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(victorious music) – It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to not look
like the normal person. It’s okay to get outside
your comfort zone and be courageous, even if people don’t like it. As long as it’s positive, then you should press forward with it. (victorious music) My name is Isaiah Griffin, and I am a bodybuilder. When I was 17 to 18, I developed this condition called keloids. Basically when your
body over heals itself. It started as bumps every now and then that would burst open that
looked like regular acne. Then they started to just
connect and make the web, basically on my chest. In the earlier stages
of having my keloids, honestly I didn’t understand
it or how to feel about it. I wasn’t in the mirror so much. There would be times where I
would just wash my face, turn the lights off. Mentally, it messed with my confidence. I had depression from it, but mainly, worried about, focused on, what other people think in companionship. But slowly but surely,
I just started wearing tank tops in the gym to where I would feel like I’m overcoming whatever’s
battling on the outside or inside. It was something new,
something completely different. I want to work towards
being a world champion. But this journeys more
about self-improvement, more than it is reviving
any medals or anything. Being a champion is nice, but I need to see the real
meaning with what I’m doing. When I see myself in the mirror now, I just see myself, I love myself. I look past the scars and just see the person who doesn’t
want to accept the norm’. There’s an African proverb: “If there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.”

100 thoughts on “Scars Won’t Stop This Bodybuilder

  1. I'm actually scared of people who have a ton of scars, it shows their story and that they shouldn't be messed with.
    (like battle scars)

  2. He actually looks like the guy at the bar no one will mess with because anyone who fights em gets beat up.

  3. Isn’t there that skin doctor lady in SAN-Fransisco who got rid of a lady keloids by using liquid nitrogen?

  4. Keloids can be treated but it takes a long time. You have to be persistent in going to your dermatologist to get the steroid injections into the keloids. Idk why steroids work on scars, but they do. Unfortunately its many injections per visit so it gets pretty tough towards the end of a visit. Also it's not covered under health insurance so it gets pretty pricey.

    Its tough when you get them on your face. Chest and back can be covered, and less painful.

  5. pee wont stop this guy from eating bro who cares about scars that have got to be the most lame title and vid in the universe

  6. Damn man I got back acne scars that haven't gone away yet and even that makes me not wanna take off my shirt

  7. Isaiah you're one tough hell of a beast! i struggle with keloids myself. not that many but still i know what it is. it's not only about the esthetics. the itch and burning sensation as well. and then see them grow. I admire your strenght both physically and mentally. shout out to you!

  8. I have unreal amounts of respect for this man he is saying I dont care what other people think of me if I dont care how I look why should you. Mad respect man mad respect.

  9. Hers a few other African phrases or whatever

    "When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers"

    "A storm passes, the stars remain"

    "Some people avoid sleeping due to the possibility of nightmares"

    "Two (blank) can tie up a lion, but one cannot"

    Note: These were taken from Home of the Brave, but I mainly paraphrased them.

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