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*epic music*OK *epic music* *epic music* LOGAN PAUL VLOGS 11/02/17 Yo *Trumpet Sounds* What are you doing? Ey Yo good morning logang what’s poppin Jeffin my g! Brendan yo guys. Oh sh** Watch out hay! I spent the whole morning shooting! Look at me! I’m a mess! There’s slime on my body! I can’t tell you what it’s for. It sucks. It’s even in my hair tho it’s like a “big secret”. You’ll find out soon. But the point is i’m a mess! What the fu** am i wearing?! AGGGGGG It’s just doesn’t make any sense! Logang yesterday we dropped maverick bottoms. Why would i not be wearing them?! No joke their too lit. I know for a fact Lydia’s wearing them. Lydia! Snap your- Cut to weird sounds Joggers, Marble shorts, athletic shorts, leggings for the females. Thank you maverick. Ya you guys know if you buy merch on the site for the like next 38 hours. it could be joggers, pants, hoodies whatever you want! Oh by the way The favorite hoodie is back “Still got my Favourite Hoodie” I’m goona choose 5 of you guys to uh Come in and just talk to me, chat about whatever While i’m on instagram live Ya its a new feature I figured why not talk to the Logang So…*Maverick squaking*: Yes he said it for me Guys get your merch LOGANPAUL.COM/SHOP Or link in the description, it is not a joke guys The Maverick movement is officially. The Maverick revolution. This, this logo means so much, its about people not being afraid to pursue their passions, or follow their dreams Regardless Of what The nay-sayers Do or Think We aren’t drones like 99% of society we we act independently, we do are own thing. AND SO THATS WHAT IT IS AND NOW WE HAVE BOTTOMS, TO ACCOMPANY THAT! YO, IT’S TOO REAL SON, YOUR BOY CANT BE STOPPED! AHH yo, we should get rid of this rental furniture before i destroy it We should definitely then i have to buy it all What are you doing? I’m trying to pick you up just be be my friend Maybe he doesn’t like the colour your hand is? OHHH This is from the slime bro, he’s definitely afraid of it. Damn, he doesn’t like the blue! Yo, so crazy Heheh, what’re you doing? Come here! Come here, come here, hahaha Why don’t you love me?! I named a clothing brand after you! Maybe try your other hand. Oh yo, what the *bleep* Maverick sees more colours than i do, bro! So guys, if you remember, yesterday, ahh we put 3000 pounds of dry ice in that pool *beat starts* Lets go Yeah, that was dope. So, if you’re not apart of the Logang, yeah ahahaha, you good? Make sure to subscribe, we are the fastest growing channel, on YouTube. We are the strongest family on YouTube. Guys, we’re just the best, on YouTube. And that is a fact, so hit the subscribe button for me. Umm, but, it was fun, right? But there was one person here who wasn’t here, who I love and I wish was here. Huhh, my second roommate DwarfMamba. HAHA, cute little dwarf But now he’s back! And he’s in his room right now and he’s been missing from my vlog for like 4 days AKA no brainer, your boy is not happy SO! Cause the merch is selling like a God church *beat plays* Yo, Evan? AW JESUS! Is your weiner out? Evan! *screaming* OW OW OW YO, what’s new? Evan’s playing video games and Aria’s bahack Hi sweetie! This is f*cking gross, Evan. Let’s play a game called how many STDs does Aria’s cast have. Good to see ya, Evan. The uh Maverick bottoms dropped, kind of a big deal Well do you have, uh, youth sizes? Youth sizes? As a matter of fact, we do DON’T SIT ON HER! Woo hoow. Evan, you’ve missed, literally so much while you were gone bro, uhh roll the clip *beat plays* IT’S MY BIG DAYY OOOH Look at all that stuff you missed, Evan. I didn’t see anything. Well it was in the edit, you missed it. You can catch it tomorrow on uhh I already subscribed That’s muh boy! Bro, you know whats going down today? The art in the gym? Yeah bro The gym’s done and I think they’re waiting on us bro, to show us. I think they’re ready. LET’S GO! Logan Paul, your gym is ready here’s the deal, it’s a big deal. Look bro, there you are DwarfMamba! Yo, it is a big deal and that is a fact! Ok, so this is the team. Guys, they have been slaving for what? What? 3, 4 days now? I f*cking love you guys! Woo hoo. Aye I haven’t even seen it and I know it’s gonna be so dope. Here’s why its special, because when they got here, we all had like a brainstorming session and they came up to me and they pitched me ideas and you’ll see everything in there has something to do with our lives, like it’s not just like random art, like though went into it and it’s amazing We talked to your dad. What?! We talked to your mom. I didn’t know that, WTF?! We talked to your friends. HAHAHA. And all other things that make you wanna get swollen. Okay, yes yes yes You know at the end of the day, it is a gym my man and I are gonna get AYEEE. It’s our thing I have a feeling I’m gonna get excited, when i see this, cause I really love art. You’re gonna get emotional. I won’t get emotional, I’ll just get excited, that’s why I had Lydia bring a plate I got you I feel like I need a like a blindfold or something bro. I was gonna say diaper. Diaper? You need to s*it though, hahaha. Probably. I don’t meet people who grind as hard as me, and they got to work right away. The A team, it’s no joke. They are the A team Okay, We’re outside and around This isn’t for the vlog he has not seen this (“No I Haven’t”) Since the first *Can’t figure out word*

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