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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys this is IFBB Pro Jose
Raymond and Regan Grimes IFBBPro and today we’re going to do a chest workout we started with cable flyes something
nice and easy to get a warm up we left that machine feeling really pumped and
ready to move some stuff when I do these I start I’ll do five real close to my
body then five out a little further five even further out I always bring my my pinkies together
it’s gonna be bottom it’s always good you know to train with a training
partner sometimes you know you get stuck in your own ways and you know it’s good
to to hear it from somebody else or train with somebody else so you’re
actually switching it up and hitting different muscles like you don’t hit
at home after the cable flyes we went right into
dumbbell incline press where we you know started off with a lighter weight around
seventy-five pounds to about twelve to fifteen reps and then we progressively
went heavier as the sets went on all right yeah these are what I like to call the
Flintstone weights they’re actually a solid mass of weight where a lot of the
other dumbbells are plates put together and they’re about this long these things
were just solid mass like I could barely put my hand in between them but it makes it a
lot easier to balance as Regan said it makes it a lot easier to get a full
contraction they’re not smacking into each other really cool York old-school
dumbbells and we’re old school kind of people so this fit perfectly yeah to us we’re bodybuilders and I like in
training to a day out on the golf course you know we don’t golf but to a bunch of
friends that like to go golfing you know that’s their time together and get to
hang out shoot the shit us we go to the gym you know we get to spend time
together get to know each other better and you know it’s a good time we then moved on to the legend lever
edge incline press which is similar to like a hammer strength plate loaded
machine it’s a little higher of an incline than we were on with the
dumbbells so it was important for us to try to hit many different angles which
we did this machine was a pleasant surprise because we got a really good
stretch really good squeeze and I liked how like the actual the handles were
were bent inwards so you at the top of the movement you could really really
flex the pecs in the middle so I do four rapid-fire constant tension
that I do four pausing at the bottom of the full stretch position then I do four
wrap it again it just increases the time under tension it’s just another
intensity technique without necessarily having to go super super heavy I’m
trying to keep my shoulders you know retracted and really at the top of the
movement making sure kind of like pretend that
you’re gonna bring your elbows together like squeezing this way instead of just
like pressing the weight so I really squeeze at the top so for flat press this was our fourth
exercise you know that the pump is settled in you know you’re starting to
get a little bit of muscle fatigue but this is at the point of the workout
where you really got to push through if you want to see the results so this one
you know we kept the same same tempo progressive you know every set we go a
little bit heavier pushing ourselves and when we started this one we actually
went with a neutral grip it’s slowly the second and third set we turn it into a
little more of in the middle and it just started it felt better on the chest and
a little bit more off the triceps and pain in the elbows the last movement we did we moved on to
the machine Pec deck or fly machine same thing lots of squeezing moderate
weight to start so that’s what I always try to like
bring again bring my pinkies inwards karate chop
it takes like your shoulders out of it so it’s like while I’m coming down
I turned inwards like that it like the elbows yeah pops my chest up and when I
feel like it takes the shoulders out of it oh all right muscle and strength this
concludes our chest workout I hope you learned something and can take some of
these tips with you thank you for watching and make sure you subscribe

20 thoughts on “Regan Grimes vs. Jose Raymond – Heavy Bodybuilding Chest Workout @ M&S Gym

  1. Regan looks like a big baby with a beard and fluffy muscles.
    I heard talk that he's gonna compete in Classic. To be honest, there is no way they are gonna pick him to be the champion representing the sport, over guys like Breon and Chris.

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