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Hey everyone, it’s Doctor Jo and Bailey. I
got an email from Adam, he was asking me how to stretch his Rhomboid Muscles so let’s get
going. The Rhomboids are the muscles that squeeze our shoulder blades back together
back there, so to stretch them out, you want to do forward motions. So the first stretch.
Bring your arm that you want to stretch the Rhomboid across your body and take the other
one and pull it up. So it’s almost like you’re making a figure 4 position. Hold it there
for 30 seconds, and then relax it, and do that 3 times. Stretching out that way. The
next stretch, take your hands and clasp them together. This will stretch both sides of
the Rhomboids out. Tuck your chin in and push forward as hard as you can and kind of arch
your back. Hold it for 30 seconds. And then you relax, and do that 3 times. The next one,
you’re gonna bring your legs out, cross one over that’s the opposite side of the shoulder
that you want to stretch. Bring your elbow to the knee and push that way so your body
is going this way. And that will stretch that Rhomboid on that side. Again, hold that for
30 seconds, and do that 3 times. And you can switch sides and do it on the other side.
The last stretch, you can get on all 4s. Cross your hands, and then arch up like a cat. Again
hold it for 30 seconds, if you can’t quite hold it for 30 seconds, just go about 10-15
seconds. Relax down and then go back up for 30 seconds. There you have it. So those were
the stretches for your Rhomboid muscles. Which are the ones that squeeze your shoulder blades
together. So if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. And if you’d
like to check out some other videos, go to Don’t forget to follow me
on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better

86 thoughts on “Rhomboid Muscle Pain Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. They are pretty adorable. Good thing too because they can be so bad sometimes!! I tell them they are lucky they are so cute!!

  2. The cat stretch and the child's pose are good stretches for those. I think those are in my back flexion stretches video.

  3. I just recently started doing PUMP class (weight lifting) and my left upper back/shoulder is killing me! It hurts worse in some positions and when I breath deeply. Could it be the rows/deadlifts? Is it likely to be my rhomboid muscles? Waiting on an appointment with my PCP. P.S. those stretches see to relieve the pain a little, thanks for the video!

  4. It sounds like the Rhomboids, and possibly your errector spinae muscles. I also have some back flexion stretches you might want to try. Hopefully those will help some too. Good luck!

  5. Have you ever used foamrollers or rumble rollers for your major & minor rhombus muscles? To relieve pain, knots or tightness?

  6. You helped me so much with my stiff neck and now I have a strained muscle between my shoulder blade and spine. I am going to do these exercises to see if it helps and will let you know how it goes. I have been suffering with numbness into the radial nerve in my elbow and tingling in my fingers which I would have thought came from my c-spine but I have definite muscular pain/knot in between my shoulder blade and spine. Will let you know. You are the best!!!!!

  7. @AskDoctorJo Hey Doctor Jo! I really enjoyed your video. I have been experiencing back pain for almost 3 weeks now. This whole time I've been trying to figure out how I got the back pain. I went swimming for the first time in years, a few weeks ago. I didnt feel any pain during swimming or after. I got on a not so good water slide that day and then I also laid in the grass that day too on my towel for about an hour or so. I dont know if all that activity caused my right rhombus pain or the strain I may have put on my back from all the heavy lifting and frequent arm movement I do at my job. I work in retail and we're always stocking merchandise. I work in the home section, where Im sometimes lifting somewhat heavy stuff and constantly moving things around. Im 5'2, 127lbs and too much movement period wears me out. I just wanted to ask you do you think my back pain was caused from just work prior to me swimming or from just swimming and then going to work the next day unaware of my injury and made it worse by lifting? Mind you, I worked the day before I went swimming and the day after. Im still in pain now and I dont know what to do or if theres any medicines I should take? I could really use your help and sorry for the long message! I just wanna get rid of this problem, before I go swimming again this Saturday.

  8. Awesome!   At the end of the day, during the evening, my back starts getting very tense and tight…sometimes so bad its diff for me to open my rib cage and get good deep breaths.  I googled, back pain, trying to find some relief ( I usually have my hubby pop my back)  but hes not here tonight.  So, found this video…did the stretches…Amazing!  I'm going to have to do these every night!  THankyou so much! 

  9. Oh, your video was so helpful. I'm going to find you on fb.  I am R.N. and so is my husband, and know a lot of people who are doing fitness etc.  You would be so helpful for them!  I'm gonna have to refer your page!  

  10. @askdoctorjo I've had pain between my shoulders for ages and I've tried stretches but the next day they start to hurt again?

  11. I pulled my left rhomboid (yoga) and used your video for stretches at night. It helps! Thanks! I believe in Rock Tape (kinesiology tape) for when I'm really hurting yet still want to train. It truly helps me. The Rock Tape brand is my fav. Have you tried it? What's your thoughts on the tape?
    My 4 year old loves watching your dogs sleep in the background!

  12. Hello,I have cervical herniated disc on neck C4-C5 ,so my question is can I do exercise for rhomboids,traps,shoulders and deltoids with resistance band?Or with light weights for example dummbells ?Gratefull for your answer.

  13. Great video!

    Thanks Doctor Jo.

    Quick question, i have strained my rhomboid (right side) and i cant do any heavy rowing movements or heavy benching at the gym. Im doing the stretches you suggest as well as using a foam roller twice per day. How long should this injury take to heal? And how long until i can return to rowing and deadlifting at the gym.

    Thanks very much

  14. Hello Doctor Jo, my name is Holly, and I have a question for you: should I be stretching my rhomboid muscles even if they are "pulled?" I slept funny the other night, and have managed to pull the left rhomboid. I am unsure if it is the minor or major (maybe both), but it hurts like HELL and I can't afford to call in to work to rest it. Thoughts?
    I have been using hot rice packs and Ibuprofen. Is there anything else that I can do to help relieve some of the excruciating pain? Especially first thing in the morning when I wake up screaming and crying?

  15. i love Dr. Joe's videos ! not only very useful but the dogs are amazing! they have different personalities and it looks as if they understand what Dr. Joe is teaching. I'm starting to try these for my rhomboid injury. Thank you Doctor Joe!

  16. Is there any way to get rid of Rhomboid Muscle Pain permanently? please help
    it starts when i lifted a heavy weight (to develop a big Trapezius), and the pain comes whenever my head is forward for a long period.
    also, why i feel the pain? what is wrong with the muscle? why is it sending the information?

  17. Any advice if these don't help? I have daily pain under the medial end of my scapula and these stretches are nice while I do them but after it still hurts 🙁

  18. I am doing judo and next sunday i will go to tournament and ı have I'm suffering from Rhomboid.. ı bought a pain band but ı dont know use this band

  19. Hey doc. Is rhomboid pain common when it comes to deadlifting injuries? I was deadlifting about 3 weeks ago and hurt what I found out was my rhomboid muscle (on the left side) I iced it massaged it but didn't stretch it because I didn't know how until I saw this video. Then today I was deadlifting today and the same thing happened I pulled and 3/4's the way to the top my upper back made a popping sound. Now my rhomboid muscle hurts. As you can imagine I immediately stopped lifting went home and layed in bed. There's some moderate pain there. Any advice on how to prevent this from happening again? Thanks!

  20. Hi Dr Jo – I've had pain in the rhomboids for months – I've felt like they "turned off" during a strenuous pull up workout last summer. I finally had an EMG yesterday and the dorsal scapular nerve is pinched somewhere. The DSN innervates the levator scapulae, rhomboid minor and rhomboid major – the levator and minor are fine but the branch feeding the major isn't working. Have you had a patient with something similar to this and do you have any recommendations or things I could try to free it?

  21. I have a large lump the moves when I press against a ball at the lower rhomboid. When I press hard I get a really deep referred pain running upward to the upper trap. It's been this way for a few months; what's a reasonable amount of times per day to do trigger point therapy on my own? How many days/weeks of this therapy should be expected for it to go away? How should I implement these stretches with these big lumps?

  22. Dr joy firstly thanks for your skills second Ihave been complaining two weeks for rhomboid sharp pain after i had hit a pillar on the clavical front but at same time i felt like stretching of rhomboid muscles while i was playing a foot ball but to day i am feeling more better i happy for your effecient skills thanks again and again.

  23. Thank you. The first one really worked. I have done it previously but wasn't holding the stretch long enough. This time, I did it in front on my computer clock to make sure I was holding it for at least 30 seconds each time and it worked.

  24. Hi Dr. Jo! I have muscle spasm on my upper back making it hard for me to breathe. It feels like it is hindering my lungs to expand and achieve that deep breathe. I was wondering if this stretching exercise can ease my back spasm?

  25. Hi Dr Jo how are you my coach in the gym said I have nodules in my back which is hurt my back and she told me to make massage for my back … so do you think I have to see a doctor or message is good …. And is nodules serious thing ? Thank you so much … Love your channel

  26. So I just asked you today about knots back muscles and I just want to ask you should I rest from the gym and skip classes while I have the pain or I continue to go to the gym

  27. I am 26 years old, I have terrible back pain already as a result of a desk job. My massage therapist gave me some stretches and I stumbled upon your channel. I love the format of your videos, thanks so much!

  28. great exercises. However, if you are prone to vertigo or dizziness due to muscle spams… do not do the 2nd one until things are relaxed.

  29. I am Delivery driver for take out food. I've re injured these muscles many times. seems like each time i drive, hurts again! a back brace cannot reach them. also have DDD 4 disks effected lower and now 3 upper disks as well. will this help them finally heal? and when they do how do I make them stronger? thank you so much!! thank you

  30. What makes a rhomboid strain hard to breathe? It's so hard to catch a breath…….after stretching it, it is even worse…..any ideas?

  31. Hey Jo, Is it too late for me to do these stretches? I strained the right muscle from bad gym workout form. It’s been lingering for a month and I know I have been reagrivating it. What is my best bet? My baseball season starts in a month. What can I do? and what should I NOT do? will heat/ice pack do anything at this point? I’m so anxious about this.

  32. Is it possible to have upper back pain from carrying a sport back across my chest and the bag was slightly heavy. I looked on line and it said Rhomboid muscle strain. It hurts when i reach for something (left side) and if i breathe in . I will try this exercise n see if it helps.

  33. I got a right rhomboid muscle pain now. No wonder I got a tendency to want to bend forward and round my back to relieve the pain. I will try your exercise. It has been two weeks

  34. Is it possible for a right back rhomboid muscle pain to affect the right chest? I am feeling discomfort in my upper right chest now after a week of right rhomboid pain.

  35. Thnks Doc…I was in so much pain before doing the stretches recommended by you. I am little relaxed now. Can you help me further?

  36. Hi Jo, I have been doing these stretches for a couple of weeks now and they seem to be helping. However, since starting doing them I have been experiencing pain radiating down my left thigh and buttocks. From what I can see on the internet this seems to be called sciatica? Do you have any suggestions for things I may be doing wrong with your stretches?

  37. Hi Dr Jo your vids are great! I have a question about the first rhomboid stretch at shoulder comes up higher than the other but I noticed when you and other people do it your shoulders at an equal height.what do you think is causing this please? Thank you so much

  38. I fell of my bike 2 weeks ago twice it was a bad day for me first time I been on it for 15 years im a 45 year old woman ((. Then a a week and a half a go I went out on i again I brought my bike in the next thing there was a allmighty stabbing pain between my shoulder blades my lungs felt they were tighting up my rib cage was bad. Its getting better but its slow.

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