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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

sometimes you get second in the show you
can feel second place in life and I don’t want that kind of pain sweet huh they call it the drawer microwave
shit’s from the future yo so it’s actually my carb cycling I do three
days low at 50 grams and one day at 1600 grams pour this in and you got
stand here for about a minute just doing this cream of rice is primarily gonna
be our refeed and our filling out carbohydrate of choice when we get to
Columbus Ohio so we want to do a little trial run four weeks out and see how my
body reacts I’m in love with competing I just know where my body’s at the last
time I competed at the men’s physique Mr. Olympia I got second and I weighed
179 pounds on stage now I weigh 218 pounds and I filled out in all the right
places I need to be fuller on prep has been totally different I took 14 months
lay over from the stage so I went back to being a normal civilian eating two or
three meals a day really slowed down my metabolism so the beginning of prep was
so hard just to get to five six meals you know so it’s been difficult it has
its challenges but I’m there now damn dude this is a lot of fucking food leading up
to a show your life goes on pause for four months you are not doing anything
except eating sleeping training and eating you’re not hanging out with your
family you’re not hanging out with your friends everything goes on pause so
obviously when you dedicate a lot when you invest a lot there is anxiety that
kicks in whoever says they like diet food is a
liar like do I enjoy like egg whites like yeah do I enjoy like some grilled
chicken yeah but when you’re eating this stuff for 14 weeks and six times a day
you don’t want it any more man this chicken actually looks pretty nasty
so I’m gonna skip out on the chicken because it doesn’t actually look that
great um I eat with my eyes you know visually
like I like to like pick my meats you know same thing like you want to pick
like the best fruit you know out of the batch you know and if I don’t like the
way something looks I just won’t buy it I won’t eat it
just broccoli so I’m gonna show you guys another convenient thing like not only
do I do this with my broccoli but I usually do this my rice as well so you
know we don’t always have like 20-30 minutes to like cook food fresh the
microwave is a lot more convenient ninety seconds in a microwave it
comes out amazing last six years what I learned about competing is is that the
longer you do it it gets easier but it’s still tough
I struggle just like a beginner struggles you got to learn how to cook you got
to learn what intensity is what rep ranges to use how much sleep to get I
mean don’t mind the landscaping the home has been under a bit of construction and believe it or not like I’ve been
I’ve been at this house for thirty years I was born and raised in this house so
it’s pretty cool to still be here after all that time family is a huge driving
force in what I do everything I do in my life I think about my family I think
about you know my mom and dad when they came to this country poor they didn’t
know the language they didn’t have any money they didn’t have a jacket you know they
found their first article of clothing in a trash can you know how hard they
worked two or three jobs didn’t sleep so any time I feel like giving up something like
ah you know what I don’t want to do this 30 minutes cardio you know what I don’t
want to eat this chicken and rice I think about what the fuck is wrong with
me everything they’ve done to overcome to give me a better life and I’m
complaining about this and that fuck that you know so my family is number one
like a huge motivator of mine and I always want to make them proud and
number two it’s a big support you know knowing that people care about you and
they love you and to me that means everything this home was like a
one-story ranch so we actually did some renovations we put a second floor on
that and we did all types of stuff man I went a little crazy with the
chandeliers which I love I didn’t know like I was such a fan of chandeliers
until now and check out I got a little cat that resembles a lion from 21 22 23
24 I look fucking sick and I would win bodybuilding shows I would never do
cardio I would never diet I would buy those cakes
from the supermarket I would eat half of it and then I take two scoops of protein
and drink that with half of it I’d go work out eat the other half of the cake with
a shake and then later in the evening I would eat two pieces of grilled chicken
and then last meal before bed was like pizza or like McDonald’s or Taco Bell
and I fucking had a six-pack and I looked sick because I would train for
two or three hours a day it’s calories and calories out like you know you’re
putting the fuel in your body but you’re burning up the fuel by the end of the
day because it’s the work ethic and the performance not just the food
because I could eat lean all day but if I don’t work out I’m never going to develop
muscle you know like the working out is the important part
we are headed to the gym although it’s a rest day I still like to go in and get
some hiit cardio done I still like to go in and train some abs and my hips have
been feeling a little tight so do some stretches for my hip flexors
try to release that tension every minute I’m on this motherfucking
machine is a competitor that I’m passing on stage on minute 20 I’m on fifth place
minute 21 I climb up to fourth place 22 23 24 eventually when I hit my
goal I’m first place that’s how I do cardio I feel my competitive nature comes from
a lot of my failures and I know how tough it is to place second I know how
tough it is to place third and I never want to be in that position again that’s
why when I’m in the gym when I’m in the kitchen when I’m doing my cardio no
matter what it is I’m giving a hundred and twenty percent and that’s where my
competitive drive comes from is from that pain that failure that anger I know
what it feels like to cry in the shower after a show and wash your tan off I
know what it feels like to plan an awesome week with your friends and
family but you didn’t win this show so now you’re fucking devastated and everyone
is trying to cradle your feelings sometimes you get second in the show you
can feel second place in life and I don’t want that kind of pain

100 thoughts on “Sadik Hadzovic | What It Takes to be a Physique Pro | Ep. 1

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