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100 thoughts on “Riders on the Storm – The Doors HD

  1. On est en 2019, les maths sont simples, 119-70=49. Donc voilà près de 50 ans que cette chanson nous accompagne, fabuleux, j'ai 67 bans et elle me parle comme au premier jour…

  2. Damn it! Jim is so young and beautiful there. And 49 years have passed already, and he is still is young and will never got old, we are getting old and we cannot rock anymore. Or can we? Till we die.

  3. When Jim died at age 27, he he became part of the 27 club. Famous people who die at age 27; mainly musicians Jim was very talented but very dark. Occult-like dark. "But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”  Rev. 21:8

  4. Planeta

    Vamos viver
    Em paz!
    Não não
    Destrói não!
    Não consigo
    Este mundo
    Em vão!
    Vamos salvar
    O planeta terra
    Nossas crianças
    Querem uma
    O planeta
    O planeta
    À Solução!

  5. Bangali sochrehi hai they are wining by hiding behind tabu .Hey bandors chamris randis ki jaths tumlogoki maki chud .era somojhkey rakhkhi keya?

  6. This is my all time favourite music for cruising on a long road trip. Takes me back to my young, carefree, single days.

  7. you can ask in 2019, 2029, 2059, 9099. But it will always be listened. Because it`s a legend. Sorry for my engish, i never learned it. Self taught.

  8. Now thats how a gas station is supposed to operate.i remember as a kid,pump ur gas ,clean windshield,check oil,and air in the tires.

  9. The Doors from L.P. L.A. Woman, the last disc from James Morrison with The Doors, greatest days, greatest times, hard times, wars, changes.

  10. Les émotions restent dominantes, mais elles ne sont pas considérées uniquement à l'intérieur comme des "présences touchantes" … mais elles deviennent un champ de signification et de valeur qui agit en même temps sur le spectateur il se produit également une intériorisation qui rend le champ émotionnel de l'âme plus subtil et plus élaboré. Alors … un poème, une chanson, emprunter le chemin le plus large, élargir son horizon, nous aventurer dans le monde intérieur, c’est-à-dire partout où nous regardons et écoutons avec nos yeux et nos oreilles… ..le cœur! giorgio50

  11. Cocaíne

    Não preciso
    De você
    Foi o tempo
    Que passou!
    Nunca mais
    Vou lhe ver!
    Noite noite
    Quem é você!
    Nunca mais
    Quero você
    Vou viver!

  12. be safe jim, wear a seat belt. mcqueen didn't wear one either. they were right. seatbelts save lives. too young to die. my fav band of many manymanymany… what an era.

  13. The band took the name DOORS from a verse of the poet William Blake that says:
    " If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is : infinite"

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