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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider more than
just muscle I want to share a little bit of a vlog on why I decided to not
compete in the IFP a pro in men’s physique or any type of competitions
probably for a very long time I would consider myself semi-retired right now
and the reason why I am semi-retired right now is because the guys in men’s
physique are just getting so large now it’s becoming more of a bodybuilding
show just in swim trunks and I don’t really like that kind of stuff I like
the aesthetics of a person that can fit into clothes better that can fit into
the designer jeans that they desire to fit into suits and look good in suits
not look like a block I mean have you ever seen some of these body butters or
even physique competitors now they look horrible in suits they look actually if
they look stupid looking all honestly they just don’t dumb and that’s the
thing like I don’t want to look like that and that’s my personal preference
some people might like that so that’s my opinion and then you might have a
different opinion about that but I just don’t like that look
and here’s the thing guys I might wait until I’m probably in my masters and
that’s a few years from now but the thing is I want to come into masters
looking great and shredded and looking aesthetic as well I don’t want to lose
that part of men’s physique and bodybuilding like in the days of Steve
Reeves of the aesthetics it was all about the aesthetics about the
proportion of the shoulders the waist legs not being too blocky and not having
too big of a chest not having your arms overpower anything but having a great
lean physique as well and that’s what I loved about bodybuilding so that’s no
reason why I’m quitting and then other you get too obsessed you get too
obsessed with building your body when you’re competing for 3 to 6 months I
would literally not progress in my work my relationships our friends or career
because I was just bodybuilding I was just lifting eating dieting lifting 80
dieting sleeping and repeat rinse I it was just a lifestyle that was not for me
I wasn’t I was missing out on things I really enjoy and I gotta tell
you in the Naturals there’s not much money involved right now and the thing
is there’s very few people in the naturals that can really make a ton of
money and I just couldn’t see myself making that sacrifice because there are
some stuff that you take that’s questionable if it’s natural or not it
feels a little weird the fact that you can get it one month and then six months
later you’re like well what the heck happened to this supplement oh the FDA
took it off alright next and that’s the thing guys I want to go into my next
bodybuilding show as a masters and be totally none of that other shady stuff
maybe take some Elsa – Elsa : essentially mallet and some creatine
hydrochloride go into the show dry out for the week before or go in there pump
up and just get a little bit of a tan and going there looking aesthetic that’s
how I want to kill it next time and I want to do when I have a little bit more
free time – it becomes obsessive it becomes your life it becomes
self-absorbed it also becomes one of those things where actually now that I’m
saying this it makes me not want to do it again but I know I’m gonna wanted to
step on stage once more of what I’m a little bit older – because I believe I’m
probably going to age into those masters class pretty gracefully at least that’s
what I hope for and if I don’t then I won’t ever do one again that’s just the
way it’s gonna go for me and there was a lot of pressure on myself and there’s
also a lot of things that it ruined a lot of relationships I’ve had in the
past people didn’t see it for a long time and it’s just not the way I want to
live even though I had pancakes almost every day before I got into the men’s
physique show it still was a little strenuous in this sense of like well if
I had my pancakes I couldn’t go out with my friends later
that week or that day I had to really be concerned about just
hitting everything perfectly because they didn’t want to win you want to go
in there looking your best and then you have to pay to go into the show you
don’t make money in the show as a competitor unless you win in the pros so
that’s the thing you pay for the spray tan you pay for the board shorts you pay
to get there to stay come the drug tests you pay it’s just like oh my god what
did I just do this for just so I could show off my suppose if I’m on stage if
next time I’m going into a pro show I’m gonna go over the place I want to go in
there win get this week it has supplements sponsored that I really
believe in or maybe I’ll even create a supplement by that time the thing is I’m
just going through all the things that I’m not really really happy with the
natural bodybuilding and I don’t want to do because I definitely think that if I
didn’t want to compete at a higher level like the IFBB they’re taking shit that
we know is not really legal and the thing is that’s what I wanna see though unfortunately that is
what makes money people want to see these freakishly large necks and veins
and stuff so you can’t blame the bodybuilders for that because that’s
what you buy into that’s what gets the crowd going that’s what gets tough Oh
God and that’s what gets people inspire or
aspire to look like that and be that way it’s a different culture the thing is
I’m not shitting on that culture I’m just saying that’s not something that
I’m not sure I want to get into that’s not the trade-off that I want I mean you
look at Ronnie Coleman he was like 40 years old he had to get both hips
replaced front with y’all niche I don’t know how my recovery is going I can’t go
up today well uh I will be walking soon I don’t want that I’d rather just have
this and not that so that’s the trade-off I have to make and it could be
yours too but those are some things you have to consider and that’s why I don’t
want to do with a pro level at the IFBB either want to stay with the natural
levels and guys please subscribe to my youtube channel I hope you found value
in this or at least it got your wheels turn a little bit and you can make
decisions for yourself if you’re interested in my nutrition and training
programs you can take one of my muscle and strength programs by taking the body
design tool it’s a survey you fill out a few questions and it’ll guide you to the
proper workout program and nutrition for you see you guys soon


  1. That makes sense. You don't want to be fat or too muscular. People that are too muscular aren't as attractive as people think because they don't look realistic or human, similar to really overweight people.

  2. Do what brings you joy.
    I have to agree about the extremism in body building, but that's just a personal preference.
    Be well ☺

  3. Frank zane father of calesthenics, i think in my opinion one of the best physiques of all time is chet yorton(bodybuilder) '76 or '77 were his best years anything bigger is too damn big like you said.Chet in them years looks like he is still very flexible, agile and yes probably looks very well in a them days judges looked for symmetry, definition etc.

  4. well, I am still trying to build muscle. but lately I am weaning myself from gymming everyday. I miss being with myself and my family. more to life.

  5. It’s a tough call man. I’m 28 and in all honesty, have my best years ahead. However, I think for naturals there isn’t a superfluous nature to competing, because there really isn’t the attention (or prize money) that other shows garner, in the UK at least.

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