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Hey guys. Welcome to another TwoSet Violin episode. The soloist here today is called Ray Chen, and he’s here to take on the challenge
to see if he’s worthy enough of the- Ling Ling Workout. Brett: Okay. Ray Chen is a Taiwanese-Australian violist, he was the- VIOLINIST! He was the first prize winner of the 2008 International Menuhin Competition, 2009 Queen Elisabeth Competition, Woah! 2010 Awesome Violin Player, 2011 Epic Soloist, 2012 Amazing Violinist. You guys get the point. Brett: Yeah.
Eddy: He’s good. But is he good enough for the Ling Ling Workout? We shall see. You should have 2 little envelopes that we sent to you. One is called “Challenges,” and one is called “Pieces.” Ray: That’s right.
Eddy: So basically what you have to do is uh… You pick one out from the pieces,
and you pick one from the challenges, and then you have to play it. Okay, so… I just… Not look and I just… What the heck? You’ve like, you’ve like put it… Ray: Okay. Ray: Wow. Brett: That’s too organized, too organized. Ray: Too organized, the paper clip-
Eddy: Sorry there. Alright, alright. I pick the piece. Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto 1st movement.
From 1st subject. Ray: Okay.
Eddy: Cool? Alright and then uh challenge… Ray: Let’s see…
Brett: Ah there’s gonna be a paper clip as well. Ray: Paper- Okay. Um, Violin on right hand/bow on left hand.
Are you serious? Yeah ha ha ha ha! Ray: From 1st I play at these… Wait, wait?
*Eddy sings* *Eddy sings* Brett: Oh, my ears! I think he’s pretty good! I actually haven’t tried this hard and failed.
It was such a… Wow! Eddy: I can see the concentration on your face.
Brett: Your face was just like oohohoh. Oh I have to, I have to… Just so I can… Like… Eddy: Just to remind yourself…
Ray: Yeah, take back a little bit of my… A little bit of my, like, you know, just, dignity. Piece again. Eddy: Yep. Uh… Let’s see here. We’ve got… The Mendelssohn Violin Concerto 1st movement. Okay, and the challenge is… Play it double speed. Ray: Double speed, okay. What’s the ordinary tempo? How do you normally play it? Eddy: Yeah. Brett: Yeah. Ray: Okay?
Brett: Okay. Double speed. *Eddy gives tempo* Eddy: And play all the way up to the…
Brett: Octaves. 1, 2, 3! Eddy: He nailed it! Woah!! That’s awesome! He actually nailed it! Holy sh*t! I don’t think so. I think that, That’s a pretty vague way of saying “nailing it.” I’m sure if one practiced that, I think it would be… That’s, that’s much more possible than the other one. Ray: So, let’s see here. Are you serious?
Ysaÿe Sonata No. 6? I don’t even remember how that goes! Can I replace it with another number, maybe? TwoSet: Okay, okay. Alright, number…
The No. 2, the one that starts with the Bach. Brett: Okay Ray: You know the *sings the piece*
Brett: That’s good. That’s fine. Brett: Alright, challenge.
Ray: Play it on the… On the G string. I knew that was gonna happen! I had a feeling of- Yes! So usually, this is what it sounds like… At least it doesn’t have chords. Brett: Yeah, there’s no chords.
Eddy: So it’s kind of doable. Eddy: He’s testing the notes. You know what? That sounds, that sounds so- Brett: Oh, dude! Wow, this is like crushing my spirit. I haven’t nailed a single one of these. Ray: Okay.
Brett: Ling Ling Workout! Eddy: Ling Ling Workout is crumbling.
Ray: Shostakovich Violin Concerto 4th mvt. Okay. Yeah. Ray: And then together with-
Brett: Oh no… Lindsey Stirling Dance I knew that was gonna happen! Wow. That actually kind of works. Alright, let me get some- Let me clear the space a little bit. Usually Shostakovich- Okay. Eddy: Haha! Eddy: He’s still nailing it.
Ray: Alright. Yes! Eddy: He’s still nailing it! There we go. Because this, I mean it’s so close to what I usually do on stage anyways. Ray: That one was normal for me. When we do, I can’t play. I just sound crap. And our contact points just go all over the place. Okay, Preludio… Oh, Preludio Solo Bach. Okay. Yes, cuz it’s basically the same, same beating. Ah- Wow, I’m like out of breath. Play with only left hand 1st finger? *mental breakdown* Wow… Eddy: How good are your shifts? One, one, one, one… You know, it’s actually okay
until you reach those string crossings. Omg, my head. Your face tenses- And guys, that’s what a Stradivari violin sounds like. Stradivarius violin sounds like- I think this is the last one. Oh Yes, it’s the last one. Okay. Paganiniana – Animato Variation Wait, do you mean like, just…
Is that, is that just like uh… The, the… or is it- You mean like that part? I, I was thinking of the chords one *Singing* You know, I actually, I actually skipped that one because Nathan Milstein skips that one in the YouTube version. So I’m uh- Brett: Oh Okay. You pick one. Gosh, I haven’t played it in a while. So. Uh… Let’s just do with that one. Brett: Okay/ Okay, let’s see. He hasn’t played it in a while. Instead of actually playing the note D, D♭, or D♯, you say your name. – YES! YES!
– That’s impossible! Do you get it? So every time there’s a “Re,” you have to say your name Ray. RAY Eddy: You played the Ray!
Ray: RAY You played the D. Oh, f- Okay, okay. Take two, take two! Take two. RAY RAY Eddy: He’s playing so many Re’s.
Ray: RAY! There’s so many! So many! RAY RAY Eddy: I think I heard like 5 actual D played- I guess you guys win. This one. Wow, that’s really difficult. Eddy: Nicely done! So, this is the Ling Ling Workout done by Ray Chen. If you guys want to hear how he actually sounds while he’s not being handicapped severely, Check out his newest album. coming out June 8th, it’s called “The Golden Age” It’s called “The Golden Age,” right? Featuring- Waltzing Matilda, Bruch Violin Concerto, and other pieces from the golden age of violin. Go check it out! Go check it out, guys.
You will not be disappointed. Go through Ling Ling Workout to sound as good as him, basically. Ling Ling Workout every day. And don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, the usual. See you guys next time. And, Ray, say goodbye to the- Alright! Bye, guys! Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “RAY CHEN ‘MENDELSSOHN’ 2X faster version (Ling Ling Workout)

  1. Wow, he still sounds better than me in the first challenge. 40 hours a day isn't working. Is there a pill I can take to improve my results?

  2. So amazing that you can get someone of this calibre to join you and be able to not take it all so seriously. Not bad for a 10 million dollar violin 😉

  3. ray pull ysaye sonata number 6, dan forget how to play it.
    also ray back to 2009, play sonata number 6 in Queen Elisabeth competition in semifinal

  4. I actually heard Ray Chen & Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra performance video of Mendelsohn first before watching this video and i really thought the video got an error where it sped up and it actually didn't. It was just Ray hahahahahh

  5. Actually, I watched this video sometime ago..and now I watch it again. I like to see Ray Chen being a good sport to Ling Ling workout and having fun.

  6. You can tell Ray has a really competitive personality.
    I guess if he had more time, he'd just practice until he aced those challenges. Just not getting it on point seems to bug him so much, I can see how he got up to this level.

  7. The "Ray" in between the music sounds like an uncultured swine interrupting a piece. I keep imagining a woman's raspy cigarette damaged voice yelling "Ray?! Ray!? Ray!?… where are ya your mother's lookin for ya!?" "Ray!?"

  8. Trying to play with only first finger is like the violin equivalent of forcing a touch typist to use the two-finger hunt and peck method.

  9. You know that a violinist is really good when his or her left hand looks like it teleports up and down the violin so much that it looks like cg

  10. One day somebody will break a 300year old violin that is considered ireplaceable because somebody asked him to play a piece Lindsey Stirling style.

  11. I was actually at a state orchestra and we were having chair auditions, and then one person went up and he had a broken left hand so the only finger that was free for him to use that wasn't in the cast was his first finger, so he had to play all these pieces with only the first finger for an audition, and then he got to the chords excerpt and you could hear a very audible and heavy sigh 😂

  12. Is it just me or some of these challenges are way harder than those with Hilary Hahn? Or maybe that's bc Hilary is such a god that makes every challenge looks way easier…

  13. When you are so intimidated to those famous violinist, you let them do the lingling workout to regain your self esteem as he destroys his dignity.

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