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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[music] [music] My name is Rachel Flint. I am a Captain in the Air
National Guard and winner of the 2012 Military Transformation
Challenge for [music] I was never athletic in
high school, middle school. I just went to class and hung
out with my friends and really had no desire to be athletic
because I thought it was beyond the realm of possibility for me. It didn’t even occur to me
that I could be athletic. When I decided to join the
military, is when I knew that if I was gonna survive basic
training, I was gonna have to get fit. And at that point, I was a
smoker and so I gave that up and started running. When I was about 23, I went on
deployment to Saudi Arabia and was there for about 4 months. And there was somebody over
there that showed me the basics of weight training and it was
very beginner level stuff and so I just built on that and, at
that point, I didn’t really do much with it. My natural shape is a pear. So I was always very small, had
very narrow shoulders and bigger hips and so I thought, “Okay,
well, if I get fit, then I’ll probably just be a
smaller version of that.” I was probably about 140 pounds
and I’m 5 foot 7, I’m–so my body fat was in the low 20s,
which is still healthy but it wasn’t something I was
comfortable with and so I decided to try to build some
muscle and reduce my body fat and see what was underneath. And as I started lifting weights
and really challenging myself in the gym, I started to see that
shape change and was astonished at what I looked like. And so it’s been incredible
to see I’m not genetically determined to always have
this same body shape. It’s incredible that you really
can change your whole body. I’m now a stay-at-home mom,
other than my 1 week in the month in the Air National Guard
and so I am busy with two little girls, ages 4 and 1-1/2. I want to set a good example
for them and healthy eating is really part of our
everyday lifestyle. And I got to a point where I
knew I just had gotten kind of complacent with my workouts and
was ready to kick it up a notch. I’ve always worked really
well with deadlines. This Challenge gave me an
excellent opportunity to have a 12-week goal and just really hit
it hard for those 12 weeks and make the most of
it that I could. [music] I used the machines when I
very first started because I wasn’t real sure about my form
and I knew that the machines took away that guesswork. I think at this point, I’ve
gotten through a lot of the trial and error and I know
what works well for my body. I’ll lift heavy for a while to
see how far I can get with that. And then I’ll switch over to
lighter weights with more reps for a while and do that to see
what my results are with that. So I try to always change things
up to keep it interesting. I do prefer the traditional
bodybuilding movements. I work out at the same gym every
day and the same equipment is there every day so there’s bound
to be some repetition there but whenever I’m working a
particular body part, I’ll change up the exercise to target
that particular body part after a while. I work out 6 days and so I lift
weights on all 6 of those days but I do a 5-day split and then
usually hit legs twice in one week, usually on Tuesdays
and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays. I make sure to give myself a
couple of days’ break between when I hit legs again. I like to do back and biceps
together and chest and triceps together and then shoulders
and abs on their own date. I try to do cardio two
or three times a week. If I have time, if I finish a
workout early, I’ll use the rest of that time to do some cardio. Rest day for me is–starts
off with church ’cause it’s on Sunday so I go to church with my
family and we go out to eat and if it’s a nice day we’ll go to
the park and still try to do something that’s lightly active. But I really try to just do as
little as possible on that day to get me
ready for the coming week. I take progress pictures every
2 to 3 weeks and compare them, side by side with previous
weeks and that really helps. It helps me know if I am making
progress and it works either way. If I’m not seeing the progress
that I want to see, then I push harder at the gym, and if I
am seeing progress, it gets me excited and I still
push harder at the gym. The most important thing I could
tell people who are a little intimidated and not sure if they
can do this, would be to just start gathering
information, start reading. To me, that’s the most important
thing to get all the information that you can before you
even set foot in the gym. You know, there’s so many
free programs available on Pick one of those and get going. [music] The thing that I was really
happy to learn is that you don’t have to starve
yourself to get fit. There’s a lot of bad
information out there about calorie restriction. Not that you can eat everything
that you want to, but you can eat and be full and have a lot
of healthy foods and you don’t have to always be hungry. When my husband and I first
got married, we would buy cheap pizza and Hamburger Helper and a
lot of the quick and easy stuff and, over the years, we got away
from that but we still weren’t eating quite as
well as we should. There are a lot of clean foods
that I eat that I never even tried growing up. I didn’t know the
benefits of eating them. Thinks like avocadoes,
asparagus, sweet potatoes. Those are some of my
favorite foods now. I eat 6 or 7 meals a day,
usually every 2 to 2.5 hours. For my sources of protein, I
really like chicken and tilapia. Carbohydrates, I really like
sweet potatoes, brown rice, and I like getting a lot of my
carbs from vegetables, green vegetables too. As far as for my healthy fats,
I did just recently discover almond butter and it’s amazing
so I don’t buy it very often because I have issues with
portion control on that but I love peanut butter and so
peanuts, almonds, avocadoes, a lot of those–that’s–those are
the sources of my healthy fats. I have a sweet tooth and I’ve
discovered that sugar can really derail me for quite a while so
I try to go more towards savory cheats like pizza or wings. Those are my favorites. For me, I try to just have
one cheat meal a month. I tried to do a cheat meal once
a week and, for me, it didn’t work because I would undo a lot
of the progress that I had made earlier in that week. On the clean treats, we prepare
them the same way most of the time because it makes it
easier for our daughters to see familiar things and since
they’re used to eating those same foods over and over, every
once in a while, I’ll change it up but, for the most part, we
just–we keep it the same for them. I really think that when you
start when they’re little, they learn what you
introduce to them. So they do love broccoli,
they love sweet potatoes. They love chicken. All the foods that
we eat, they eat. When we go to a restaurant, I
usually pull up the menu before we go and take a look at what
they have and make sure that there’s a healthy option. Once I get to the restaurant, I
can make an informed decision on what I’m ordering and ask them
to leave off the butter and the oils that there
may be on the menu. [music] I definitely think that
supplements are a vital part of my overall success in fitness. I don’t think you have to have
them to get in shape but I think they are so helpful. I really like to keep it
simple with supplementation. I don’t think it’s necessary to
go overboard and buy everything that’s out there. So I just–I pick the things
that I know are gonna help me meet my goals and
leave it at that. I like to use a pre-workout and
BCAAs, CLA, EFAs, and a protein powder. As far as pre-workout, I get up
at 4 o’clock in the morning and so the caffeine in a pre-workout
really helps me wake up and get going and I’ve just–I’ve had
a lot of success with those. They help me feel strong. I get the most out of my
workouts when I take them and I notice a huge
difference when I don’t. CLA is one that I first
heard about a few years ago. I read that it’s something that
just occurs naturally in foods and helps you break
down fat in your body. I decided that would be a nice
easy thing to add just to give me a little bit of an
extra edge in fat loss. Our family does not
consume a lot of dairy. And so I prefer egg protein
but, when I’m out and need a quick meal replacement, I keep
packets of whey protein handy and those are great to help
me feel full and go on with my errands and do
what I need to do. I think the best thing for
people to do is to start off simple and pick maybe a
pre-workout supplement and a protein powder and maybe a
multivitamin and just start reading up on the other ones
and see what they do, what their intended purpose is and match
that up with what their personal goals are and see if that’s
something that they might need. [music] I’ve had a lot of people
whether it be military members, family members, some friends,
all tell me that they’re willing to give it a shot because I did
and they’ve seen that you don’t have to have a personal trainer,
it doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to have
the discipline to do it. My mom is the most
recent example. She’s signed up for a
Transformation Challenge on and is gonna
hit it hard for 12 weeks and I can’t wait to see
what happens with her. So if anyone has any questions
for me and you need words of encouragement or would like some
more details then they can look for me on my BodySpace
which is rdf803. So for more content and
articles like this, keep coming back to

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  1. I get so disturbed by these girls who don't look like they even lift, looks like any other active female. She has great leg development though.

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  3. I dont take supplements anymore. It was not necessary in the end for a healthy life and healthy body. when she talks about supplements, um it all sounds like a commercial to me now..

  4. It was just an example…I train as well, It just seems a boring existence when her entire life revolves around the gym…I can imagine her husband wishes she would just let her hair down once and a while.

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  7. Crazy clip. Wonderful clip. My cousin was formerly overweight. He went from 283lbs of pure fat into 203lbs of complete lean muscle. Shit's crazy! I just signed up personally coz I plan to expand my body shape. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

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