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Hey, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women,
and today we’re going to be working on those saddlebags. So grab a dumbbell, and let’s go! So the first exercise is a curtsy lunge. You’re going to hold onto your dumbbell chest
height, and we’re going to step, and drop behind working the outer glutes, pressing
up. Then switch. Step to the other side, outer glute, lunge. So that toe is tapping right outside of the
calf. Okay, let’s do 10 of these. Ten, nine, eight. Make sure you’re getting deep enough. Seven, six, five, four, three, two. Last one. Lunge it. Good. Set that dumbbell down. We’re going to go right into rainbows on the
mat. So these ones, you’re on your forearms down,
leg is straight, and you’re going up, tap, behind. Make a rainbow with that leg, squeezing the
glute every rep. once again, ten. So tap to the right, you’re going to tap to
the left; that’s one. Good. Five more. Right, and left. Squeeze the outer glute. Upper glute, outer glute. Here’s eight, and nine, and ten. Other leg. Tap and tap. Keep your foot flexed as well. That’s going to help you engage that outer
glute more. Squeeze. There you go. Just focusing on the muscle you’re working,
relaxing that lower back. Squeeze the glute. Up, and over. Making it stronger, tightening it up, adding
more muscle mass in that area can definitely reduce saddlebags. Burn some calories. Good. I’m almost there. Here’s eight. Good. Keep that form consistent. There’s nine. Last one. Up, and over is ten. Good. Now we’re going to flip over. Keep your dumbbell close. We’ll come back to that as your last exercise. Number three, right here. One leg is up and you’re going to do presses,
leg raises up, and down. Squeeze at the top. 10 on each. I’m not going fast at all. I’m actually keeping things really slow, contracting
at the top. Six. Down. Five. And I’m not even touching the mat when I come
down. Four. You want to keep it consistent the whole time. Three. Two more. Two. Last one. Up, and squeeze, hold it, one. Good. So you’re pinching the glute. You want to feel it contract. Other leg. One leg is up. Lift and pinch. Nine. You can either put a step down. Eight. And raise your foot up a little higher. It makes it harder. Six, five. Pinch it up there. Four. This is great for those outer glutes. Three, two. Last one. Up and pinch it, one, and lower. Awesome. Okay, let’s go to our fourth, and final exercise. Grab your dumbbell again. We’re going to do squats with a side raise. So holding the dumbbell up here, or even down
here. If you have a stability ball, same thing,
or a medicine ball. Hold it in whatever position is easier for
you. Squat. When you stand up you’re going right into
a side raise, and alternate. So tick-tock, squats, squat, and raise. I’ll show you from the side. Right here, squeeze that outer glute. Press. Eight, seven, six. Once again, flex your foot so you’re trying
to raise the heel up to the ceiling. Four, three. Two more. Two. Last one. And one. Great. There you have it. Four great exercises to target the saddlebags. It also helps add muscle mass, burn some calories,
which will reduce the glutes on the side, and it will make you feel a lot better about
fitting into your close right where you feel most self-conscious. So anyway, try those four exercises out. Let me know how you like them. Thumbs up, comment below. I’m Amy Jo, and we’ll see you next time.

23 thoughts on “Saddlebags Workout (BEST EXERCISES FOR OUTER THIGHS!!)

  1. I love your video, but why 480p?
    Is that any possible to change the quality please?
    Just hope it can be 720p or 1080p
    It will be great.
    Thank you all.

  2. Mais um vídeo ótimo! Estou amando cada um e fazendo em casa. Perdi quase 9 kg com exercícios e dieta. Não parem de postar os vídeos e mandem um beijo para os fãs aqui do Brasil!

  3. The exercises that Amy demonstrated are from centuries ago! I think nobody owns them…what anybody can do is demonstrate them in a comprehensible way for one to learn, and follow, and Amy is a very good demonstrator showing complete sets! Very good Amy…I wish if you can demonstrate how to do dead lift 🙂

  4. These workouts really help when I'm in the gym and out of ideas for specific body parts 🤣🤣 and I really feel it the next day 😫😃

  5. Thanks, Amy Joe. These are excellent. Great moves for use with ankle weights, also. I'm going to put them up on my thighs as high as they will fit.

  6. Sure these exercises will work for men also pretty well. But the execution is really more made for women. Imagine a man in your gym would do these… 😀

  7. The exercises you demonstrate don't match the exercises in the description, I love screenshotting the exercises and saving them on my phone. Great work out though.

  8. Hi AmyJo-

    Any idea how many calories I might burn doing 1 set of these 4 exercises with no rest in between them as you’ve done?

    Beginner looking to track CI/CO and log my daily progress. Thanks!!!

  9. I have really bad sabblebags and they won't leave. I feel very self conscious about them and people always stare. I will try this!

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