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They’ve told you NO now it’s time to get YES each and every moment that you breathe is another opportunity for you to be GREAT Wake your ass up! awaken the beast inside it’s time to take shit to another level it’s game ON it’s FOCUS it’s GO season This is the guy who’s evolved over the
last ten years to become one of the freakiest and most dangerous athletes he brought the conditioning he brought the size he brought the freakiness he is going to be super dangerous now You gotta see him in real life, it’s unbelievable.. The triceps poor ridiculous Real beasts work harder they rise earlier they go down later they push harder they give more and they get more real beasts don’t take shit from nobody so I need you to become a BEAST Push yourself to the fucking limit! They call him “THE BEAST” Roelly Winklaar! You have to get up yourself and push some more! I WILL NOT LOOSE! There is your team depending on you You are depending on you! He’s on the Arnold Classic stage for the first time Roelly Winklaar His first Arnold Classic win he’s started here in Australia with very first pro show He said he is gonna win one day and he just did ladies and gentlemen! You know so many times I was wishing that you win because you was so close! But today everything was perfect your posing was perfect the shape was perfect you’re ripped you’re huge no stomach no nothing no problems! It’s you guys that motivate me to be on stage Show me! SHOW ME! Push yourself like you’ve never pushed yourself before! He is a first people champion! I know that I have a lot of fans In your face

100 thoughts on “Roelly Winklaar – EVOLVED BEAST – Mr. Olympia 2020

  1. I think the way he is abusing steroids proves that he is not far away from a heart disease, not to mention he is the
    ugliest bodybuilder only after Ronnie Coleman.

  2. Эта спина всем спинам спина!!!
    При такой талии возникает ощущение,что его верх как екватор земли!
    Очень круто!
    Нереально огромный и качественный!
    2020-2030 эпоха Рули-зверя!!!

  3. Mr. Roelly Winklaar here is one of the massive MASS MONSTER …He might not win the Mr. Olympia Title but he will always be one of the respected personality in Bodybuilding Industry.

  4. Это оххуенный ролик!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Oh how bodybuilding has fallen. No longer the body beautiful now its a freak show and not in a good way. Who can take the most GH and gear wins

  6. IF! He makes ANY improvements on his back its GAME OVER!.. for the rest of the competition! With that said' He IS a BEAST!!

  7. Jejej para los que no saben, los culturistas se menten esteroides, suplementos, muchas inyecciones y por eso estan grandes, gracias a los esteroides crecen rapido y ya te dije el secteto de ello ; pero ellos te los negaran aun que se note claramente en sus cuerpos, Jeje y lo que me alegra es que todos los culturistas tienes el pene enano y los testiculos tambien por el uso abusivo de esteroides 😂
    Donde esta el trabajo honesto.

    Jejeje for those who don't know, bodybuilders get steroids, supplements, lots of injections and that's why they're great, thanks to steroids they grow fast and I already told you the sect of it; but they will deny you even if you notice clearly in their bodies, Hehe and what makes me happy is that all bodybuilders have a dwarf penis and testicles also for the abusive use of steroids 😂
    Where is the honest work

  8. It amazes me how rolley has not won the olympia i personally think 2018 was his title was one of the best av seen him since he won the Arnold classic … defo a dangerous contender if he comes in conditioned let's go the beast

  9. Enjoy your crippled future meat head oh yeah there not athletes full of fucking drugs how the fuck is that an athlete tiny cock 🤣🤣

  10. Had a guy like him with his absolutely insane mass walked on stage e decades ago he'd of likely been put down due to people actually thinking he was some sort of mutant alien beast here to dominate humanity.

  11. The best motivation video the best edit i have ever seen good job raiden as always fucking best video <3
    P.S first music name please someone 😀

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