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At first it wasn’t about the athletics for me, I just wanted to look good. You know, when you walk on the street you just wanna look good. Our New York Pro Champion!! I won that show in ’09 my amateur so I could be pro here. Tomorrow is my day to show everybody that I can win the pro too. He’s from The Netherlands.. They call him THE BEAST. I’ll be in the BEST shape EVER. Everybody wants to be A BEAST… Until it’s time to do what beasts do. He’s one of the very few people that you meet and never forgot where he came from. I CHALLENGE YOU TO LIVE IN BEAST MODE!!

94 thoughts on “Roelly Winklaar – VICTORY BEAST – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. #TransformationOfABeast
    ''So many times I was wishing that you win. You were so close, a point away or not cut enough.. But TODAY everything was PERFECT. Your posing was perfect, the shape was perfect.. You're RIPPED, You're HUGE.. No stomach and no problems.''
    -Arnold #VICTORY #AlwaysImprove #DreamsDoComeTrue

  2. Holy shit what a masterpiece again. First to last second I loved it, you always deliver the best videos with a story thank you brother.

  3. He was a motherfucking machine. Especially his Arms were so fucking Big. Love him he deserved the win 😀 !!

  4. with out question the best video of the best champion in 2018! to me Roelly Winklarr should have won the first Arnold classic in Ohio also, he had that wow factor that the other guys just didn't have imho. this time however they could not keep the victory from him cause he looked absolutely phenomenal! had Phil heath been there he would have lost. Roelly was on the money, that 20lbs of cutting did him justice. great vid Nick! 💪😠💪

  5. I'm so happy to see Roelly finally win the Arnold Classic , one of my favourite modern bodybuilders.

  6. He lost over 20 pounds to lose his belly fat and that's what called dedication 🔥so Arnold too appreciated him ❤

  7. as much as roelly strived to stand here n prove himself, nickvision did the same to bring the best out of this man through their video. The way it was edited is absolutely spot on and shows off the legends' journey in 4:54 flat. good job

  8. One of my favrt bodybuilder nd i gurantee he will become mr loympia one day nd every guy wants dat physique same as that beast🔥🔥

  9. God… I would cry like a bitch if Arnold would tell me these words. If he ever tells you that, you completed life.

  10. He looks perfect from all front and side pose. If he had better back genetics, he will kill Phil Heath easily.

  11. It's really incredible bodybuilder, great bodybuilder, giant bodybuilder.really royaly roelly winklaar.

  12. Best physique but can he beat Phil Heath in present co dition of Olympia where master Kai was eliminated and pregnant Phil was won.

  13. First time I heard of him was generation iron with him and grandma and I knew he had something different about him, he’s the underdog

  14. Sach mai is baar roeally chaa gaya kamaal ka size finishing aur posing Champion Roeally💪💪💪👌👌👌

  15. I believe Roelly will be a Mr. Olympia before 2020. He’s improving so fast more than any other Olympia contenders. Wish you all the best in your career bro

  16. Roelly Winklaar is the real deal Beast of Body Building every muscle in his body is great keep the good work on that health body God bless you.😃

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