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Hey friends wassup this is NITIN SHARMA and
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I’m going to review a protein supplement Bcoz from last few days some
of you are asking me which supplement is to prefer which supplement is best in the market
and this video is for you so that you can buy
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Today I’m going to review ISO-100 hydrolysed DYMATIZE whey protein. First we understand what is ISO-100. It means 100% isolated
And hydrolysed means it contains high amount of protein and 0% fat and sugar
There are 3 types of protein Concentrated contains low amount of protein
and contains fat
Isolated contains low amount of fat Hydrolysed contains high amount of protein
and 0% fat and sugar Let’s check the ingredients There are few parameters with the help of
which we can check the quality of protein Mix ability :- well and good I’ll give 9/10
Taste:- depends on you which one you like the most like strawberry, birthday cake, chocolate
I like gourmet chocolate it’s my fav flavour and when you’ll try this you’ll get to know
how much good it is. Price:- as I’ve already told you it is hydrolysed
whey protein so it must be costly around 6500-7000 bucks depends upon how the online sites are
selling this item. It’s gluten free and it contains leucine which
is alpha amino acids helps in the synthesis of protein in our body. I hope guys you’ll like my video. Friends it’s a honest review and Do like comment
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