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What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we’re going to break down the Dumbbell
Side Lateral Raise to see exactly how you’re supposed to perform this, at least if you want to have longevity in
the gym and get your Shoulders to grow at the same time. My biggest problem with this exercise is going
to fly contradictory to what most people will ever tell you about how to perform the exercise but I promise you I will justify the reason
why I tell you how to do it. Ok, the one that you’ll see and the one that
people will tell you to do all the time is if you want to target the Medial Head of your
Shoulders you have to act like you’re pouring pitchers of water. So at the top of the exercise you should feel
as if you’re pouring a pitcher of water, ok. They say that in order to activate your Medial
Delt you have to have internal rotation of your Shoulder which is accomplished by having your pinkie
up higher than your thumb. Does that produce internal rotation of your
Shoulder? 100% Yes it does. Is that a good thing for you to do? Especially
when you’re elevating your arm up here? As a Physical Therapist, Professional Athletes
especially Baseball players and anybody that has to throw overhead, that is a horrible position for them. And not just them but it’s for you also because
over time is this going to get you, right now in the next workout that you do? NO. Is it going to get you over time? 99 times
out of 100, in fact you don’t even have to use weights if you repetitively do this motion, internal rotation with elevation of the Shoulder,
you’re going to get eventual breakdown almost every single time. Again the variation of the time it takes to
cause the breakdown, is going to change from person to person. It might take 20 years on one person, it might
take 2 months on somebody else. It all depends upon the shape of your own
anatomy inside your Shoulder but that motion combination is not a good thing. Why do they tell you to do that? Well I’ll tell you this, the Medial Delt is
not, not even one of it’s first 4 functions, is it to internally rotate the Shoulder. That’s not what it does guys. It has many other primary functions, not among
them is internal rotation of the Shoulder. So doing this is not really part of the main
function of the Medial Delt. So why are we told to do this? It’s really simple guys, I actually broke
out the marker to show you what’s going on, to draw on my own self and get on my Medial
Delt. Now here this is representing the Medial Deltoid,
here we have the Front Delt right in through here, and we’ve got our Rear Delt back in through,
but in here, I’ve drawn as best as I could, the Medial Delt. When I stand upright and let’s assume I have
decent posture,. If I’m here and I’m getting ready to do a
Side Lateral Raise, when I raise my Arm up to the side here, again right in this frontal plane, look at
the position of the Medial Delt. You can see that it’s angled backwards, ok,
it’s angled back here. We know from some of our other videos here,
putting the Science Back in Strength, that in order to really work the muscle optimally,
you want to have it perpendicular to the line of force and we know the line of force is going to
work down on our Arm here which is gravity. And for the Medial Delt to be positioned,
you know right perpendicular to gravity here, we know that when we do this, we’re actually
getting, not really absorbing that full line of force. So if we internally rotate our Shoulder, ok
it has nothing to do with wrist positioning guys, because I can actually take my Arm and just
turn my Wrist but nothing’s going on at my Arm, right here in my Shoulder. That’s internal rotation of the Shoulder joint,
that’s external rotation, ok. This is just pronation and supination of the
your Forearm. So we’re talking about actually internal rotation,
that’s why they tell you to turn the pitcher of water. If I do that, now when my Arm is down, ok
now you can see I’ve turned the Medial Delt into a position that’s more favorable against
gravity. So now when I come up, now you can see that
at the very top, it is taking on the brunt of the force of gravity coming down. The problem with this, is again it leads to
the impingement issues that I already told you about. Over time, again some people it’s going to
hurt right away, others it’s going to take a lot of, lot of repetitions. A lot of times guys will use lighter weights
when they do their Side Lateral Raises anyway which could lend itself to a lot of repetitions,
ok. So what we want to do is we want to do the
opposite. We want to externally rotate our Shoulder
to clear the head of the Humerus from the Acromion, which is the bone inside the Shoulder that
winds up compressing against the Supraspinatus Tendon which is what gets pinched in there when we
have impingement. Impingement is by far the number one mality
when it comes to Shoulders and the injuries that guys face when they’re in the gym or just competitive
Athletes or again even in just the sport of life, guys out there who for a living, have to put
their arms up over their head a lot, that position will cause the impingement right
there in that Supraspinatus Tendon. So, we can do something better, if we externally
rotate the Shoulders, if we go the opposite way, and we say don’t worry about pouring the pitchers
but turn your hands the other way, externally rotate the Shoulder. Ok, not that but that, guess what, we’ve already
cleared the Humerus now and gotten rid of 99% of the impingement problems
that can come from that exercise, and all you have to do is make a real simple
switch in your posture to make sure that we’re still working that muscle against gravity. And it’s as simple as this, lean forward just
a little bit, now that I’m leaning forward a little bit when I externally rotate my Arm
here, you can see that I still have this squarely
against the force of gravity here. So I’ve got the benefit of thumb up position
at the top, as opposed to internal rotation thumbs down, and I’m still getting the brunt of the force
right there on the Medial Delt. It makes a lot of sense and it’s just a smarter
way to do it. Can you do them the old fashioned way, can
you continue to pour your pitchers? Go for it guys, I don’t care what you do.
It’s all up to you how you want to do it. I’m telling you from a Physical Therapist
standpoint, understanding the anatomy of the Shoulder, you’re way better off, it’s a way smarter
move to still get the benefits of the exercise, to still stimulate the Medial Delt, if you’re
trying to in this exercise. But without having to have the concerns of
doing the exercise in a position that your Shoulders just don’t flat out like because of the anatomy of your own Shoulder
joint. Whew! How was that. Guys, I’m telling you there’s some things
that you have to understand when you approach your training. And not understanding them can lead to a world
of hurt. And it’s not, all the time something that
you’re going to feel and pop and it’s going to happen right away. But if we’re in this, we should be in this
for the long haul, you should be looking to train for the long time. That’s what we’re about here at ATHLEANX.
Putting the Science Back in Strength. So this is not just a short term Sprint but
helping you to get results for lifetime. Because a lot of guys that wind up starting
this, wind up loving this and they continue to see results. They want to train for a long time and stay
healthy for as long as they possibly can. Guys, I’ve mentioned Major League Baseball,
we actually have a Joint Formula that Major Baseball players are taking right now. Actually some of the best teams in Baseball
currently in first place are taking ATHLEAN MECHAN-X as an NSF Certified product. It’s available at ATHLEANRX.COM. If you’re having or dealing with joint problems
because maybe you’ve done this exercise the wrong way for a long period of time? You might be able to start having an opportunity
to start fixing what’s going on in there and get back to the game again and start training
again the way you want to. In the meantime if you’re looking for a training
program that trains your body the right way. As a Physical Therapist creating the workouts
that your body will respond to the best but also respect the limits that your body has, guys head to AHLEANX.COM. All of our programs
are written that way. There’s a heavy dose of attention paid to
your Rotator Cuffs as well as the big show muscles too. Guys I’ll see you back here in just a couple
days. I hope you found this video helpful, in the
meantime let me know. Leave your comments and thumbs up below and
I will make more of the PT bases videos if you want to see them.

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