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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Man, the Razor it’s for everyone man. I love
it. A 13 year old kid can love it. A 62 year old woman can love it and benefit from it
like nothing else. That’s the beautiful part about it is it’s universally accepted across
the board on any fitness level, it’s just awesome. I was speaking to the factory earlier,
how we reached different heights in our fitness, how we push ourselves, how we adapt, how our
bodies continually learn how to adapt, and to this day because of the Razor I’m still
adapting to new heights and new levels of fitness that I didn’t know existed. That’s
what’s awesome about it. The Razor, it’s for everybody. There’s so many different levels,
different avenues to take it, to use it, and to fit it into any program or follow my program.
It doesn’t matter you can use it across the board. I think everybody needs to go out and
buy Razor. For somebody that wants to get their abs ripped
up and just kind of lean out and get that solid core than the Razor where it’s at man.
It is everything you do with the Razor is core oriented and everything. You go doing
chest fly and your core is engaged. You could do a bicep curl and your core’s engaged. It
works it and it constantly works the core. It’s not only working the core, it’s teaching
your core how to functionally move with the body part you’re working. Alright, I’m going
to hit my biceps today. I understand my biceps, I’m hitting my biceps, and tearing-up my core,
and getting that functional just awesome news out of it. That’s what it is. For someone
who want to get ripped up and have the core you need to work this into 30% to 40%. I call
it the 30% to 40% model on any routine, just switch the Razor to 30%, 40% of all exercises
during that day done.

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