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What’s up, guys?! Jeff Cavaliere, You asked for it, you got it. Sore in Six Minutes forearms. Guys, we’re using an empty bar here, today. But by the time you’re done you’re going
to be screaming at me “Jeff, it’s too damned heavy.” I know. It’s six minutes of condensed work. Here’s all you have to do: you grab this
bar, and what you’re going to do is, you’re going to do a reversed wrist curl. So you’re doing wrist extension here. In order to roll the bar backward, you’re
doing repetitive wrist extension. So you’re working the back side here of
your forearm. You do that, now, for one straight minute
and even if you start to abbreviate the range of motion that you can get as you fatigue,
I still want you to try to crank out another rep, and another rep, right and left, right
and left for the entire minute. As soon as you put that down we’re just
going to hang for a little while. Literally, we’re going to go right to the
pull-up bar and we’re going to try to do a dead hang. Obviously, this is taxing on your grip. That’s okay. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to fatigue you quickly here,
in just these six minutes. As soon as you can’t hold on anymore, or
if you can make it the entire minute, you drop down, and you go right back to that bar
again, and this time, instead of bending your wrist backward to roll the bar, you bend your
wrist down, toward your thighs. So what you’re doing now is, you’re working
the flexors here in the forearm. So now, on the other side of the forearm you’re
getting the same activity. Roll it, roll it, roll it, roll it. You want to see if you can do this for and
entire minute. Now when we’re done with this, instead of
going back up to the bar just yet, we’re going to grab a pair of dumbbells here and
we’re going to start to walk it out. So instead of hanging, we’re walking. Nice, and easy. we’re going to do a Farmer’s Carry. Again, here the goal is to just walk back
and forth and I don’t care if you don’t even have any room to walk back and forth in. you can certainly walk in place. Once again, these dumbbells are taxing your
grip, and forearm, just by the virtue of holding them. Don’t go very light here, or you won’t
feel the stress. I’ve got 70s here. Not overly difficult. However, when you pair it up with the exercises
I’ve already done it becomes pretty damn hard. Again, if you can make it the entire minute
that is your goal. If you can’t, you put them down, and you
come back to the bar once again. This time we’re going to go 30 seconds of
rolling it backward, and then 30 seconds of rolling it forward. So you’re going to get, again, the backside
of the forearm, and the front side of the forearm divided amongst this one minute time
period. Then finally, we’ve got to go back up there
and hang. This is where separate the men from the boys. How long can you hang from this bar? Can you make it the final, last minute? I’m telling you, by this point it’s brutal. The burning of your forearms is tremendous. Your fingers won’t even feel like they work
anymore. But that’s good. That’s what we’re looking for. We want to see if you can grit it out, grind
it out, and hang up there for that last, final minute. So there you have it, guys. The Sore in Six Minutes: Forearm workout in
the books, and proving once again that you don’t need to work long in order to get an
effect in your muscles. What you need to do is, you need to work hard. Here again, we’re putting condensed effort
into a short period of time to illicit a better training effect. The ATHLEANX program is founded around these
very same principles. If you’re looking to trade in some workout
length for workout intensity, but at the end of the day, a better result; head to
right now. Click the link below the video. Use our program selector to find the program
of ours that best aligns with your goals, while understanding the fact that you’re
going to work hard in all of them because the principle of hard training and effort
will never go away. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. The other Sore in Six Minute workouts are
all here, on this channel. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss
a single one. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again soon. See you.

100 thoughts on “Ripped Forearms Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!!)

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  2. Is it just 1 set or you can do more than one? I want to try it but I'm not sure if doing more than 1 set is exaggerated

  3. So none of these exercises will aggravate the carpal tunnel (assuming there is nothing wrong with your wrists as it is)?

  4. The forearm swollen feeling makes me feel like i'm going to literally rip my muscles, which prevents me from going nuts on forearms :/

  5. This workout killed me. The dead hang is especially killer. Couldn't finish the last hang. It's my first day, so gonna keep doing this till i can hang the full minute. Thanks!

  6. I walk around my block with 25 lb dumbells, (equals 2.5 blocks) then do the bar rolls, then I use a mini sledge hammer for the front & back forearm raise exercises you've displayed in other videos. This along with doing shoulder shrugs with 52.2 lb Selec-Tec bumbells REEEEEALLY shreds my forearms! I've made some serious gains watching your. videos the last 3 months.

    This channel is my 1 stop shop for get'n back my youth!

  7. Holy… When i first saw this, I didn't expect it to be that hard. Today I tried it out, and now it feels like my forearms are paralyzed! I can barely make a fist.

  8. Everytime I watch this video I feel it omfg also combining farmers walk and minute 5 is litterly a crime I wanted to lie down and die lol

  9. I'm having pain in my forearms when I do handstands. Does this exercises will help me in this case, guys? Answer me, please.

  10. Question! I compete in Enduro motorcycle racing. Races last two hours. This workout has helped TONS but is there anything else I can do to help prevent what we call "arm pump" while racing? I tend to get a little whiskey throttle in the last 30 minutes of the race due to fatigue. Any help is appreciated!

  11. Yo I was doing this workout today when the older guy came to me (he was using steroids most likely) and he said that this workout will never build any muscle for me. Afterwards he said to me that i should do hammers for building forearms. He did worse fucking hammers i've ever seen. He didn't give a fuck about proper form while doing them at high speed… He later on said that he had never seen a more stupid workout than this one. I was stunned like what the fuck are you talking about???

    Ohh I hate this type of egoistic dudes in the gym…..

  12. Awesome. I did a full body workout couple days ago. Now at the gym it is apparent I'm still recovering, only able to lift smaller weights. This forearm work is perfect for me right now

  13. Awesome. I did a full body workout couple days ago. Now at the gym it is apparent I'm still recovering, only able to lift smaller weights. This forearm work is perfect for me right now

  14. I've been struggling with tennis elbow for months. Started doing this workout 2-3 times a week and today I was able to do a full bicep workout with no elbow pain.

  15. Can you talk about exercises to increase strength for arm wrestling? As you normally do, also teach us about movements or positioning that are bad for your joints, ligaments, and tendons while doing those exercises. I'm new to the arm wrestling world and see many people doing very limited range of motion exercises – meant to build on only the movements used at the table, however, I do not want to depart from full range of motion exercises.

  16. This has my arms absolutely screaming. Like, not just sore, but throbbing and my fingers unable to move for 20 seconds. Damn bro. Unfortunately there doesn't look to be any post-onset muscle soreness but its still brutal.

  17. Just did this never my forearms more swollen and full im going to try the other muscles groups also this shit works

  18. Im 15 and have only been working out for a year now so its not like ive got experience on my belt, but so far ive just been doing hammers and shit just for forearms, and didnt know what else to do, I did the whole workout but instead of 70s i did 40's because im not an absolute monster, and let me tell you this is easily the hardest workout ive ever done and seriously destroyed my forearms, this is what im doing from now on.

  19. how often a week should I do this? And should I do this the same day I train biceps/triceps or on a different day by itself

  20. Simplified Explanation for just exercises that were covered in other vid in same playlist
    This is just a circuit of the prev exercises, doesnt do the specific anatomical explanations here

    2:38) He does the circuit with you

  21. It is really great workout. When I did this exercise for the first time I was not able to move arms for 15 minutes. After doing this exercise for 3-4 days, I added little weights and it was a disastrous workout. Do it only if you have strength of Hulk.

  22. Ok, this is no BS!
    Went to the gym and did this routine, my forearms feel jacked, no joke.
    Give it a go, you’ll feel it right away!

  23. I remember a song by jonny cash an it's burn burn burn the wrist of fire wrist of fire ! Awesome video jeff really APPRICIATE.!!

  24. Its great,but could you do a bodyweight version with almost no usage of equipment like a bar,but with the possible use of some home "equipment"

  25. Did this. About 3.5 minutes in I stopped and apologized to my penis, because I knew it was going to be neglected later that evening.

  26. Basically this video gives you unusable arms, forcing you to stay in the gym. You can't open doors, drive your bike, bicycle or car. You can't use your phone to call for help.

  27. The only set I fully completed was the first bar roll. After that I had to stop mid-way on all of them. By the time I got to the last hang, I only lasted 15 seconds. This forearm routine will definitely keep me challenged for a long time.

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