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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys it’s Sadik and we’re
training back and triceps the exercises are always the same it’s
just you have to individualize the program to the person so like I said to
you yesterday we kind of just broke it up in the beginning where we had to
maximize upper chest thickness mid-back thickness so now we’re doing our main
back work on Saturday and today we’re gonna do a little bit more of a mid back
work there’s only like two or three exercises and then primarily triceps another thing we do with our program is
we’ll choose an exercise like for this it’s the low cable row but we’ll change
the handle apparatus so last week we went to a wide apparatus so we grabbed with
our hands in a different dimension now is the apparatus is smaller and closer
together come on big year one
two there we go come on five three last three two more sadik one more
for the win again your lat muscles are working a
little more with an extension and adduction
so we want to get a little more of a stretch so we come in with a heavier
movement this way and the next week we want to work a little more of a
posterior delt and our mid-back so when you bring the elbow this way as opposed
to back they’re the squat of the upper body if
you’re doing them correct nice controlled form and heavyweight kicks
your ass we don’t go to absolute failure when you
do that we going heavy you have a chance of getting hurt so we want to keep the
form really tight when it his form gets kind of gets off whack
we gotta stop the set these dumbbels rarely ever get touched but good reason see there’s a 160s 180s 200 it’s the big boy weight one
two three
four five so we’re starting off with a heavy weight
hopefully 6 to 8 we’re gonna change the grips we’re gonna do a double drop like
we did yesterday on the incline machine so same thing today
one two three four five get me three six
seven one more good job jump inside good roll back no arms two three four five six seven come on three more watch that left here we go one more go stretch and pull open up those lats one
open up those lats and pull down and back – there we go open up those lats pull
down and back three here we go come on good four let’s work five there we go come on
six I need ten seven eight push it past nine you got 12 come on ten
two more lats one more right you might see somebody in gym perform an
exercise every week but if you perform that exercise every week but you’re not
using proper form you know it’s not as effective as it could be so you got to
develop and learn the right lifting habits from the beginning and you’ll
just be able to accelerate your progress so much faster like to lean forward and
I keep the elbows really close to the rim as possible so a lot of guys will
flare them out sort of losing stability in the shoulder keeping you nice and
tight focusing on the tricep as he comes down so I like to hit the triceps I mean either
way the triceps just extend the elbow so no matter what you do you’re gonna be
working the tris we started with a pushdown heavy weight
then we went to a decline slight decline position so why are we doing
that is now we’re still extending our elbows but the decline is making us
stretch a little more then we finish up with a seated position again really
maximizing our stretch and keeping the weight a little bit lighter and
emphasizing more reps back day is officially in the books
awesome fucking pump we did quite a few heavy exercises heavy rows and heavy ass
dumbbell rows so very happy about that

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  2. Sadik looks amazing in the gym, but when on stage πŸ˜”

    No hate to the guy, as long as he is happy on what he is doing πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’―

  3. let me see you and eating or a day in the life not working out everybody works out the CU I want to know what you eat and you know what to do about the day other than working out videos

  4. I never get this, why are all these pro athletes being coached by some dude that never did any significant pro show lol? I mean, the bodybuilders back in the 70s, 80s and 90s did their own training, mostly if not all their own nutrition and they looked better lol.

  5. I love seeing the dedication these people put in, for a 150lb girl i can only lift around 100lbs(thanks cheerleading) so I really love seeing people life large amounts.

  6. How about cheat meal challenge between classics and mens physique? Right after Olympia 2019. I would like to know who can eat more burgers Cbum, Sadik, '"Bull' or Hendriksen.
    Just don't call Fouad Abiad for this competition.

  7. Proud of how far sadik has come regardless of his placings he still looks insanely better than most regular people

  8. honestly, all jokes aside, sadik is easily the most charismatic guy in the fitness industry. he's reached a pretty good level of success but i think he'll go even higher. i just think in order to get there he needs to put that personality out there a bit more. maybe vlogs? more personal youtube videos?

  9. I've been following sadik for many years.
    When classic physique division was born, a lot of people thought that it was the best environment for him.
    After that we saw many gifted athletes(way more than him) that set the bar very very high, so he tried to put on mass(but he was too small and had worse lines compared to the others), after that he decided to come back in men's physique but his physique looked weird and not fitting this category either.
    He need some time to be a top guy again. I really loved him when was battling for the title against buendia..

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