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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Was up very early this mornin’ had a Nutrition Solutions
breakfast pancakes and come straight down
to the Fox Studios here to be on the morning show. We came here six weeks
ago, it’s like Deja Vu, for the half Ironman. And we’re back down here
again to discuss that. And discuss the Man of Iron video series. I’m Kris Gethin, I’m gonna be training to prepare for an Ironman. I’m giving myself six months
and we’re gonna do it. (powerful music) – 7:39, he is back friends, Kris Gethin. The Man of Iron creator of the Man of Iron web series. The sixth month of
training just about over. First of all, thank you so much. – Thank you very much.
– For comin’ back on the show here this morning.
– For havin’ me. – Something that some of
your critics were saying is, “How are you gonna be able
to have so much muscle “and be able to actively compete?” You’ve been working on this. What have the results shown
in the past couple of months? – The results have shown, I just had my six month
test done on Monday, so I’d actually put on
about 3.8 pounds of muscle. And I’d lost around 4% in body
fat over the past six months. And my cardiovascular fitness went from a VO2 max of 44, which
is categorized as good, up to 52, which is categorized
for my age group as superior. – So thank you so much again for joining us here this morning
and good luck this weekend. – I’ll need it, thanks.
(laughing) So it is the Saturday here now. The day before the Ironman. Judgment day, baby. So I got here on the Thursday, I wanted to get up here in plenty of time just to relax, unwind,
detox my brain a little bit. I recon about 77% of my
recovery’s gonna come from my mental aspect of
just detoxin’, debriefing, and kind of filing everything if you will. So I wanted to come here and put myself in a completely different frame of mind. I’m drivin’ my car slower. I’m swimmin’ every day
to visualize the race. I’m visualizing it being hard. I’m visualizing myself gettin’ blisters. I’m visualizing myself havin’ cramps so I have no surprises on the day. My parents arrived this morning as well. Knowin’ they’re here, of course that gives me a lot of pressure but my father was with
me for many many years when I raced motocross every weekend. So he knows what it’s all about. So it feels good to have somebody there where you can kind of
mentally communicate with without verbally having to. I’m very, very happy with this preparation considering that I haven’t been putting in half the amount of hours that a lot of triathletes
put into an event being prepared for an Ironman. But I make sure that I was very
efficient with my training. I was doing a lot of trail running, running on curved treadmill, which is a lot tougher
than a general treadmill. I was doin’ hill repeats. I was doin’ some runs
with a weighted vest. So ensuring that I am
efficient with the time that I was puttin’ in. The same with workin’ out. You see some people training
for a couple of hours and I don’t do that. I train for about 45 to 60 minutes. But I make sure that it’s
intense and efficient. However on the weekends,
I was spending my time getting comfortable with
bein’ uncomfortable. Goin’ for like six hours on the bike. Goin’ for like two hours on a
run because it has to be done. So I have to have an understanding of what my body utilizes as fuel. How many calories? How much hydration? And gettin’ it used to bein’ out there for that amount of time. I’m definitely in a better place mentally by doin’ this sort of training. And it’s allowed me to seek and understand my body a lot better. Oh man. The training didn’t go as well
as I’d hoped in the beginning because I think every injury that I’ve had over my entire life kinda surfaced. An ankle injury that I had many years ago, that started to hurt. My groin injury, that started to hurt. My shoulder, that became a problem. It still is a problem. And what I noticed in the beginning, I did start to overtrain. Combined with the amount of volume that I’m used to training didn’t
compliment the disciplines that I was puttin’ in
with the swim, bike, run. That volume clashin’ with
another form of volume just led to over training. And I wasn’t able to put the
muscle on that I wanted to. So then I had to reevaluate my training and I brought the volume
of my weight training back. I started increasing my weight and I found my body
started to respond then. So that’s only gonna come
from trial and error. That’s only gonna come through the mileage that I’ve put in to back up the knowledge. That’s why I have to go
through these transformations with the viewer, so I
can experience it myself. So then I can better relate and educate it to the viewer there. So the check in here for the full Ironman is completely different
to the half Ironman. 696 yeah, no one’s got their
transition mats out here now, so I won’t leave that here. Weeks ago, we’d just dump the bike there, put the transition mat, left
your stuff, and that was it. I showed up the next day with
my nutrition, with my food, but then I found out
literally about an hour ago, that we have to bring in the bags with us. So it’s completely different now with the special needs bags. This is something that we
didn’t have in the half. Now we’re going for 140 miles. So we need special needs bags. For the run, that’s gonna be at mile 17 and I believe on the bike it’s gonna be at mile 77 or something. We will get to an area out on
the run and out on the ride, where we’ll have our special needs. Where I’ve put in extra
nutrition, real solid foods, extra pair of socks. I’ve been told at that point on the run, you will crave some weird things. So I put a couple of Snickers
bars in there as well. I honestly doubt that I’ll eat them. I’m not into anything like that. I’ve got my healthy sort of granola bars, I’ve got a lot of energy
balls that sunshine made. Those will do me fine. Lookin’ at takin’ in an absolute minimum of 500 calories per hour. I found out that 500 calories
seems to be my sweet spot. However if it’s relatively hot, it’s a very hilly course as well. So I think I may have to punch
that up a little bit more. These are the bags that I’ll be carrying all my nutrition in. In both of these bags, I’m gonna have what’s called these energy balls. That has in my Re-Kaged, my
dates, my bananas, my oats, my ginger, my cinnamon,
etcetera, etcetera. I’ll have both in here. I’m gonna have my hydration here and here. And on a proper bottle here
that’ll sit on the aero bars. So in two of these hydration bottles, I’ll have my hydra charge, my fermented glutamine,
my fermented BCAA’s. This bad boy here is the one that’ll have my recaged in there as well. I’ll also have some other
foods I call picky bars, and back country bars, I’ll
have them on me as well. I’ll have some Nutrition
Solutions pancakes with me. And Nutrition Solutions
protein bars with me. And this will hopefully
carry me far enough to mile 77, I think it’s 77. That’ll be where I’ll be able to pick up my special needs bag and I’ll have extra food there. We’re gonna go grab some food now. My parents are gonna come and join us and have a little bit
bite to eat, chill out, and then go back to the Airbnb and just have an early night, sleep. (happy music)
(laughing) He’s more funny than me. Woke up at 2:30 this mornin’, and I need to finish before 11:30 tonight. So it’s nearly 24 hours awake. Exercise, that’s why
I just gotta make sure that I got so much food,
fuel, and caffeine with me. So I’ve got the Purecaf caffeine tabs. I haven’t had caffeine
for a couple of weeks now. I wrote out my timing splits on my hand. There just so I can
memorize them from the half. So I did the swim in 42 minutes last time. I did the bike in three hours ten. And I did the run in two hours 17. So I’m gonna double that and
then distribute another hour on top of that for obviously
pacing, exhaustion. Goin’ at it slow, so a much slower pace. Eatin’ more, more bathroom
breaks, etcetera, etcetera. The only thing that worries
me after an event such as this is that I can tend to cross
into an abyss of nothingness and kind of fall into
a bit of a depression because I’ve been so focused on one goal and then that goal goes. It’s like, “Okay where’s
my structure then?” I stopped body building in 2009 because I had no
difference in satisfaction whether I came first or second and I’d still fall into depression after. Because now I had no intense goals. This is an intense goal again. So that’s my only worry. But this time I’ve just focused
so much more on the journey and using it as an
opportunity like I said, to kind of be more self aware and acknowledge the
journey that much more. Which we’ve always heard, yeah acknowledge your journey
as opposed to the end result. And that’s why I’m not
worried about result. My win is gonna be just
crossing that line. It’s not a position. – [Chris] Hey man I know it’s the big day so I wanted to reach out,
send some positive vibes and love over to you and tell you something
that I’ve told you before but it’s only fitting
that I say it again now. And Kris, that is that I’m
so fucking proud of you. Go prove all these motherfuckers,
nay sayers, haters, doubters, all the people
that don’t believe, go prove them wrong and do what you’ve been
doin’ your entire life. To me you’re already an Ironman. Proud of you, love you to
death, go get what’s yours. (upbeat music) – Very first race, good for you. 969, alright I’m gonna
get it on both your arms. (determined music) – No one’s gonna remember if I came within 15 hours or 16 hours. They will remember if I finished or not. (gun shoots) (splashing)
(dramatic music) I’d say the mass start for this was pretty much the same as the half. There’s several hundred of you
jumpin’ in at the same time. I just stayed very close
to the left hand side. So I had the direct lines
of the buoys in front of me and so I could breathe to my right and see everybody on this side. And I would kind of use
that as a marker to ensure that I’m going in a
relatively straight line. (dramatic music)
(splashing) You know, you get punched, you get kicked, but you’re punching
and kicking people too. It’s to be expected. (dramatic music)
(splashing) When I did the first loop, I made sure that I had a gel underneath my arm. Because I know I’m a bigger guy. I go through calories very fast. And I’m so glad that I did so
I could do that second lap. I honestly feel if you can
get your efficiency down, if you can swim a mile,
you can swim two miles. As long as you relax,
that’s the main thing. (dramatic music)
(splashing) So when you come out of the water, just knocks off your balance. I was dizzy, I was tryin’ to
reach for my wetsuit strap, I couldn’t reach it I
had a volunteer help me. But then I took my time. Pretty much walked it. I jogged a little bit. But I remember when I did
the half I kinda ran it thinkin’ I need to shave off seconds here, I don’t need to shave off seconds, I just need to finish this thing. (dramatic music) I felt like I got my groove
from the very beginning because I’d used so much
visualization before. I was just goin’ through the motions now. I didn’t get a puncture, I
didn’t get any knee problems. There’s nothing that was a real surprise. (determined music) I had a lot of food with
me and I’m glad that I did because I went through it all. But it was just enough. It was just enough. I wanna eat as much solid
food as I possibly can on this bike because I know
I’m probably gonna have to go over to softer more liquid nutrition and gels when I get to the run. (dramatic music) There are some crazy long hills there. The last steep hill, it felt
like I was up three more gears than I should’ve been. ‘Cause it felt so difficult. My legs felt heavy. And that’s when I thought, “Okay on the next downhill,
I’m really gonna rest. “I’m gonna try to stretch out my calves, “stretch out my hamstrings,
’cause I gotta run after this.” (dramatic music) – Yeah Kris.
(cheering) (bells ringing) You got it. – [Kris] When I removed
myself of my helmet and all that sort of stuff, I just put my race number
on and just started off. And I felt good straight away. (dramatic music) I make sure that I looked at my garments, make sure that I wasn’t going any faster than any 11 minute pace
’cause I remember when I half, I started running at like
a eight minute 15 pace and I thought, “This feels
really good and comfortable.” But it’s your mind
playing tricks with you. Because you’ve been goin’ at a
much faster pace on the bike, it feels normal to run at a faster pace. (dramatic music) Nothing sucks more than
having to walk through a race. (dramatic music) Really had to mentally push myself to run to the next post,
run to the next corner, run to the next aid station. I wanted to go very, very slow but know that I could
run it the whole time. (dramatic music) (bells dinging)
(cheering) – Awesome.
– Run, run, run. – [Sunshine] He has to
fight this on his own. He’s got miles to do on his own. But I wanna make sure
that he knows I’m there when he comes back around. (dramatic music) – [Kris] At that stage, I
know I’m finishing this event. There’s no doubt about it. I’ve just gotta keep going. And knowing that last week I’m pulling 500 pound dead lifts just seven days ago. Wow this is a great life that you can live in these environments. And these sports can coexist if done correctly and efficiently. (dramatic music) (cheering)
(bell ringing) – [Man] You are an Ironman, Kris. (happy music) – Come here mate. I feel absolutely ecstatic that not only did I finish the race. I wanted to get within the 17 hours, and to finish a couple
of hours under that, I’m really happy. This time I took my time in the swim, took my time on the bike. So when I got to run, I
felt okay, it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t perspire as much. I was able to stay that
much more hydrated. We only prepped for six months, and we lived the life as
a bodybuilder training like a bodybuilder, and able to recuperate and not put in the amount of hours that a triathlete normally puts in. And over a six month period, I think we got a very respectable result. I’m having a lot of trouble movin’ today. My quads are okay, my
calves, my hamstrings, everything is okay except for my flexors. My flexors are just so tight from just havin’ to lift these thighs up. So I definitely had trouble
gettin’ in bed last night. Before I went to bed I had
an ice bath for 15 minutes. And gettin’ outta bed,
tryin’ to put my shorts on, tryin’ to get down the stairs, attemptin’ to get in and out of the car is definitely an arduous task. I definitely don’t feel as
bad as I did in the half. And I think when I look at the
overall timing of the event. And that’s because I pushed
it much harder in the half. – When I talked to him
before, he was looking the hours, 14, 15, 16 hours
was gonna be a good time if he can pace himself. So when we could see he’s a mile away, I was like, “That’s it, he’s done it.” And some guy’s coming
over that finishing line. We’re awesome. And others are just, they
needed almost to be carried to get through it. But he came through. Stormin’ through. And we videoed that and
it looked really good. And they were so proud of him to do it. – It took me back to that first time he told me he wanted to do an Ironman. To now here he is about
to cross the finish line. He had a plan, he stuck to the plan, and he proved everyone
that doubted him wrong. He put on muscle, dropped fat,
and completed the Ironman. I don’t know. He did it. – Specifically this has been
designed for the bodybuilder because I’m a heavy person I’ve had to run a little bit differently. Because I’m a heavier
person I’ve had to focus a little bit differently on my swim to ensure that I have the buoyancy. And not only that, just to ensure that I can recover enough
to have bodybuilding in an extreme endurance athleticism. And I’ve just proven now
that this program works. I go through these programs myself to see if they are applicable. And it works. (cheering)

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