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Rubber-Cal’s Terra-Flex rubber tiles are
the optimum choice for indoor rubber flooring. These interlocking rubber tiles have a pebble-top
surface that reduces slips and falls and are made with durable synthetic and recycled rubber.
Terra-Flex tiles are infused with a fresh vanilla scent that masks the typical rubber
smell. ??This rubber flooring has an easy puzzle piece design that looks great in showrooms
and tradeshow booths. Interlock these tiles together without messy glue, tape, or other
adhesives for easy “Do-It-Yourself” installation and removal.??Terra-Flex is available in 5
unique earth tone colors, including: Light Tan, Green, Gray, Caramel, and Blue.??These
interlocking floor tiles give a classy, professional look to any home gym or weight room.
??Terra-Flex tiles were also featured in the “Muscle Pit” at the 2009 Olympia Weekend
Bodybuilding Competition. ??Visit to learn more!

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