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Ronnie is a genetic freak.. I feel like god build him to be a bodybuilder and to be the best. Obviously the most impressive bodybuilder would be Ronnie Coleman. I knew he was gonna make it.. Some people you just know are gonna make it. Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder and they they think oh I just run there and lift a few weights.. Do a light weight there and I will be alright.. No it ain’t like that. You gotta WORK.. And you gotta WORK HARD. We trained together at the beginning probably the first three years. Eventually he got so strong he outgrew me. He would go to the squat rack and I would see him squat.. 800 POUNDS FOR 12 REPS. I mean, mindblowing.. He’s the strongest bodybuilder I’ve ever seen. Hands down the strongest bodybuilder I’ve EVER seen. Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder… But nobody wanna lift this heavy ass weight! You go there to yell and scream. That’s what makes champions. We used to bring people in here try to match him.. A lot of didn’t even make it through the first workout. I DO IT THO!! His legs would be that wide from the side. I’m not kidding you. I get a lot of attention because of my size. He is truly a monster.. Here comes the enemy. Ronnie Coleman.. This is THE Ronnie Coleman right here. You ready to do it again? So this is the guy that I fought for. This was the show for 03, 04, 05 and 06.. Was the Jay Cutler – Ronnie Coleman battle. I’m the one that’s been there time and time and time again. I fought all these years against Ronnie Coleman.. The best bodybuilder ever. He pretty much dominated the world of bodybuilding for eight years. Really as the greatest Mr. Olympia of all time.

100 thoughts on “Ronnie Coleman – BEAST – Bodybuilding Motivation

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  2. This is truly amazing, and I have a ton of respect for Ronnie, but what's the point of being like this?

  3. Am I the only one that believes he is all natural. Jus love his work ethic. Yeah buddy time to bleed.Rare Breed Nation maui

  4. Funny jus pau smash shoulders,egg whites, chicken and ground beef jus goes down easier watching this video.nuttin to it but it, time to bleed

  5. I love Ronnie as much as the next guy, No homo, but Ronnie did not squat 800 pounds for 12 reps. He did it for 2 and said later that he wish he had done a couple more because it didn't feel that heavy at the time.

  6. Guys a dumb shit. I’ve SEEEEEEN him squat 800lbs for 12 reps. You’ve seen pigs fly also. Lie on camera typical pug face chode.

  7. Ronnie is a legend, i dont care how many Phil wins he will never be as impressive, and nobody will be making motivation videos with him thats for sure

  8. correction..
    it is only 800lbs and 2reps not (800 and 12reps)
    man, still he is damn strong as fuck… no bodybuilder can possibly reach this level of extreme muscularity, density and conditioning as fuck

  9. Yes his legs, knees, back and shoulders are busted. He's probably on pain meds and on TRT for the rest of his life. But it was still worth it without a doubt. He's rich and made a legacy that will live on forever. How many people are fat or sick but haven't created anything for themselves and are nobodies.

  10. Ronnie Coleman is a mixed of body builder and strongman, thus he received less critics from haters, as they knew steriods doesn't help to lift that bloody heavy

  11. It’s midnight here and am sore AF due to an intense leg day but this video pumped me up to go for another leg session now 💪🏻

  12. True definition of an alpha male, always humble, always respectful, does his own shit and doesn't bother others.

  13. Imagine if Ronnie Coleman decided to become a power lifter back then instead of a bodybuilder… He would be lifting planes lmao

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