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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

the strongest most powerful animals on the planet don’t eat meat and they live a lot longer than meat-eaters the same goes for humans hi this is Marcus Roth Kranz my new DVD set while vegan mussel finally answers that famous question where do you get your protein if you want the strength and muscles of a gorilla this video will open your eyes to the new incredible way of living that is changing people all over the world I just ate this year that my body’s actually better now I feel like it’s actually getting younger as I get older and rough the diet I prefer cross food keeps the nutrients attack I was like 5 222 pounds so I recommend anybody keep it plant-based keep your body clean so you can function later in life anybody can look good in their thirties show me the guys are looking good 50 60 70 80 I didn’t have very good genetics for building muscles a very such another right structure there a muscle not like everything I had I really had a lot of strikes against me when it came to that way a muscular guy it didn’t come easy for me here I was this you know lifting guy lifting you know eating weight you know eating all this protein and lifting weights and all this sort of stuff but as I developed and you think that’s the way to build that but as I got more peaceful with myself as I got more centered with myself now my workouts took on a whole new dimension now is able to produce up instead of struggling to get in straight to shape or lose body fat or gain muscle it became easy because my mind was not resistant in my subconscious was not resistant and that’s real strength milk or dairy crazy thing like that these guys not only don’t eat meat whey or soy they also don’t cook their food hua is living cooked is dead when I do competitions 100% raw no cook food no anything like it is pristine because I’m at a very very high performance level it’s simple cooking kills food eating food in its natural uncooked state gives us a hundred times the power I was going to the gym and doing a week’s worth of training in one single day and eating this way can cost a lot less so you’re living off of five or six dollars a day yeah yeah and I’m proud of the two I’m very poor I’m just a caterer in Las Vegas I’m going to understand here is that I don’t have a lot of money I don’t use supplements a nothing but raw fruits vegetables and nuts and if I can get baby if I can afford it than you can – the reason I converted to a raw plant-based diet was Oh hitting around the age of 45 my body was starting to break down products calcium deposits arthritis starts to form it’s just natural when you eating cooked food meat especially you can’t believe the difference in how you feel how you digest and instead of taking in hundreds and hundreds of grams approaching you know you cut your protein by probably a trade-off about fifty percent and maybe even a little more as your body gets cleaner and more efficient to to digest this all of a sudden you don’t need that much food you can easily maintain close to that sighs my enhance the food I hear people eat and people like how is that possible you can build muscle but if you look at moose you look at this giant moose in the forest 1,500 pounds walking to the swamp and what does it eat your body converts amino acids into muscle growth and so this is why avocados nuts coconuts darienne’s olives they’re all great sources of essential fats your body doesn’t need a ton of protein especially from animal products I’m 53 years old and I feel stronger now than I ever happened this isn’t all I’m doing most people that switch over to this style of eating are surprised with how little time it takes I just had the best breakfast ever I mean it only took a couple of minutes and it’s done don’t mess around with anything stay focused you know it’s you know a raw apples better for you then cook so ether oo Apple listen your instincts how do you know that I’ll never stop you you got to eat living food to get life that’s about money another big myth is people think to get this big you have to workout at the gym every day I workout only twice a week 30 minutes is all I need probably three times a week I work each muscle group only once a week that’s how I workout few days a week my workouts take Wendy less time I can get a full body workout in that’s 30 minutes but very very high intensity so what exercises do we do in the gym well first of all it doesn’t even have to be the gym we can do this stuff anywhere it can be a playground in a hotel room the living room the bedroom the kitchen the backyard with a partner in the park the garage will pretty much anywhere you don’t need fancy gym equipment and machinery you just have to work out your muscles when I first started out I so concentrated how much weight could you look how much can you bench how much can you squat what’s interesting the more successful I got in the sport of bodybuilding guy veteran veteran better actually was using less and less weight and that when I switched to raw food from a meteor side I was able to speed up my workouts radically my recovery improves a lot quicker and this allowed me to have more energy and dynamics I was able to take a weight that was a fraction what I could actually lift and work my muscles so much harder there’s a whole different world out there don’t be afraid go for it get younger get stronger I’m eating for five or six bucks a day I feel awesome that allows me to use way way way less protein say some of my other competitors who are eating a lot of meat and eating 2 3 4 5 500 grams of protein a day and creating all sorts of acidic nature waste products in the body uric acid and that’s our thing I’m eating 50 to 100 grams of protein and producing better results feeling better feeling more energy feeling more flex I’ve done it both ways so I’m one of the rare cases that can compare the two me eating raw foods and vegetable plant life is the best way to do that it’s just living food it’s really just logic it’s just common sense to don’t kill life in food because it’s you’re not going to get any any results I just feel a higher potential [Music] I don’t even need that much sleep either we normally sit for five hours a day bye-bye lactic acid and it’s it’s just absolutely unbelievable how you can reduce muscle soreness you can reduce inflammation now you take people that have swelling on the joints maybe they were in a you know a football players nothing make a special make the 11.5 water wrap it in a towel and literally watch the swelling go down in just a few minutes I have to give my body a break because I kinda stopped getting strength too fast take any pills no pills zero no powders no powders no pills just raw plants just eat free – they’re sort of cheap this and vegetables and in ten minutes a day I can get a complete workout because I travel a lot and it’s so fun most people were surprises when I was getting ready for my national bodybuilding championships I didn’t do regular cardio you know I’m really feeling a nice stretch here in my calves and hamstrings and it’s very very easy and it’s fun you know you don’t have to be a technical person you don’t anything doesn’t cost anything you know it’s great way to go on a date go on a stretch date stretch yourself you can feel I can literally feel her shoulders open up better you look yeah it’s really a mental thing and if I get my mind in the right place the food the nutrients the right things will naturally flow into my life flow into my cells and they do that when you’re relaxed not when you’re tensed be a new person be what you wanna be try for 30 days go to the gym do your workouts and see because that more muscle inside your body this is the real thing from professional world-class bodybuilders to penniless cab drivers they all have the same things in common this three disc set reveals their secrets what they eat how they work out and what a typical day and week is want some real healthy muscle listen to the world’s top experts in the world of true all-natural bodybuilding there you go baby all greens superfoods right there 100% raw let the videos in this DVD set be an inspiration to spark you into a new amazing way of living high-five [Music]

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  1. Why can I just pay over paypal? Could you add another service (e.g google checkout, …) Otherwise I'm not able to get this DVD set. Hope that's possible.

  2. @nocomment8273 You don't need a paypal account- it also takes credit cards (international credit cards). You can also do Western Union, money order, bank wire transfer, sheep, goats, gold, silver, coins, etc πŸ™‚

  3. I'm not a body builder, but I have noticed that my muscle is so much denser, and I am much stronger on a low fat raw diet.

  4. @koaislove
    He eats just one meal a day- usually just a head of kale with an avocado and some raisins and peanuts, and maybe a banana. I know it's hard to believe but it's true. He's a super nice guy, real genuine. You can email him personally at [email protected]

  5. What would you recommend for someone as far as protein intake for a 150-160lber? Just started eating raw and am wondering what you'd considered sound advice.

  6. I've just ordered the DVD set. Live in the UK so it'll take 3-4 weeks to get here!! Arrghh can't wait that long haha. Looking forward to starting it (I'm already vegetarian – but do eat eggs, dairy and fish) so will be hard to give these things up. But will give it a go!!


  7. @Johnwingchun
    The basic idea is to eat things the way you find them in nature- and for some raw foodists, raw eggs and raw goats milk are found in nature. Personally I don't have a goat or chickens, so Kale is doing fine for now πŸ™‚

  8. @mikek241
    Humans are built for survival. They can eat anything. The consideration is for how long. If there is absolutely nothing else available, then meat is an option, but nowadays it's not a survival thing anymore. Why kill if we don't have to. That's part of evolution too. Anyway, read "The China Study" – a study of 6,500 people preformed by Cornell University- half the people ate meat, the other half didn't. Read what happened πŸ™‚

  9. Markus I love these videos. They're so inspiring. I was born with Cone Dystrophy which is a retinal visual imparement. I'm starting to transition into raw food and its been fantastic. i hope it can help my eyes out tho. Do you have any suggestions about what foods I can eat to heal my eye sight? I read I need vitamin A

  10. @leahcimrac
    Your eyes are connected to the rest of your body (and soul). If they are not working right, it means other parts of your body are not working right. If your were born that way, you were born with a deficiency. This can be helped for sure. I am coming out with a book within the next month about how to read your body. In the mean time, I have a PDF specifically on eyesight you can download at HealYourself101 com

  11. @MarkusRothkranz Thanks alot Markus I will download that PDF soon as i can. Love what your doing for the world. I've actually started adding in Carrot juices into my diet and its helped a great deal with my health and eyesight. I'm hoping to do my first juice feast for a 21 day period. I read that its a good way to detox and transition into raw foods. Thanks again and hope you come to Wales sometime in your travels.

  12. Thankyou for your wonderful information..I was a vegetarian for 3 years,and still had problems..I have now gone raw 90% for the last 5 weeks,and all my cellulite has gone! I can see better!! I do not have mood swings, I feel lighter and I can even see without my glasses…I am getting younger all the time!! Thank you for what you do,you certainly are a blessing to the world!! Raw Baby!!

  13. I hear its good…already broken down amino acids for quicker conversion into our protein is what I believe makes it good….also celery.

  14. Im confused about what you eat in 1 day… I see vids of raw vegans eatin like 40 lbs of fruit… 30 bananas … That is wayyy more than $6 a day.. I really want to go raw vegan but i cannot find a straight answer about what to eat to bodybuild and be healthy (get all necessary protein nutrients carbs and calories)… Please if anyone can advise thank you

  15. yeah that is true. humans have been eating meat since around a million to 2million years now. how ever we were apes for much longer period of time. we were pure raw food eating apes for aleast 10 to 20 million years before the first humans started to appear. so our bodies we pretty adapted to consume raw fruits and veggies. and it will take a lot more than 2 million years of meat eating evolution to undo 20 million years of raw food consumption,

  16. Heres a great acronym to remember: W.O.M.A.N.
    W Water
    O Oxygen
    M Minerals
    A Alkalinity
    N Nutrition
    Raw Foodism is an incredible way to meet all of these needs basic needs. For me, the optimum bodybuilding diet is a Raw Food Diet with the exceptions of (cooked) beans, legumes, brown rice, quinoa, and yams.

  17. remember, they eat food uncooked, which keeps all the enzymes and nutrients intact. Also it is not so much what you eat or how much you eat but more so how much you can absorb. That is to do with metabolism and state of mind.

  18. How long have you been vegan? I notice that people who go raw vegan, or even vegan, their muscles aren't as defined as meat eaters? why? this is from the point of view of a curious person, not meant to be critical πŸ™‚

  19. Do you have any evidence that humans have any heritable characteristic that unequivocally indicates that humans have a specific need to consume flesh?

    Can you point to any heritable human characteristic that we have ONLY because it makes our body better adapted to hunting, or consuming, digesting, or metabolizing animal protein or fat?

    The fact that stone age humans did eat meat does not in itself prove that humans have any heritable (genetic) characteristics specifically adapted flesh-eating.

  20. muscle is muscle… muscle definition is based on the amount of fat around your muscles… one would expect a vegan to have more definition since they eat less fat(fat mostly comes from animal products)

  21. Since going fruit-based VEGAN (80/10/10) back on xmas 2010 I feel like a gorilla, on less than 10% average protein in my whole foods. I'm always getting stronger and recovery is incredible! So glad to be part of this ever growing vegan movement πŸ™‚

  22. I have noticed vegans are generally more cut/ripped/defined, but it is important to remember that still only a couple percent of the world are vegan (although that number seems to be doubling every time i check!!!!)

  23. I would life to go vegan again, except I did not thrive. I lost muscle mass, and my workouts suffer. I would be open to any suggestions or titles to check out.

  24. It's simple. Just eat a lot of calories and don't get hung up about eating clean. I'm a vegan, eat a lot, and get asked if I'm on steroids at the gym. I don't even take any supplements.

  25. Rob, good question, yeah $6 might be possible if you are just eating rice.I have been investigating the 80 10 10 diet for about a year, really hard to transition but I have been making green smoothies with hemp seeds, greens,bananas and grapes or an orange or blueberries.Bananas are great because they are calorically dense as are dates.Use cronometer, its free to track your calories,3000 a day minimum, more if you are lifting.I have been eating some cooked veggies and curried veges at night.

  26. good luck to him but I hate it when people compare us to other animals, I am not a moose, I think…I THINK I have didn't genetics to a MOOSE, if I ate grass and berries everyday I couldn't hold on to muscle BUT can get protein from seeds. FISH is very good for you though.

  27. Agreed, a person doesn't need meat to get built and that a person can can workout anywhere and doesn't need a gym membership, you look at people like Charles Atlas that only did Dynamic Tension and bodyweight exercises and look how strong and built he was, plus its free!

  28. So basically the Raw Vegan Diet Activates your potential in your DNA? Hmmmm. I need this. Just ordered the CD can't wait to change my life for the better.Β 

  29. What is the purpose of getting a ripped muscular body if we cant have the food we enjoy.Life will be totally boring…….

  30. It didn't work for me…I have the same energy to work out but my body doesn't grow. After 2.5 months, despite eating well (variously with a lot of greens), I lost my muscle, my butt just disappeared and I look skinny (but ripped). Before, on a vegan diet I was fine… Maybe I'm in detoxing phase and my body needs to be clean.I guess it definitely works for overweights to get fit but for ectomorphs?!!…Anyways, I'm gonna stick to it patiently to see what will happen..

  31. Hi Mark I am aΒ  3 year vegan and I have a passion to go raw vegan. I am extremely athletic and now I have the confidence to go raw vegan with this dvd. THANK YOU been looking for something like this for years!!!!

  32. I love this video man! You make the best videos ^___^ I like how Wade is Sun gazing in this video haha It's crazy how it's been like days that they sprayed all these fake clouds to block out the sun, but that's not going to stop me.. I noticed from 11-3 the uv rays is too high, even they spray I can still get a good amount of light into my body πŸ™‚ Thanks again for your awesome videos πŸ™‚

  33. I'm confused. Is this video promoting body building through raw foods, or strength training through raw foods? The two are completely different issues, requiring different types of training, but the presenters in the video seem to be equating size and strength. Can you please help and clarify, Markus?

  34. I kinda didn't like the the dvd. Pretty much everything in the dvd is in the trailer. I don't think it was worth the $40 bucks. Could've been better made πŸ™ and more dense in information regarding diet and what to eat. Still like you Markus. You're good guy.

  35. gotta love wade.lightheart (mcnutt) .. and markus rothkranz… heros of the forest…planet healers and peace keepers 101 forces !!! [email protected] loved my week with wade and fresh retreat eternal wellness.. we helped revamp and i got to dig back in as i helped as the health practitioner doing massage oils raindrop and de-colon hydro sol therapy ………… πŸ™‚

  36. That's A Cool Video. I'm All About Raw Vegan Lifting Myself. Check my channel If you got the Time People. All The Best for 2017. PEACE.

  37. Thank you so much dearest sweetiesπŸ’
    You're such an inspiration πŸ™πŸ˜‡
    Stay Blessings always πŸ•‰πŸ’–

  38. Showcasing people who are successful at bodybuilding and do not take protein powders or eat meat is maybe one of the most helpful and radical videos that could be produced. Most bodybuilders are so misinformed about a quality diet and the misinformation just gets recirculated and regurgitated over and over. This is great stuff and totally brilliant. Ive been 100% raw since 2017 and my workouts and recovery have been the best of my life.

  39. Markus, please interview again these and other raw vegans that have a fair amount of
    muscle on their body.
    Danny Dalton, in particular, is someone who would be good to interview since it has been nearly ten years since you last interviewed him. It would be great to see how he is managing after all these years.

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