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What’s going on nation? So I just posted the stiff-legged deadlift video over the weekend and there were some confusion as to what the differences are between that exercise and the Romanian deadlift And so what I’m going to do for you guys to show you what those clear differences are now as far as Adding them into an exercise routine with the Romanian deadlift You’re using a lot more hip Extension in order to perform the exercise and you’re not going as low as you would in the stiff legged deadlift, however How low you can go with either exercise is going to really depend on what your flexibility level is Now when you do a stiff legged deadlift, you’re keeping your legs stiff as it’s said in the name with the Romanian deadlift You’re bending your knees and the sitting back Which allows you to use the hip extension now with the Romanian deadlift If you’re going to low it kind of turns into a regular deadlift And then the focus is primarily on your hamstrings now both exercises are going to target your hamstrings And your glutes as well as your erector spinae It’s just these subtle differences in form they’re going to help you decide which exercise you want to throw into your routine So let’s first go over the Romanian deadlift As far as grabbing the bar I mean you got to grab the bar the same way you would as if you were doing a deadlift, right That’s at least how I like to do it it might change for you guys I like to pick up the bar to start and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to bend your knees and Sit back and bring the bar just below your knees until you feel a nice stretch in your hamstrings So go back sit back sit back To about here, and as you come up you’re pushing your hips forward Then squeezing your glutes at the top just like this. We’ll do it again Sit back as much as you can Come down nice stretch Come back up you Notice, it’s not too much flexion in my back keep my nice and high and keep my back straight Now if it’s stiff leg deadlift, you’re gonna keep your legs straight, and you’re still gonna sit back But you’d be bending over a little bit more now if you’re not that flexible Number one you should try to do these with extremely light weight and number two Try not to go down as far as I’m going if you’re not at that level yet, so legs straight And I’m gonna sit back But keep my legs straight with the bar hanging a little bit in front of my legs And go down as far as I can now I can pretty much touch the ground because I have good flexibility, but you notice I’m not totally hunched over like this. I maintain my form and now with my legs straight. I’m gonna pick up the bar And I’m really tearing through my hamstring with this exercise Once again flexing your glutes at the top of the movement on the movement on the way up so Go down again as low as you can flex the glutes bring it down Just like that So that’s some of the main differences between the Romanian deadlift and the stiff leg now Obviously with either one of these exercises if you don’t stretch properly you don’t practice proper form You can obviously run into some injuries with your lower back, so just make sure you follow up good form Start off with light weight you have nothing to worry about because you’re gonna get stronger. Hope you guys enjoyed this quick Informational video to help you decide on whether you’re not in why include Romanian deadlifts or stiff legs into your workout routine And as always guys more good stuff coming soon See you

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