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In a world that is evidently becoming less natty by the minute it has come to my attention that people are constantly looking for new shortcuts for gains and SARMs are starting to be the next big thing. In fact word on the street Is that SARMs are safe have virtually no side effects and most importantly they’ll get you those gains Well guys just like most things if it sounds too good to be true. It probably is so let’s take an in-depth Unbiased look at SARMs discuss their benefits and risks and be sure to stay tuned until the very end Because I will be sharing my own opinion on whether or not I think that they’re worth the risk So first things first what exactly are SARMs well For those of you who don’t know SARMs are a group of compounds called selective androgen receptor modulators And they’re essentially drugs that are structurally very similar to anabolic steroids, which should tell you something But like I said, I will remain unbiased for now Now as of today, there are quite a few types of SARMs on the market and unlike pro hormones They’re currently legal for over-the-counter purchase as for research on SARMs Well, it has been very limited so far, but it definitely looks promising They appear to help build muscle and strength Accelerate fat loss and increase overall sports performance to a level comparable to steroids But without as many side effects now Although the majority of studies have been performed on rodents SARMs are still an interesting subject that merits discussion But how exactly do psalms work and how do they compare to steroids? Well to understand how SARMs work. We first have to briefly look at how hormones function in the human body Imagine if you will hormones are chemical messengers They help carry messages from cell to cell Successfully establishing communication among them. These messages are usually vital Instructions and commands and as they reach their targeted cell the instructions are carried out simple right now Androgens are hormones that are associated with masculinity They regulate the development and maintenance of male characteristics by binding to androgen receptors in the body and perhaps the most commonly known and is testosterone now when you introduce anabolic steroids like testosterone To your body with the testosterone being a hormone all of the following three things are going to happen to a different extent Number one the testosterone will bind to your cells Androgen receptors Number two. It will be converted to DHT or dihydrotestosterone Which also binds to androgen receptors and number three and some of it will be converted to the female hormone estrogen? Which is essentially estrogen and binds to your cells estrogen receptors. And here’s the English translation to all of that introducing steroid like hormones like testosterone to your system will bring about anabolic androgenic and some estrogenic effects But what you do want exclusively the most is the anabolic effects those lead to increase muscle protein synthesis Which results in more muscle growth and accelerated fat loss what we don’t want either androgenic and estrogenic effects This is because the angiogenic pod of steroids is responsible for accelerated hair growth manboobs acne and other side effects you probably don’t want the other serious concern with steroids is a strong possibility of side effects even in low and Controlled dosages. This is why I get so mad when people say if you do steroids, right? They’re safe Well guys the truth is that any side effects can happen at any level of usage and these side effects may include high blood pressure Progression of heart disease increased LDL cholesterol mood swings hair loss sexual dysfunction and liver Cirrhosis just to name a few and that’s usually why people ultimately decide steroids are not worth the risk They simply don’t want to risk everything Just to get some gains that are not even permanent because you will lose most of your gains when you stop Injecting and while some of these side effects are reversible Some of them are not and you can easily end up dead or needing testosterone replacement therapy to the rest of your life But the main reason why steroids are usually deemed unfit for a health is they’re dangerous byproducts namely the DHT and estrogen like compounds and that’s where Comes in the issue with steroids is that they have an anabolic to angiogenic ratio of 1 to 1 SARMs on the other hand promised the same anabolic results that steroids bring to the table without the angiogenic adverse effects this is because they selectively bind only to muscle and bone cell receptors and they’re not Easily converted to DHT or estrogen which are the main drivers of many unwanted effects of steroid use Sounds amazing, right? Well, let’s keep digging. Alright guys So let’s talk about some of the most popular Psalms currently on the market as there are quite a few with some of them being more powerful Meaning there’s a higher risk of encountering unwanted side effects with them Well, some are much weaker. The most popular Psalms right now are Austin Carter, ein and ER Ein Liggins role or also called anabolic. Um now why the strange alphanumeric names you might ask well Psalms haven’t been approved for medical use so pharmaceutical marketers haven’t bothered naming them yet And with that being said, let’s take a quick look at each of them First up is Austin and Austin is by far the most studied SARM and studies actually found some powerful results Not only did it help people gain muscle and lose fat without exercising but the side effects were pretty much non-existent There was some testosterone Suppression reported but not to a meaningful degree some studies also found a link between Austin and treating cancer patients But the results are still pretty much premature. Next up is Carter on and all of the studies regarding catarah are performed on rodents So no human trials currently exists and with that being said researchers found in Carter Ein to be excellent at burning fat while preserving muscle in rats The side effects were again insignificant next up we have and Ryan and Andrew Reiner s4 is one of the first if not the first time on the market and it’s usually Stacked with other Psalms its biggest side effect is visual Abnormality and that’s because it actually binds to certain receptors in your eye cells Which can cause altered color perception and nighttime blindness, which sounds pretty hardcore That’s why our de 9 is usually not the first choice people to gain some muscle and lastly We have League and rule now llegando is one of the better studied psalms and exactly like Austin it shows promising results judging from human trials It has been shown to increase muscle and bone mass as well as sex drive without damaging the liver or the prostate It doesn’t seem to offer any fat loss benefits on its own and that’s why most people stack it with Austin High doses of leg and roll have been shown to suppress natural hormone production hence people with low testosterone levels tend to skip this one all together so it could be careful with that but now after Hearing all this. Are you ready to buy your first bottle of SARMs is probably the question you guys are asking Well, don’t be hasty because it’s time to talk about the problem with SARMs So guys the main problem with psalms is quite frankly. There’s really no sufficient research Those studies do indeed offer some promising results, but there are no long-term human studies Unfortunately, we just don’t know enough about how they work and their potential long-term side effects Which is a very legitimate cause for concern SARMs were not even initially intended for human use and most people willing to try them actually have to purchase them for experimental research only as once again They are not meant for human consumption having said that they might be legal But they are certainly not allowed in most competitive sports and they can actually get you banned if you’re tested positive for them furthermore Like steroids the more times you use the more side effects You were bound to experience acne hair loss testosterone Suppression and other side effects associated with steroid use are still very possible with SARMs especially if you’re not using small dosages also the issue with steroids and steroid like drugs is that they are Addictive it’s very difficult to stick to a small dosage when you start experiencing their anabolic benefits You’re gonna start seeing yourself in the mirror looking bigger looking more ripped and you’re gonna want to take more Another concern that I have with Psalms is the substantial cancer growth That rodents experience in several of the studies, of course guys humans are rodents But as long as there are no long-term Studies on SARMs and cancer I think it would be ill-advised to use them as bodybuilding supplements guys Remember cancer is a mutation of your cells and whenever you take a drug That’s going to enhance your cells You’re also enhancing these types of mutations and finally since you can get Solms everywhere now I would address this as well. A lot of supplement companies have started selling SARMs And the main issue is that SARMs are not qualified or quantified substances Meaning you don’t really know what’s in the bottle you purchased or which China lava came from and with unregulated Substances like Psalms. There’s always the possibility That you’re buying a powder or a pill that looks like Austin But it is in fact clenbuterol or tremble owned which is pretty frightening. You don’t know what you’re putting in your body So it’s really up to you if you decide you it’s that it’s worth the risk. So let’s summarize Sounds are steroid, like compounds that are not as effective as steroids But certainly far more potent than common supplements like creatine or beta alanine, right? They also seem to have minimal side effects But the actual research is is far from indicative or remotely final. So let’s look at the pros and the cons the pros Steroid, like anabolic results minimal short-term side effects easy to recover from minimal conversion to DHT and estrogen and Nava Cons, they’re not as potent as steroids. There’s unknown long-term side effects There’s a potential cause for cancer and you will lose your gains as soon as you stop taking them and also guys keep in mind The extent of the potential side effects and benefits actually Depends on dosage type of time you’re using your genetic factors overall nutrition age sex, etc So now that you’re armed with this information as always the choice is yours But remember any time you attempt biohacking there always carries a risk with it Especially for trying cutting-edge drugs like SARMs and even if the gains are great There’s still temporary and will go away when you stop taking them. That’s how the human body works guys it retains the muscle mass it means and when you stop taking chemicals and hormones that trick your body into Building muscle it simply doesn’t have a need for all that muscle mass anymore And when you stay natural you keep your gains forever So unless you plan on taking Sam’s the rest of your life I stick with being natty for life And that’s where the meaningful gains are guys and more importantly that’s where the core values of health and fitness out in my opinion the risk of using Tom’s far outweigh the benefits and They’re just not necessary to build a muscular strong and lean body that you can be proud of be sure to smash That like button if you enjoyed the video and got some great information out of it and guys If you would like more in depth videos on the individual SARMs with links to proper studies and all of that leave a like and comment below and we can get that done too in future videos and as always More good stuff coming soon. See ya

100 thoughts on “SARMs | Steroid-Like Gains Without The Side Effects of Steroids?

  1. We all want MORE GAINS overnight and it looks like SARMs could be the "legal" answer for many of us. But at the end of the day did we find a miracle drug to build more muscle faster? Or are SARMs just another shortcut to more gains with high risks of terrible side effects?


  2. I just left a supplement store here in town an they sell Sarms. I was just goin in there to purchase one of their meals that they offer and dude was tryna get me on Sarms lol talkin up about them n shit. Of course I get chastised for citing research shortly after that.

  3. Informative video, but looking at the structure of the sarms it doesn't really look like any type of cholesterol derive steroid. And second, none of the research that I have found on ostarine or ligandrol show any cancer predisposition. the only sarm out there where I could find some type of cancer being a side effect was cardarine. I was wondering if you'd be able to post some studies from PubMed regarding cancer and ostarine or cardarine

  4. The guy at the supplement shop recommended ostarine to me and me blindly trusting I bought it, all I was looking for was something for joints and now I feel played, finding out what they are, I wasn’t looking for a shortcut. What’s worse is that I opened the bottle but haven’t taken a dose. Idk if I can even return it now

  5. What does he mean people who don’t get big naturally will always loose everything after they stop cycles? Seems like he’s a bit too proud of being a natural.

  6. Lift heavy, eat good food, have reasonable expectations. Don't tie up your self esteem with your physique. Be fit, strong and healthy.

  7. Gah dam it I almost bought them. I’m a girl and I eat so much protein. Lifting for 3 years until failure and still have baby gains

  8. I ben on sarms for 6 months but there expensive gotta watch where you buy them. Gotta watch out for greasy foods. And dont heat up shit in the f*cking microwave. I gaind 16/ pounds in the time i ben taking them. I get angry fast.. Not gonna lie its hard for my shit to work all the time. But yes way safer than roids. Allways workout atleast a hour a day on sarms

  9. I saw notable gains on 10 mg of real LGD mainly from wks 3-6. Some mass but the money was made with enhanced definition. I'd do it again however I'm on 200mg of test cyp a week now and my gains 1 month in are much greater than LGD.

  10. Hey Scott could you do a video on Rad-140!! It’s suppose to
    Be the best Sarm out there due to the incredible strength and mass gains it allow you to get even when taken in low doses even as low as 5 miligrams a day meaning there’s very little side effects if any at all!

  11. All the rat experiments that generated cancer where over a very long period of time with the lowest dose being around 250 mg a day.

  12. They're drugs, theyre new(ish), they've mostly been tested on rodents.

    Yeah, run. Even with drugs we know almost inside out it sometimes turns out theres complications down the road… 10… 20 years. Let someone else be a Guinea pig.

  13. Fuck that. I dont care about side effects. I'm desperate. I'm buying this. Already looking on google before the video even ended.

  14. Pretty sure almost everyone who claims to have gotten gains from SARMs was also using steroids. Then there are the people whose stats look like they are low end natural using SARMs and looking the same in their before and after pics

  15. all the info this guy is spewing is so wrong lol…looks like he read up on wiki and tried to throw it out there as actual knowledge.

  16. Dude. Wtf are you talking about. They are FAR more potent that most steroids. If taken at the same dose, they blow steroids out of the water. You should go do a little more research.

  17. Amazing Natural Legal Steroid Alternative Solution Suitable For Men And Women  – 100% Natural Anabolic Alternatives


  18. If you want to develop muscle, size and strength, simple, eat properly, exercise properly.
    To gain strength and size do these simple exercises:-
    Powerclean press
    Bench press
    Pull ups.
    Also don't forget, the gym is only 10% the other 90% is diet and rest which promotes repair and growth.

  19. Prescription meds are researched and legalised all the time right? I take Tegretol and Valium for Bipolar Disorder(15yrs)… both of which have strong side effects. Should I stop? That’s not to say I would use SARMS, but it seems that due to their anabolic properties, everyone wants to hate on them. Tegretol helps me avoid massive manic depressive episodes which have almost killed me in the past. Pretty good reason for me to continue taking them, despite the side effects that require me to do regular bloods. We do what we do, to get what we want, to feel how we need to feel or to look how we want to look… that’s human nature! Driving a vehicle every day is risking death.

  20. Well there are for mk 677, gw501516, S4 with 20-30 years research been around for awhile. No acne and hair loss. In studies they tripled the dosage that bodybuilders use in the rats should of researched a bit more.

  21. I was about to try some rad 140 …Im trying to put on 10 pounds …I heard its good for a lean bulk…I was thinking like 6 weeks at lowest dose…what y'all think? Anybody else got experience?

  22. Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are for cheaters and I will never take them. I will stay NATURAL for life and enjoy my long term gains for years to come. Sad to be walking around with artificial muscle, Just stupid and gross knowing it's all just chemicals. Sounds like you could glow in the dark YUCK.

  23. The most difficult part is actually finding real sarms! A lot of companies sell watered down versions!

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