the exercise while maintaining perfect form. Let me show you guys
what I’m talking about. If you start right here,
at a really high angle, it’s gonna be very easy
to pull in and out. You can continue to walk down slowly, and test the angle to see
if this is a good angle that will challenge you. So choose a position
that’s gonna challenge you and let’s get right into it. (hip hop beat) All right, there we have the
one arm Australian pull ups, and again, it’s super
important to make sure that you’re keeping your body in a completely perfect straight line, it really helps if you’re
squeezing your core and your keeping your legs straight, as well as retracting your scapulas. All right, let’s go ahead and check that exercise right off the list. Go ahead an input exactly
how many reps you did. We’re gonna move on to the next exercise, and that’s gonna be Australian chin ups with a close grip, for 15 reps. (hip hop beat) All right, so there we
have Australian chin ups, with a close grip, and doing this exercise with a different grip and
a different hand placement, is gonna engage and emphasize on different areas of your back. For example, when you’re
doing the close grip Australian chin ups,
you’re emphasizing more on the inside of your back,
and of course the back is one of your biggest muscles,
you definitely need to be training all the different muscle groups within your back, with different
hand placements and grips. So go ahead, input that last
exercise, how many you did, and we’re gonna move onto
the last, final exercise. This is actually gonna be a movement that’s gonna train your
antagonist muscles. And your antagonist
muscles groups for pulling, will be pushing using your
chest and your triceps. In antagonist training,
training opposing muscle groups will actually help you prevent injury and get you a whole lot stronger. Whenever we’re doing any
particular movement or exercise, there’s always supporting
muscles that help you do that particular move. And if your main muscle group to preform a certain exercise is strong enough, but the supporting muscle groups are not, that is exactly how you get injured. While your main muscle
group can take the overload, your supporting muscles may have not been properly developed and definitely won’t be able to take the
same amount of overload. And in most cases, a lot of
times your antagonist muscles are helping to support
a particular exercise. For example, when you’re
contracting your arm, your bicep is contracted
but so is your tricep. And when you’re doing
a pull up, your bicep is definitely engaged a
lot more than your tricep, but the tricep is helping
support the coordination of that movement, and that’s
why antagonist training is super important and why I
threw in a pushing exercise at the very end of this routine. In fact, after we finish these push ups, you’re gonna feel a lot
stronger in your pulling and you’re gonna be ready
to go for the next round. So let’s go ahead and knock
out these last 20 push ups. I want you to do as many as
you can, with proper form. If you can’t finish the total
20 push ups, drop to you knees and continue to do knee push ups until you complete the entire repetitions. Let’s go for it. (hip hop beat) All right, that’s the last
exercise of the routine for a quick and effective back workout, that’s gonna have you build
solid muscle and best of all, anyone can do it and it’s
still highly effective. Now eventually, you’re gonna
get a lot better at this and the goal is to increase the amount of sets that you can do this for. So if you can work your
way up to being able to do three or four sets of this in a row, then that’s a great workout. And to take it to the
next level after that, you need to start adding more resistance. And the way you do that,
is by adding more weight to your body weight exercises,
with the Heria Weight Vest, that you can get at And remember, to get this
workout on your phone, and for more of my personal
workouts, and workout programs, download the Heria Pro
app in the App Store or Google Play Store. And with the Heria Pro
app, you’ll be getting my personal workouts and workout
programs sent to your phone in real time as I complete them, as well as different
workouts and workout programs for all fitness levels,
that I’ve made for myself, and for other people in the past. Don’t forget, if you
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