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When Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted
on E! in 2007, Rob Kardashian had the world on a string. But after splitting with pop star Rita Ora
in 2012, he turned to junk food to cope, and as his weight ballooned, his self-esteem evaporated. Kardashian was reportedly even afraid to step
out in public and be photographed. “If I don’t get some…this together, then
I won’t want to like hang around everybody, y’know what I’m saying?” But by 2018, he managed to finally shed some
pounds and get back within reach of his ideal weight. So just how did he do it? This is Rob Kardashian’s dramatic weight loss
transformation. Trending with milkshakes By 2014, Kardashian was making headlines for
all the wrong reasons. In a now deleted throwback Instagram post,
he revealed that his problem worsened when he started drinking milkshakes. His weight gain was so dramatic that he wound
up trending on Twitter because of it. He wrote, in a series of since-deleted tweets: “So I found out I was trending for being fat. Thank you all it really made my day. […] I’m aware that I’m fat that def ain’t
a surprise to me lol and my only therapy will be in the gym, anyways had to say something.” Too fat for the cameras Kardashian’s Twitter rant came just days before
his sister, Kim Kardashian, was due to marry rapper Kanye West in Italy. Despite making it all the way to Paris, he
ended up flying straight back to LA because he didn’t want to be seen at the ceremony. “When Rob flew to Paris, he read some nasty
comments about himself, and he just didn’t feel comfortable, and he didn’t wanna see
all my guests.” According to TMZ, Rob had, “[…] become so insecure and depressed about
his appearance [that] he refused to be in the family wedding pics, despite his family’s
encouragement.” Kardashian confessed to People, “I’m 6’1″ and at my most I probably weighed
300 pounds. There were cameras at the airport on our trip
there and I was very unhappy with the person I saw in all the pictures.” A little ‘tough love’ When newlywed sister Kim returned to the States,
she told Andy Cohen that Rob sent her “a long email” on the morning of her wedding explaining
his reasons for bailing. But Kim wasn’t feeling sympathetic, saying, “I try to encourage him and once you just
don’t make that change for so long and it’s not happening, I get frustrated.” And Kim isn’t the only Kardashian to have
lost her patience with Rob. Sister Khloé told People in 2015, “I’ve been really trying, but I have my moments
and I do snap. I’ve offered to get a chef, I’m like, ‘What’s
your excuse?’ But it’s not just that. I can’t win life for Rob. I have to wait until [he’s] ready to do it
for himself.” Passing on rehab Rumors started circulating in 2014 that Kardashian
was headed to weight loss camp. But he quickly shot down that story, in a
since-deleted tweet, writing, “To the blogs saying I went to fat camp or
rehab, LOL. Then why am I still fat you fools? Y’all must have run out of real news.” The Kardashians tried to stage a family intervention,
but as soon as Rob caught wind of the plan, he split. An insider told Radar Online in 2017, “He’s refusing rehab, he doesn’t want any
fat farms, no more therapists, no more interventions, diets, and meddling sisters. Serious concerns Rob is said to have suffered from depression
ever since the death of his biological father in 2003, with his weight issues only making
matters worse. In a 2015 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians,
his mother, Kris Jenner, said she fears the worst is yet to come, admitting, “If I don’t help him do something drastic,
he’s going to die.” She later told a therapist on the show, “It’s just like you’re waiting for this horrible
thing to happen and there’s nothing you can do about it.” A devastating diagnosis By the end of 2015, Rob’s weight was threatening
his life. In December of that year, he was rushed to
a hospital after falling ill, due to complications from diabetes. According to TMZ, Rob then became determined
to shed the extra weight and get healthy in the new year, but one whistleblower claimed
his lifestyle only got worse. The insider told Radar Online, “He thinks nothing of having two or three
tubs [of ice cream] in the afternoon. It’s wreaking havoc on his diabetes, not to
mention the added stress the weight is putting on his heart.” Hiding out Rob reportedly became so disheartened about
his appearance that he withdrew from society altogether, holing up in his mom’s house and
becoming a total recluse. But Khloe told WonderWall in March 2015 that
his issues weren’t just physical ones. She said, “Over the last year, Rob has become very introverted
and has a kind of social anxiety. I know he can get to that happy place and
he will.” A few weeks later, Kim revealed her thoughts
about Rob on Today, saying, “I think he’s just going through a phase where
he’s not comfortable in his own skin. He is working really hard to get back to where
he really wants to be.” But Rob’s friends weren’t so sure he could
do it. One insider revealed to Hollywood Life, “His weight affects his mood and then his
mood affects his motivation to eat well and work out, it’s a vicious cycle.” Support from the pros While those closest to Rob were warning him
about his weight, there was one person who thought he was fine just the way he was. Rob’s former Dancing with the Stars partner
Cheryl Burke told the Allegedly podcast of his fluctuating weight: “I’m surprised that he’s making it a bigger
deal than it is. Cause I think that it’s fine.” Losing it with Blac Chyna Rob finally managed to get his diabetes under
control in 2016, according to CNN. It was the first big victory in his battle
with obesity, but Rob didn’t do it alone. He revealed that his romance with model Blac
Chyna turned out to be the catalyst he needed in order to make positive changes. He told People at the time, “She’s surrounded me with a lot of positivity. From the moment we met, I knew I wanted to
be more than friends.” According to TMZ, his new flame encouraged
him to cut carbs and red meat, and hit the gym five days a week, with no cheat days. With her help, he was able to shed an impressive
40 pounds. Packing it on, again Blac Chyna gave birth to Rob’s daughter, Dream
Kardashian, in November 2016, but less than a year later, the two separated under very
nasty circumstances. “So yeah, I am not feeling so good.” After the breakup, Rob started to pack on
the pounds. A friend told Radar Online, “He’s the biggest he’s ever been. He’s well over 300 pounds now […] and he’s
a heart attack waiting to happen.” Radar’s source claimed Rob had been “comfort
eating big time”, and claimed, “He’s got major anger and addiction issues,
brought on by a chronic lack of self-esteem over his looks and his position in the family. He’s lost the will to live and if it wasn’t
for his little girl he’d probably not have made it.” According to The Belfast Telegraph, Kim allegedly
urged mom Kris to stop “enabling” Rob’s unhealthy lifestyle with financial support. Baby motivation According to Hollywood Life, Rob started joining
Kylie for workouts every other day as she aimed to shed her baby weight, after giving
birth to daughter Stormi in February 2018. Before long, he was looking slimmer than he
had in years. A source revealed, “Seeing the weight fall off has been huge
in helping Rob get his confidence back. Kylie challenged and pushed Rob to be better
for Dream, and that’s all the motivation he needed.” The insider claimed Rob finally agreed to
stick to his diet, though having a young child in the house has helped amp up the activity
level. The source claimed, “Rob is staying disciplined and sticking with
a strict nutritional program that he’s been put on to get his weight down as well, and
it makes it easier for him since Dream keeps him pretty active already. He’s having a blast chasing her around.” Fans got to see Instagram evidence of Rob’s
weight loss, on his 31st birthday in March 2018. Did he secretly get surgery? As of June 2018, skinny Rob is back. But did he really lose all that weight through
exercise and healthy eating like he claims? According to court documents obtained by the
Daily Mail, Blac Chyna alleged Rob underwent a series of cosmetic procedures at costs totaling
$100,000. Chyna reportedly made those claims while defending
herself against allegations that she had deceived sponsors by going under the knife. Whatever the case, we’re hoping Rob is feeling
happy and healthy these days – and here’s hoping for more good news to come! Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian’s Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

  1. Go rob hope you see your way back to healthly life style not judging i need to do the same but its like you have no will power ,depression comes in all form an thats some people dont understand ,bless him keep pushing an keep healthy ROB 😎😎😎

  2. Using the “fetching tuti space” (Google it) as my weight loss guide has allowed me to drop seventeen pounds. This product is best for individuals who are ready to change their way of life to experience weight reduction. It is really rewarding for me to notice some of the body fat being expelled from my body..

  3. Dearest Robert K. Jr;

    Goodluck Rob! I really wish for a happy, confident, more love ❤ to receive & to give this coming year. I hope u have a Merry Christmas & Happy New year. I just want you to know that it's ok everything will be alright. We all go through what your going through I feel your pain and have experience your pain it just means your a human being you hurt your just a little more sensitive than your sisters but that's ok I'm like that too… the good thing is because we are that way & we give more LOVE too. My UNIQUENESS is what I love about myself and I hope you can learn how to LOVE the YOU. Your just more SENSITIVE to loving or hurting more than anyone else in this world you will find the people that will APPRECIATE YOU but first try to find the YOU and how to LOVE yourself and how to let go of all the HURT you have in your HEART. Anyways just want to let u know that there is LOVE out HERE for u ALWAYS. So Goodluck sending hugs and kisses😙 to u and your little angel..xox


  4. Weight loss is not the only Nswer. Rob has deeper problems as far as we cN tell. Mental probs and emotional situations need to be addressed. PS Rob’s family is messed up!

  5. I know he has some issues besides being fat. I just think he is a intitled brat. He needs to grow up and get his stuff together. He just needs to get a job.

  6. Rob is so handsome and such a nice guy. He is the only real man in the clan, down to earth and funny. Black China is a fool for treating him so bad.

  7. So what if he’s had cosmetic surgery!! Why should people care ! The poor guy had to deal with loosing his dad at a young age, !! & then dealing with online trolls abusing him about his weight, the only people that troll people online about t about there weight, looks etc, there the ones that are unhappy about themselves, & got issues hence they bully people to feel self worth,

  8. this darn video has nothing to do with Rob's transformation all about his damnnnn past get it right Rob I think is a very handsome young man who just need constant encouraging that he can be strong and no one can say anything less about him be brave Rob your family supports you and God bless

  9. The only time i could understand a Kardashian, honestly no one gives a shit about him, it's all about his sisters…

  10. I think your mom really needed to help you over Kim. Your her only son. And Kim don't need the help. If your mom would have made more of an effort to assist you with your business career your whole life would have been different.

  11. His daughter Dream made his life worthwhile a healthy life is based on love ❤️ and not things Dream is the focus and reason for life love ❤️ and happiness Rob is ashame of his family and Chris transition exculated Rob Denise. DPitts

  12. Kris was talking about him possibly dying like he was 600 pounds or something. I think all they cared about was him being thin so he would look as good as they do. I don’t think they really cared about his health with how dramatic they were about it.

  13. Blac Chyna is not happy so she does not want you to be happy don’t you dare take that woman back she is mean and nasty for you you are a good person and deserve better and if she knew any better she would change because you know why money is not everything it’s what matters with him and what you have is what stays when you die but you know what the same way how Tyga left herand the other guy is the same way how she didn’t change and continue and she took it out on you and you out of the nicest of all she disrespected and took for granted don’t you dare let her take you for granted again yes she is your baby mama but that’s about it and if she stay at that do not let people put you down because they are down themselves or because they are not happy themselves don’t want to see to see you happy or progress in life because they’re not you do what you have to do to progress in life and how do your baby business and that’s it move on with your life never rewind to a person that doesn’t deserve you to rewind for because she clearly is disrespecting you on TV and disrespecting your family has disrespected herself her son and her newborn daughter by acting the way that she has acted on public TV so she needs to get herself together so that she can get that trust back and be able to fix her life so that she can move on herself to someone better too but clearly she does not deserves you she deserves a mad like Tiger mean disrespectful I Knigge that will pull her down because that’s what she likes because she cannot she cannot handle love and kindness and well because all she thinks about his negativity spending money being mean and disrespectful and try to prove a point of being disrespectful woman you never prove a point being disrespectful to a man you prove a point when you get better and you put your head up but you do not put a man down just like you do not let a man put you down and she has put you down because you’ve given her the upmost respect and she took advantage of your weakness for kindness and your kindness for weakness and she does not deserve you be happy because the best thing in my life was happy life happy wife but if your wife is not happy with herself then you can never make her happy

  14. I love Robert Kardashian. I feel so bad for him. In my younger days my family used to body shame me because I was so skinny. It's totally and utterly heartbreaking when someone comments on your personal appearance when you don't feel good about yourself to begin with. Wow.

  15. Does Rob know Rick Singer? FBI where you at??? USC Law School? "So who do I make this check out too?" -Kris Jenner

  16. Rob you look good anyway so don't stress it out we all love you your Fan's that Hollywood live is so stressful be your self God bless you always just eat the right food because we all care for you

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    I can understand that been put in shadows must be difficult But what has he got to offer…Kylie puts her name to Lipstick's and young Girls spend their money wanting to look like her. First of all must get their lips pumped up…But not too much Cus no one wants to look like a porn….

  20. Robert Kardashian you look fantastic stay healthy and keep it going! Your wonderful and a great father you got this!!!!🤜🏻🤛🏼

  21. Rob was so cute when he was fat, maybe that's just the way he wanted to be, but couldnt because of the struggles that his family and the media put jim through…

  22. Gente ele tem direito a herança como todas as irmas pra que ter tanto quanto as irmãs afinal ninguém leva nada mesmo dessa vida

  23. I really hope he gets himself back to where he wants to be. I can’t imagine the enormous pressure he is under. I have no doubt his family love him immensely. But they honestly need to meet him where he is. You can’t tell someone they need to do “A B C & D.” They already know what they need to do but they’re just not in that place yet. Just be supportive. He’s a softer soul… just let him be.

  24. dumb dumb why concentrate on your looks instead of becoming a strong man. he acts like a spoiled brat. oh wait…he is

  25. Rob, had to go through breakups, including his best friend Lamar, then their friend died after being fired by Chloe, then Bruce turned into a woman, etc

  26. Rob is such a cool dude! So funny! Rob and Scott are hilarious!!! LOVED him on DWTS!!! The best is coming soon!

  27. Bob Kardashian feels inadequate also limited in skills plus being surrounded by 5 sisters is a major problem for Rob. He also has a hidden secret plus had he not had Dream he would have committed suicide. Having a overgressive Mother like Kris’s Jenner is a major problem Dream gives Rob something to live for. DPitts

  28. He is gonna stay fat forever. All that money his mom and family has makes no since to being all fat! Get over it and get a trainer and a live in chef. DO IT fat boy! What good is having all that money and you cant help yourself! Get some lipo.

  29. I feel so bad for Rob, He needs more attention, I mean he just grew up with girls, his sisters just don't understand him.
    I miss him on the show.

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