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100 thoughts on “Rich Piana & Dallas McCarver Are Dead | MY THOUGHTS & REACTION

  1. It's been a sad month for the Fitness Industry. Our hearts go out to the friends, family and loved ones of these two and I hope they find a way to mourn their loss in peace. R.I.P. Rich & Dallas.

  2. As in the modeling business with the weight issue there should be regulation over the use of these substance. You over use it?, you cant compite. Some people say these people live like they want it; and that is ok because is their live. But their selling with their image that it is ok to live like these and if you want success you should look like that.

  3. You are a faithful man and you have a good morals and I respect you to continue your wonderful channel.

  4. scott really i learned a lot of you , you are greta example of mindset before being a sport man ..most of sport men sick in opinion and the path truly and simply thats it bro , i have been busy with my life and depression cant imagine almost 1 year passed didnt listen to your videos mmmmm keep up the good work life goes on

  5. Great advices and suggestions! On top of that I'm so sorry for your loss and for the loss of the 2 others. My condolences.

  6. Man, I'm really going to miss these two, but they'll always be an inspiration to us all! R.I.P. brothers!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. Personally I think you look fine either way it’s like you said people expect you to look a certain way but who cares what they say or think as long as you’re healthy and not taking shortcuts, don’t mind the negative comments you do what you’ve been doing

  8. I always enjoy your fitness videos!! I lift i am a firm believer whatever you build naturally should be good enough!! It's not other people's opions that count it's how u feel about yourself!! Chicken beef etc will do the trick it just takes time!! All the best man and sorry to hear about your friend!!

  9. "You look smaller"? Relax. I am 5'10"1/2 just like you, 175# and you are my optimal physique goal (I will never reach, but keep trying). Kind of like a natural Frank Zane. You are what all of fitness should be. Honestly natural, functional, lean, strong, reasonable and smart hard work. Keep it up!

  10. i have been watching some of scott's videos for a while now and always liked it, but this video made me really like him. what a good dude.

  11. "it's classless to exploit the deaths of bodybuilders for personal gain. Now let's talk about dead bodybuilders and check out the photos of dead bodybuilders on the thumbnail for clicks."

  12. I have breast cancer. I am an RN. I am into fitness. One of the things my friends and family doing. They are taking the "what is the point attitude". " if this can happen to her when she eats healthy and lifts and exercises why bother. …" I find this distressing. I think the fact that other than cancer I am healthy will help me fight better. I can not seem to get this through people's head. I sadly feel that I will outlive those like my hubby with this new destructive patterns. I have not done any kind of steroids. I do not do massive supplements just a multi and vit c and fish oil. I feel horrible that I am a worse example than Dallas and Rich (RIP). I still eat healthy as possible. I am getting my muscle back after the surgeries. I look fantastic. ..I am told. I know my doctors say I am doing great. I hope you put it out there . Every time someone who is supposed to be healthy like those two die because of their over zealous healthy life, there are those who use this as an excuse to stay fat and unfit and unhappy. I am not over zealous like fit stars are. I can tell you at nearly 50 I am stronger than many men who weigh alot more than me I am flexible, and have great endurance. Before surgery I was able to do handstand pushups. I got carded for my last birthday. I have no knee or back issues. I know many who at my age have broken down bodies. God willing, I will live a long time. If not, I will never be sorry for being fit and cute. Fit is the best way to be. My pics are on Facebook Glenda Kay. Sorry for not editing. Thanks for your videos and to those reading my rant. I hope to see a video addressing this issue. I do not think it is done enough. Xoxo

  13. We do need to educate people to stop chasing the mirror. We need someone to send a message of what is real and what is not.

  14. This is such a great message for everyone who's into fitness… I'm really grateful at your words… You're definitely the best trainer… Hugs from Argentina…

  15. People need to stop associating size with looking good and being fit. Healthy is attractive, and so many bodybuilders look totally unhealthy.

  16. dont fuck with peds, get sleep, manage stress and dont fuck strange people. oh and for the love of god do some cardio.

  17. People die.
    That's not an unusual occurrence in the world.
    They might have extended their lives if they focused more on health versus "modernized" fitness.
    Health is commonly neglected at the moment, and proper nutrition is the foundation to good health.
    If you master the equilibrium of health and fitness, you WILL IMPROVE your quality of life!

  18. Rich has never been a Pro Bodybuilder, he was a freak with his roids and oils. He is now the poster guy for What Not and How Not to do it. The Bodybuilding Scene has to change, but at the end of the day, it is your own responsibility when you take drugs and are killing your body.

  19. Rich Piana autopsy

  20. If anybody thinks that someone who is 6'0" 275lbs looks good… they're obviously smoking crack. Put down the weights, stop going to the all you can eat buffet and pickup some running shoes

  21. Rich seemed like a nice guy, but how many people did he convince to get on gear? How many of those ruined their health? Be smart, kids.

  22. (love the vids & sub) Scott, the industry is like government and religion (everything), but it is built on lies … Take roids your body stops producing hormones, take creatine your body stops production, take etc. etc. .. But all anyone in capitalism cares about is making money, you said it (Piana had a business).

    A healthy body takes time and work, but like gov./religion etc. the people don't like the truth. They will go to pain staking lengths to avoid truth more than they will to work on a healthy, happy life.

    Everyone wants to cheat, everyone wants you to capitulate to justify their bad choices and desires. (you are right to avoid vids like this)

    Example : people want religion because they fear death and have a need to think they are loved in some special way … burn books stating King James rewrote the bible, or most of religion today is a mix of pagan beliefs (SUN day, Moon day, Thor day, etc.) lock up scientists (Galileo) and in the end you not only see the liars spreading the BS but the eagerness people have to cling to the lies.

    Better Example : U.S. abolished slavery / complete lie because the 13th Amendment institutionalized slavery and we have millions of slaves in the U.S. today.

    I mean in the U.S. everyone is striving to get rich yet, the rich don't go to heaven … what a joke (good luck getting that camel through the eye of the needle folks) #amirite #hypocracy

  23. "the fitness industry shouldn't keep praising bigger is better," you said it all right there. Steroids used to be the last touch after exercising and dieting as explained Arnold and other old timers, now it is the first thing before exercising and dieting, and painful death seems to be now the last touch therefore.

  24. It changed from aesthetics to just sheer amount of muscle. And it did because of money. These judges get a % from different supplement companies, just so they can keep this "more muscle is better" trend in the bodybuilding world. The fact is, money controls everything. If people didn't gave a fuck about em now Rich Piana and the other bodybuilders that died to these sacret supplements would've been alive.

  25. haha. you got some knowledge no doubt, but the superhero and cartoon theme makes it hard to listen to you, rather the opposite. It seems it hurts trust… at least coming from a 39 year old perspective that used to be an avid gym rat.

  26. How many 1000's of people die every year from tabac and alcohol related illness. How many a year die from using gear? 10 -20?.

  27. How would I train for mr Olympia I’m 210 pounds and 12 percent body fat I’m was told I need to get to 235 and be at 8 percent I wanna be well symmetrical and proportionate I have never done steroids and what does it take to get to Olympia or Arnold classic without steroids because I’m determined and I’ve been going to the gym 6 days a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes a day how do I make it I’m willing to do whatever it takes I will not do drugs pr roids

  28. Comments sting? People need to grow a pair and stop being hyper sensitive to comments because those people that leave said comments hold no value in your life. Social media is the worst.

  29. I was lucky enough to meet Rich Piana when he came into the restaurant I worked in. He was such an amazing man! Of course he stuck out like a sore thumb and all eyes were on him. He was so humble and generous and so sweet to everyone. I hope he was proud of himself and enjoyed his life. I'm sure his death devastated those who knew and loved him

  30. Two years later, watching this, hearing every word of this video, it seems like we’re glossing over the crux and root of the problem and going straight to the low hanging fruit (drugs). It’s similar to the Columbine massacre and all the myriad tragic shootings that have occurred hence where the media simply points to the easy way out because it’s convenient: Guns and fun control. Okay. What about awareness of mental health and providing resources for those who need help and can’t find what they need, causing further alienation? Same things goes for men like Piana and McCarver. Put the drugs aside for a moment. What about the mental health and body image disorders that led to the drug abuse in the first place? If that’s not addressed, “think of your health” will go in one ear and out the other until these demon causing the body dysmorphia are taken head on. I respectfully have to say that this video would have been a much better platform to urge your followers with body image disorder to seek help, and not just be a generic anti-steroid message that uses Mr Piana and Mr McCarver as scapegoats. I feel like you missed the mark here, Mr Herman, with all due respect.

  31. That's what happens when you get too big. Obese isn't just fat it can be muscle. You can't get enough air to your muscles and the heart has to do more and more work to pump the blood. These guys take 2 to 3 scoops of pre workout and stuffing themselves full of food and powders all day long, the body will finally fail

  32. Only idiots use drugs to get a certain look that they know they cant get naturally. Yes you are idiots and drug addicts

  33. All that muscle growth also grows the heart,which is a muscle. If getting that big will kill you before 50,it isn't worth it.

  34. I know a lot of women who go to my gym willing to starve themselves just to get abs. I have in the past done the same thing, my diet and exercise had to be perfect in order to drop my female curves….Does this sound like a recipe for hormonal and emotional disorders? I am much more aware of this now and thankful that I have my health

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