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Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapists
here to show you how to relieve your sciatic pain but first of all what is
sciatica. sciatica describes the pain that specifically follows the line of
the sciatic nerve. it’s usually felt in the lower back down through the buttocks
hamstrings and even as far as a lower leg. now this pain is usually felt
unilaterally meaning that it’s only on one side. common causes of sciatica
include disc herniation spinal degeneration facet joint injuries
piriformis syndrome sacroiliac joint dysfunction. considering the causes of
sciatica are, numerous I’m going to outline three exercises that are safe and
effective regardless of the underlying cause. for this exercise we’re aiming to
stretch the piriformis muscle which runs deep within the buttock so you’ll need
to lie on your back and lift one leg and place the ankle on the opposite knee. now
reach down and grab the other leg and assist the stretch by pulling back and
opening up the hip with with the elbow here. you can relax in this
position for 30 to 60 seconds or even longer if it’s comfortable. you want to
repeat this on the other side as well even if you don’t have sciatica on that
side it’s important to keep yourself balanced. this next exercise is a lovely
backbend you might know it as the Cobra if you do yoga. so you’ll need to lie on
your front and place the hands under the shoulders. now drawing your body up
assists the backbend by pressing down on the floor with your hands. so only go as
far as is comfortable in the exercise and if it’s too strong you can
simply just drop down to the elbows. any amount of back bending will help with
sciatica so just work at your own level. the spinal twist helps with mobility in
the lower back. so again you’re going to have to lie on your back and straighten
out one leg. one leg is going to remain bent and we’re going to place that foot
on the opposite knee and begin to bring the knee to the floor on the other side
of your body. you might need to shift your hips across a little bit to make
the stretch a bit more comfortable. it’s good to twist your head in the opposite
way to keep the twist going through the spine and you can increase the stretch
by placing the hand on the knee and pushing down on it. so you’ll want to do
this on both sides. any of these stretches can be held for 30 to 60
seconds or if you’re comfortable even longer is even better. these three
exercises are the most crucial for short-term relief. if you’re suffering
from sciatica you’re going to need treatment and as part of that treatment
plan you may be given other exercises that are more specific to your
particular issues. but that requires a proper assessment and a real evaluation
of exactly what’s causing your pain. let me know how you go with these exercises
in the comments. I’m happy to answer any questions you have there. there’s a link
to my website in the description below. subscribe for more great videos and tips
thanks for watching

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