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– We did just talk about
how challenging it can be when it comes to eating healthy. But growing up can be even tougher. Imagine, though, being 11 years of age, and weighing almost 300 pounds. That’s the harsh reality for Miranda. – My daughter’s Miranda,
she’s 11 years old. She’s generally a very
happy girl, very smart. She’s always been healthy, it’s just, she’s constantly gained
weight, every single year. And it’s just gotten worse. Middle school now, it’s different than when I was in middle school. These kids are mean now. – It’s kind of become, like,
a daily routine for me. Just giving up and
expecting people be mean. They say, that like the bus
shakes when I get off the bus. It makes me feel awful,
like I’m a monster, sort of. – As of now, she’s got gym class now, and she hates it. – I don’t really like
changing into my gym clothes, because my shorts don’t fit
but my tshirt’s kinda tight, so I hide in the corner and
change cause I don’t like being out in the open and changing. – Her self esteem had gotten really bad. – What I’m most scared of
for the future is just, gaining more weight,
gradually as I get older. And just, I don’t want to be like that. – I am very scared for her health, there’s diabetes on both
sides of the family. I did try to change her diet, but then you fall right back
into the old habits every time. You know, I’ve been
dieting all my life, too. And I guess I don’t know how to fix it. – We’ll meet Miranda’s mom
Julie when we get back, and we’ll also get Miranda’s
medical test results, stick around.

100 thoughts on “Save My Obese Daughter

  1. I have slow metabolism and I really try to loose weight I haven’t eaten a single sugary snack in 6 weeks and I’ve been working out every day since 3 months ago and I’ve only lost 5 pounds..

  2. …. instead of eating chips, try, idk, vegetables? Like i’m not trying to be mean or anything but like.. The mom’s only reaching out for help when her daughter’s, what, 300 lbs? That’s not exactly good parenting if you ask me.

  3. Back in my day we didn't have these problems. As my old man always used to say: "Ain't nothing a good beating can't fix!".

  4. Now this , this is something you should do in privacy. Think of how embarrassing it would be to be seen on this type of show for obesity.

  5. okay im twelve and I can’t even gain weight I’m over here a freaking stick and like I need to stick to her diet for at least three days……you know what I take that back😂 I’ll just be a stick

  6. This is what happens when you are your child's friend and not a true parent. We got too many of these kids running around doing what they want because social media tells them, they are adults!

  7. I started crying when she was crying cuz I can relate to what she was saying because in middle school I was made fun off cuz I was thick with the big butt and thies.they called me shrek,big chunges harrassed the love of my life for liking a curvy thick women until he couldn't take it anymore and left I know it's hard right now hun I promise it's going to get better in high school!! Cuz Everyone is mature💋💕 (junior high kids are little demons like no shit🙄)

  8. I feel like her mother isn’t helping a whole lot. She’s fairly heavy herself, and she’s not being very motivational towards her daughter.

  9. I hate the people who are like oh it’s OK I’ll be her friend it’s not about her not having friends she has an unhealthy lifestyle

  10. I'm kind of obese but I don't have any friends either… Actually the fact I have a form of autism probably doesn't help with the whole making friends thing

  11. Poor little girl.Her mother is fat too.She Said that she have tried too put her on a diet,but that didnt work.She had too learn about healthy food first.Change the eating habbit.

  12. Thats why you introduce healthy foods when they are infants and keep feeding it to them until they get to being a toddler 3 or 4 years old so that they will like some healthy foods and fast foods. And make fatty foods a treat not an everyday thing. My parenta have done this with me and I have never been overweight and I love vegetables and fruit and also some fatty foods. She is still a kid so she has time to get the weight off before its too late.

  13. I really hate these comments, most (probably all that are posting hate) of you guys don’t know how it feels to rely on something and have people make fun of you for it. This show or episode is just shitting on her self esteem and you guys aren’t helping. Do you think commenting stuff like “it’s the moms fault” or whatever is helping?? Like cool that’s not going to change the fact that there are a crap ton of people that her story is being broadcasted to and laughed at.
    Like I absolutely hate this because how tf does it make sense to harass someone into changing?? Smh, I and I thought I was dumb..

  14. put her on a diet, get her to do exercise, work for the better with whatever help you can get. being fat is opening the door for over a handful of health risks/diseases, and bullying throughout your childhood or even lifetime. try to get her to lose the weight, you don't need to be mean about it though. start slowly, and work out more and more or go on a diet or simply remove or add some things to your diet, make it a regular part of your eating-exercise habits.

  15. She says her daughter is healthy, but gaining weight. This mother's denial is totally responsible. This is not healthy. It's compliance in your daughters early death

  16. dude, sorry but i think that it is the mother's fault. it's not hard to stop buting unhealthy food.
    there's a bunch of delicious healthy food recipes online, and u can also get her into liking gymnastics or any sort of after school activitie that she can apreciate.

  17. I feel so sorry for her ,stop beeing mean maybe she has a condition and she can’t lose the weight and just gain it😶😓she seem so nice but also so broke and ashamed of herself….i know that feeling and it is not fun 😭

  18. I'm 14 and I'm 240. then again I'm 5'10. I'm not even CLOSE to being this big. I'm amazing and I love myself (having meat is better than being boney and disgusting)

  19. Sometimes mothers show their love to their kids by buying or making them food , and they don't realise it's dangerous till their kids gained weight

  20. Ok I have a problem and I need help. I am 14 and 230lbs. OBESE. But, it isnt that simple. About 2 years ago I was around 175 and 5'6, so not OBESE, but I was still overweight and I was getting bullied. I started going on a diet and exercising every day, but I still was getting called names. After about a month where I had lost 5 pounds in a healthy way, my best friend made fun of me behind my back about my weight. So I stopped eating…. for a year. I was FINALLY a normal weight! Everyone around me was telling me to eat. I was anorexic, but I looked completely normal. I started getting treatment and I wasn't allowed to go on the scale. I could see I was getting bigger. Even though I wasn't overeating or anything. I was only eating like 100 calories a day. I recovered for like 4/5 months. And nowwwww I am obese. And the only way i can loose weight is by completely starving myself. HELP ME. My metabolism is ruined. NOBODY understands and I am so frustrated.

  21. Im 170 cm and was about to reach 65 kg. My mom was restricting me in eating so that i don’t gain more weight snd I’m very grateful to her. She could just let me eat whatever i want and how much i want, but she stoped me and made me healthy.
    What i say is that its all parents fault 1000%

  22. (im writing this for advice and to share my situation)
    I'm 16 years old and currently weigh 170 pounds and I am only 5ft4 so I am trying to lose about 50 pounds.
    I am learning to eat healthy and I'm also thinking of joinng a gym but it's hard because my mum isn't very supportive. She rolls her eyes everytime I try mentioning to her about me wanting to choose the healthy option.

  23. You're the mom! You're the one feeding her. Look up some healthy different recipes that your daughter may like!

  24. Mom you let her overeat. The proof is in the older photo of her as a four year old. She didn’t just get that way over night.

  25. You have to make the mistake yourself, no matter how much your parents keep telling you if you keep eating too much and unhealthy, kids won't care, I was like her(only I am not overweight I am just not slim)and since I've realised my mistake, I'm loosing the weight. I am 62 kg at 14 and I am pretty tall,I was 66 but I lost 4 kg,I'm not big at all but I am just curvy

  26. Please.. Don't bully her.. She didn't want to be like this.. I appreciate her mom who has more attention and empathy for her much.. Not like my Mom.. My weight is about 62.. but my mom always prohibit me to have some meal for dinner.. But, Here i want to explain that her Mom must be either sympathy and Careful of her.. She can allows her daughter to not to take diet.. But must limit her daughter's meal portion.. I believe Miranda is so beautiful girl.. Only Lose her weight, she looks perfect.. GBU Miranda.. We support you..

  27. To be honest I would be Miranda’s best friend last time I had a best friend when I was 5th grade and when I transferred to another school in June, 24 ,2016 now one approached me on my new school people tend to backstab me from unknown reason I’m the youngest in class when I was in 7th grade I just turned 12 and now that I’m in 10th year and graduating I’m finally be free and people in my school are attention seekers and toxic they curse a lot even the teachers and I’m not being boastful or anything people or mostly the people who have empathy to people sometimes tell about their problems and my friend which is a girl told me that I’m good about giving advices and I told her that, that’s what friends are for being supportive and concerned, loyal and she is older than me I’m 15 now and I know how to look at people and choose the right people to hang out with, Miranda would be pretty lucky having a friend like me I’m not being boastful or anything

    Be proud what you have

    Plus you’re body might be big built that’s why you’re bigger like my friend in grade 5 back then she’s a girl

  28. I’m 13 and I have a curvy healthy hour glasses figure but that’s the figure most 16 year olds want so I wanna maintain the figure for a long time without gaining weight

  29. It's her mother's fault. Children don't get a say in what they eat; I'd eat whatever my mom put on my plate. Even if she ate junk food at school that would be once a day for 5 days. This is child abuse.

  30. In a way I kind of feel her pain, I am 13 5’6 and 154 pounds. I am trying to get to 110, I have lost adopt 6 pounds already!

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