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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(Show Open) Are you ready? Let’s go! Hi, this is Ryan Van Dyke, with RVDFIT. And
today I’d like to talk to you about building and strengthening your shoulders. Are you ready? Let’s go! Alright guys, this is going to be your lateral
raise, or your side delt. So, right here, your medial. You can do this in – variations with a dumbbell,
a barbell, I’m going to show you here with a cable machine. And we’re just going to do
side raises. Alright? I kind of like to lean out on this one here,
kind of tilt my body weight out. Come up straight. You don’t want to come up
and over extend. About parallel with the floor. And back down. Abs are tight, even on this. Chest is tall,
shoulders are back. Up and squeeze. Nice and slow. Inhale down. Exhale up. (blows breath) And then we’ll switch sides. There’s three parts to our shoulders: we’ve
got the front delt, medial delt, and then our rear delt. And that’s what we’re going
to focus on now. Our rear delt. And a lot of people forget that one, so that’s
why I wanted to show you this today. So, we’re going to take a pec fly machine,
and we’re just going to reverse it. We’re going to hit the rear delt on this. So here
we go! Sit up nice and tall, alright? Chest is tall,
shoulders are back. Abs are even pulled in tight on this. You can work your core on every exercise that
you do by taking in your belly and sucking it in towards your back. (machine sounds) (blows breath out) Inhale down. Exhale up. You can do variations of reps, I like to keep
it between 12 and 15. Obviously if you go up in weight, your reps are going to drop down. If you go lighter, you can probably go heavier;
it’s good to just volumize and go up and down in reps and sets. It is imperative to use proper form in every
exercise. If you’re using more of your body weight to
get the weight up, you’re probably going to heavy, and you just need to drop the weight. I’m going to show you a shoulder press exercise
now, alright, it’s just a very stable shoulder press. And we’re going to be working your
full shoulder. Again, proper form: chest up, shoulders back.
Abs pulled in tight. We’re going to grab here. We’re going to split
the difference between the bar, and you’re going to press up and back. Alright, inhale down, exhale up. Keeping those elbows close to your sides,
alright. (blows out breath) The body is real stable. Nothing else is moving, just our shoulders are
pushing the weight. Up and down, alright? 12-15 reps is usually good. And then you want
to stair-step up the weight, as usual on each set. Go a little bit heavier. 10-15 pounds,
until you reach your max. (sounds of laughter on television)
(remote clicks off) Alright, guys. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure to subscribe below and leave a comment
on what you’d like to see next. As for me, I’m chilling here at home, I’m
as comfy as can be while I relax my body and plan for tomorrow. Until next time, think and stay fit!


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