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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(upbeat music) – What’s up and welcome to another Dark Horse Workout of the Week. Today is gonna be another 10-minute, quick drill, get you
comfortable on the machine. Are you ready? Let’s get into it. If this is your first time
here, welcome to Dark Horse where you are the hero of your own story and we are the guide
that helps you get there. Now, getting into this, this is going to be a 10-minute workout. We’ve been doing a
series of workouts lately where we are going to be basically providing simple rolling drills for you to get comfortable
with the machine, for you to learn how to use
the machine on your project and on your way to whatever
it is that you’re trying to accomplish with a rowing machine, whatever brand it may be. Now, we try to keep it simple or I try to keep it simple for you so that you can get a lot of value out of a short period of time,
10 minutes, that’s it. Let’s see what we can do
in that amount of time. Now without wasting a whole lot of breath and wasting your time, let’s get into what we’re actually
going to do today. Today’s workout is built
around pulling apart the workout into it’s pieces and then adding them back together again so that you can create a full stroke because that is really a critical piece of building up the stroke is getting confident with
the way that you move. It’s not natural to learn how to move on this machine, you have to be taught. I know that was the case for me, and it’s not a natural movement pattern. You have to learn where to put yourself at the right time for the right purpose. So, with that being said, that’s what today’s
workout is going to be. They’re called pick
drills and we are going to pick the stroke apart
into it’s different pieces and put them back together again so that you get confident with the stroke. Now with that being said, let’s talk about how the workout is actually going to be programmed in the monitor, it’s very simple. On a Concept 2 or on
whatever machine you have, you’re simply gonna set a
10-minute time in the monitor. So for us on a Concept 2 it’s
select workout, new workout, single time and then you’re
going to hit the minus button. It’s gonna start with 30
minutes flashing on the screen. You’re gonna hit the minus
button twice, one, two. That’s gonna give you 10 minutes. You’ll then hit the check mark, that puts 10 minutes on the screen. Now let’s run through some quick, house cleaning notes for you. Normally in our 20-minute
workouts you may wanna have some water or something nearby, but for 10 minutes I don’t think you’re gonna necessarily need that. So house cleaning notes,
I would encourage you is have a separate monitor, number one, so you can have your phone
on top of your monitor tracking the workout using something like the Concept 2 logbook
app, it’s called ErgData, and then on the second
monitor you will have it somewhere on a wall with
your laptop next to you so that you can watch this video and follow along with me. Then have some water on
your body if you need it and sound if you want that, but I would encourage
you to be listening to me as we go because I’m gonna be
offering rolling commentary as you move through the workout. So, stay tuned because I’m
not gonna tell you exactly what the drills are going
to be ahead of time. I’m gonna throw them in as we go and you need to be able to pay attention and pick up on that so
that you are picking up on the drill at that moment
and hearing the coaching cues that I’m offering you so that you can be implementing
them as we roll. Now if you don’t have
any questions, do you? No, nothing, nobody? All right, because we
don’t have any questions, I’m gonna go ahead and
get started into this. Make sure that you’ve
warmed up ahead of time gotten your body hot and ready to move and with that being
said, let’s get into it. All right, with your monitor set, your body warmed up, you
should be ready to go. Let’s get into this workout. So grab that handle,
sit ready at the catch. We are going to start with what are called legs and hips only. So you’re going to brace
through the midline with a nice, flat back. You’re going to take a stroke by driving through your legs and opening your hips, but the arms will stay
long the whole time. I’ll tell you when we’re
gonna switch off of that. So, come join me at the catch. Here we go, three, two, one, go. Feeling nice and connected,
engage your lats. Hang off of that handle as
if you were water skiing. I’ve never personally been water skiing, but I hear it’s very similar. Brace your midline as you
push that machine away. Make sure there’s no lag
time up at the catch. That handle should turn on quickly. Right about now your
shoulders are probably getting a little tired. That’s cool, I want that. Don’t worry, stay strong. I’m gonna give you your arms in a second. Just stick with me on this drill. Make sure that you’re
hinging your hips closed before the knees bend. Be patient. Once you press the leg to
extension, keep it extended until the hips rock open and closed again. Keep those wrists neutral, relax the hands, walk in the lats. Almost there. In five seconds we’ll add in the arms. On this one. Whoo! Feel that burn in the shoulders. So now we’re building
up to this full stroke. Feel the joy of getting
the ability to pull with the arms now at
the end of the stroke, but make sure that you do
all that nice hanging off of the handle first,
opening the hips first, and then letting the arms
snap in on the backend. Now next drill, we’re
gonna take away the legs and we’re gonna have to
row arms and body only. Okay, the purpose being now I want you to work on the sequence on the other end where the arms move into the body and the hips open and
close and we’re learning to join those two elements
together in sequence. Okay, in sequence,
that’s the critical part. It’s gonna be the next drill. Just keeping enjoy this full stroke. We are trying to match with my mechanics. Don’t be in a rush. Relax up the slide. Good, we’re gonna get ready to shift to that drill in about 10 seconds. In two strokes, that’s one. And two. Here we go, arms and body only. Don’t worry about what
the power’s doing here. Worry about being smooth. Finding rhythm. I don’t know if you can hear
my seat clicking every stroke, but that’s from me hinging
well and my hips are pushing the seat backwards slightly
as my weight rocks forward. Break up the parts of the stroke, arms first away then the hips
close, then the hips open, and we pull with the arms. Notice when you catch the tension, it’s not by pulling with the arms, it’s by trying to brace through the lats. Settling in, enjoy the rhythm here. No start, stop. At no point should that handle be stopping it’s movement pattern. Learn to use your lats to
brace and hold tension. Also, as those hips close,
don’t over-reach trying to go further than one o’clock. Your body should be
swinging between 11 and one. Find your breathing, this
is all about mechanics. In two we’re gonna add in
the legs, that’s one and two. Here we go, adding in the legs. Oh, that’s gonna feel nice. All of a sudden you’re gonna feel all this power and connection. Just settle into a groove here. Enjoy the rhythm of
bracing through the lats and the midline and pushing
the machine away from you. There we go. Feeling good, feeling connected. Settling into the rhythm with
me, focus on your connection, focus on your rhythm,
relaxing up the slide. Turn off your legs, put
yourself in the right position. All right, we’re getting ready for our last set of drills
here, this last minute. We’re gonna go to legs only. This time arms stay
long, body stays closed. We’re gonna get there in
two strokes, that was one. That’s two on this one, legs only. Oh whee. I’m gonna throw it at you, so
get ready to switch drills. Legs only, we’re gonna add
in the body in two strokes. That’s one, that’s two, add in the body. Still no arms. Oh, resist that urge. Resist that urge to break the arms. Instead, hang off the handle. In two we’re gonna go to
arms only at the backend. That’s one. That’s two, arms only. So many drills. Keep flowing with me,
just consistent movement. Add in the hips. Surprised you with that one. Learn to connect with the lats again. We’re going back to a full stroke for the final minute in two. That’s one, that’s two, full stroke. Oh, putting it all together,
it feels so smooth! Good work. Join me in some fun for this final minute. Lock in, put some pressure
into the handle now. We’re still not rushing. I just want you to brace and push harder against the machine. Breathing, applying force to the machine. Feel connected. Nice work. Excellent job. Now, again, where we should be at, at the end of these
10-minute drill sequences is we should be breathing
heavy, hot and sweaty, I know I am quite sweaty,
but I’m not fatigued. I’m not worn out, I don’t feel like I just did something massive but
I do feel like I spent that time creating a better
connection to the machine, and that’s what I want
you to be thinking about. Every time you step foot in this machine, you’re either getting better or worse. You’re never just staying the same. You’re always trending towards
better movement or worse, better focus, lack of focus. It’s always gonna go
one of two directions. You can always go left or right. You gotta choose the split each time. That’s where these come in. Use these workouts over and over and over to reset your focus on the mechanics to make you better so
that you can be successful on the rowing machine. Guys, thank you so much
for tuning in for this one. I’m really enjoy these
10-minute drill videos because I think they’re
really valuable for all of you to be able to implement even
if it’s just as a warmup. Right, maybe this is your workout, maybe this is your warmup. It’s not about your performance. It’s about showing up, being a Dark Horse in your own life, being the hero of your own story. I mean it when I say it. You can do whatever you wanna do. You gotta take the steps to get there. The process is the important part, right? We can’t decide the outcome. We can only work on the
process on a day-to-day basis. So, thank you as always for tuning in. If you enjoyed this and you want more and you wanna check out other videos, hit that subscribe button and
the little bell next to it so you get alerted whenever
we come out with a new video and as always, guys, I mean it
from the bottom of my heart, I send so much love to you. I love you all, share
that love with others. Take it out to the rest of the world, be kind to the people around you. We all need it more and more and more. So thank you, go be a Dark Horse. Be a positive influence
in somebody else’s life and on your own. Guys, I love you alL and we’ll
see you on the other side. Hey guys and thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this and you want more, we’ve partnered with our
friends with at Asensei to guide, monitor, and correct
you through your workouts while I am personally coaching you through your training plan. Now this is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. If that sounds interesting to you, and you wanna check it out, click below to start your Dark Horse journey.

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